Missing: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

He'd promised he'd never leave her, but you can't help but get separated in a dark forest... {Sort of a stand-alone prequel to the Prez and Girlie series. Takes place in July 2012}


1. Prologue

"Your parents didn't care. They left you behind all the time. That's why you ran away... why you got pneumonia... why you died."

'How do you know that?'

"Oh, your little portion of history was fascinating. I know lots about you."

'I don't see how it matters that you know much about me.'

"I've never met anyone that wasn't important."

'I'm not important, I didn't do anything.'

"Your running away rose child neglect awareness in Boston and you carved 'Welcome to Gravity Falls' into a tree, causing Quentin Trembley to name it Gravity Falls after he fell off a cliff."

'Are you telling me I changed human history?'


'Well, quit being nice. You're just going to leave me, so don't bother.'

"Not everyone is like your parents, October. I won't leave you."


"I promise. I swear on my bow tie."

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