The angel

Keyla don't like the idea of ​​Ryens gaze. The dark green eyes, identical to their own, which can so easily drown in, lose themselves completely forgetting who you are. But it seems that not Ryen can let her out of sight. Yet, he talks to her as if she were the plague itself. Keyla do not like to be alone with him. But she hates it when he is not there.
   In the beginning it's a fun game, it feels like living in a movie. But the fun disappears when one remembers that the film ends with you dies
   Then it will be scary with the idea that someone you do not know tries to kill you.
   But it is in the end it gets worst. That's when you make sure you have fallen in love with your own killer, and then it's already too late to escape.
    Keyla forced to choose to turn your back to its natural scenic or to start a new life but new routines, hidden so as not to be murdered by the bond between her and Ryen


2. The memory

It was after the summer holidays in seventh grade . That's when the bullying had developed into something family's enormous hatred. In all cases the Josefin's perspective. Everyone in my grade had just changed schools since we started college who was at another school . That's when I ended up in the same class as Josephine .
 I only went to school sometimes , because I was afraid to Josephine would do anything I did not want . It was then that she began to spread the rumor that I was a whore , and therefore did not come to school. After that , I came to school more often. But when all had already gone to the fame of the whore Linnea . I remember I would just walk out of the class room when Josephine pushed me into a vägg.Läraren so anything with just said :
  '' It never does anything without a reason , Linnea had probably begun to do something against Josefin . '' Now it had started bleeding from the head, a lot. But I have probably over dramatized my memories of how much it really was bleeding. It dripped into my mouth . The smell of iron was the only thing I could think of . Then I ran away from school if home even if we had not stopped .
  But when I came out of the school building , it was a bunch of guys who pushed me away . Then they pushed me up against the wall.
  " I do not understand the thing with you. You wear clothes so you look like a freak and cry for you being bullied . If it's so damn jobbit you can always try to bother you a bit. "Said one of the three guys. He was absolutely the longest of them.
  "Any more than I think she is gay? " Said another guy. He grinned at me . Then he gave me a gun carriage . I whimpered out of pain.
  " Absolutely, she certainly has fucked every girl in the country. " Said the guy who had spoken first. " His mother , she has probably fucked a thousand times! No, that's right, I'm sorry , she 's dead ! "
  The comment about my mom stung , but that was it. I did not know my mother had never done it pours. She was not like a mom to me. She was like a stranger, a dead stranger.
    One out of the three guys had not yet uttered a sound, barely moved . His blond hair flew in the wind.
" What are you staring at Kevin ? A little help here maybe? " Said the long guy . Kevin just looked at him , then he said in a calm voice :
" Let her go , Luke , you hurt her ... "
" And since when do you care about that?" It felt as if the wound in the stomach was doing and heal , the only thing that hurt was the part of her face that I had a gun carriage on .
" Then the second I got an adrenaline rush out to imagine in Linnéas place . " Said Kevin with the same calm voice as before .
"Robin , hold whore . " Then he released me and went a step closer to Kevin . " I thought you were with us , though , since you seem to be the whore side , you get to take the consequences . " He raised his right hand and bared a blow to Kevin . But he just moved a little to the right so that Luke only hit in the air. He dropped ballansen and swayed to just a few seconds , then hit Kevin elbow between the clavicles on Luke , a pleasant crunching sound was heard from his back. Luke fell to the ground and lay down and whimpered in the fetal position . Kevin kicked him in the stomach so hard that he cried .
" Fucking fagot! " Shouted the third guy , Robin, before he flew to Kevin from behind. The boys tumbled around on the ground , exposed types, sheltered , attacked each other , but no one got a real hit, they were even.
  Luke remained , did not seem to be able to leave the cold asphalt in a while . His arm was bent at an unnatural direction, Kevin must have done something with it when I looked at Robin. Robin sat astride Kevin and raised his right hand in the air, I have to do something , now. If I do not do something now , Kevin will die. The realization hit me with full force , Robin was going to kill Kevin, even though he barely done anything . Robin was too drastic , did not think through, was not thinking at all, just thought of the present.
  I cleared my throat loud enough that Robin would hear , he turned slowly .
" You forgot something." Did I say calmly , Robin looked bewildered . " Say hello to my fist . " Then she hit him , right on the jaw. It creaked loudly . He fell backward , unconscious of the pain.
  I looked down at my savior , Kevin, he looked surprised. Probably surprised that a girl I knew anything at all. I reached out a hand to him , he took it and I pulled him up on his feet.
" Thank you. " Murmured I to Kevin .
" Thanks , man . " He looked at me and I at him . But suddenly he checked behind me. Then I felt something hard hit my head. The pain was indescribable. Everything went black . I could not bring my eyelids to open. The only thing I heard was a beeping sound, and a few voices in the distance.
  I opened my eyes . I was in a full white room, swerves and appliances were connected in many different places in my body. The beeping sound had come from the equipment checked my heartbeat. The green line going up and down . The strengthening liquor smell almost made me pass out again . Where was I?
 A woman with white clothes came into the room.
"Hey Linnea . Have you woken up now? " She came up and sat on the edge of the bed. took my hand .
"Where am I ? "
"You're in the hospital. " It came well not really as a schock . Everything was white. And I had appliances in your arms. But still , I had repressed the thought that I was lying in a hospital . The last thing I remember was that I checked into Kevin's eyes, in the schoolyard .
"What happened ? "
" You were in a fight. Someone beat you with a baseball bat in the neck and you fainted. Your friend called 112. " She looked down at me .
"Who ? Who was it that struck me ? Where is Kevin, I have to talk to him! "Kevin had way who it was that hit me, he must know why I'm lying here , who to blame .
" I do not know who hit you . But Kevin sitting in the waiting room outside. You want me to call him? " She raised eye brows . I just nodded. She got up and fetched Kevin .
  " What the hell just happened ? " I asked Kevin when he had sat down on the bed.
" Josefin hit you with a baseball bat in the neck. You passed out. " He said .
" Did she give you any explanation as to why she did what she did? " I asked him.
" She not he , I struck her down. Reflex. " He replied , shrugging his shoulders .

 When I went to school two days later found a note in my locker . Do not think that you are someone to beat down Robin, he's a loser . Type like you. Do not talk with Kevin again , he's too cool for you you freak ! And fuck you if you turn my boyfriend again . Have a good time , as long as it lasts ... J. Josephine said that it would be worse if I touched Luke again . And she also gave me a threat , hidden in the message. " We come to you , just wait ... " She could just as well written. I never talked  personally with Kevin again .

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