Doctor Who: The Cult of Vartax

The Fourth Doctor and K-9 embark battle the deadly Cult of Vartax lead by the mysterious Tobias Takmore. Can the Timelord stop them before they end the world as we know it?


2. Part Two

Part Two                                                                 



“Ah. Well this is a turn up for the book.” The Doctor stared at the man in front of him.


“How are you Doctor? It’s been a long time.” The Master grinned. He walked over to the console.


“Ah. I see that you have changed your TARDIS desktop theme. I don’t like it.” He turned back to The Doctor.


“I see you have regenerated once more.” The Doctor was edging towards the door.


“Indeed. Only temporarily though. Arr!” The Master clucked his stomach. He fell onto the floor of the TARDIS.


“K9, can you detect anything wrong with The Master?” The Doctor now had his back to the wall.


“His current body is failing Master, he will soon return to his previous state of existence.”


“Your dog is right Doctor. This body won’t last much longer… Argh!” The Master began crawling towards The Doctor. The Doctor ran over to him.


“Tell me the access code to stop the destruction of Earth!”


“You noticed that as soon as we woke up that the command would be sent to the satellites? Clever old you. What makes you think that you can stop it though?” The Master gripped the Doctor’s arm. K9 inched nearer.


“Because of the timing. This spaceship is in deep space, it will take time to reach Earth.” The Doctor helped The Master to his feet.


“Very good Doctor. I won’t tell you the codes though, because then I have lost my hold over the humans.” The Doctor began to drag The Master out of the TARDIS door.


“This was never about the Cult was it? You were simply going to blackmail Earth. It was all a lie…” The Doctor stopped. All the members of the Cult were standing outside the TARDIS staring at the two men.


“You blaspheme! Lord Takmore would never do that. He is our leader. He has kept the Cult alive.” They began to chant rhythmically.


“Listen, all of you! This man is not Tobias Takmore! He is a renegade Time Lord known as The Master. Now do any of you know the codes that can save Earth? Please, you have to tell me!” The Doctor’s voice was lost in the hubbub of rhythmic chanting. The Doctor pushed past them and ran to the freezing chamber.


“Controls, controls…” The Doctor muttered to himself. He got on his knees and opened a small under section of the console. His eyes gleamed.


“Of course! If I reverse the polarity…” He was cut off by a gun that was pointing into his back.


“Not so fast Doctor. You aren’t destroying my plans just yet…” The Doctor got up. The Master, or rather Takmore’s body was slowly beginning to decay. His face looked like a half decayed corpse.


“Master, you can’t do this. Whatever demands you have for Earth they won’t accept them. They will fight you.”


“I don’t intend to get some kind of ransom, Doctor. I intend the blow the planet up. I will take all of its energy to rejuvenate this new body of mine.” The Master motioned with his gun for The Doctor to move away from the console. The Doctor moved away slowly.


“You know you’re mad don’t you? Your plan will never work. For all you know the humans may have destroyed your beam. Or, even The Daleks could have done it.” The Doctor could see from the corner of his eye, K9 slowly moving behind The Master.


“The Daleks are too busy fighting with the Movellenas to care about an insignificant planet like Earth.”


“Oh really, well that is interesting. Now K9!” The Master swivelled round. K9’s blaster sent red energy straight to The Master’s body. The Master fell to the floor.


“K9, keep guard of The Master, I need to stop the destruction of Earth.” The Doctor sat back in his original position. He grabbed hold of a section of the console and took it out from the rest of the console.


“Ahh, well I didn’t expect that.” The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and shoved it into a square section of data bank. A small, red button on the side of it began to glow.


“No! That’s not right. Or is it? Hang on.” The Doctor jumped up. He ran to the other side of the console and began to punch several of the keys on the console.


“If I can just reverse the polarity… Yes!” The Doctor flung down an upright lever. Sparks flew off from the console. K9 backed away slightly.


“What have you done Master?”


“Oh just reverse the flow off… Oh no! I’ve reversed the location of the air compression… It’s going to hit the ship!” The Doctor leaped up. The Master’s body had decayed more. He was little more than a rotted corpse.


“C’mon K9, nothing we can do for The Master. We can help the other members of the Cult though.” The Doctor stood up and ran down the corridor to the TARDIS.


“Everyone get inside! Now!” The Doctor opened the doors and forced them all inside.


“What is going on?” shouted one man.


“I’m saving your lives! Now get in!” Slowly all the members of The Cult of Vartax where forced into the TARDIS. Slowly the TARDIS began to fade away only leaving behind it a wheezing, groaning sound. Seconds later, a second wheezing, groaning sound could be heard, followed by an evil cackle.

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