Missing: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

He'd promised he'd never leave her, but you can't help but get separated in a dark forest... {Sort of a stand-alone prequel to the Prez and Girlie series. Takes place in July 2012}


4. Chapter Three

October sat against a tree with a sigh, turning solid so she wouldn't fall through. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head and a multitude of voices spoke gently at the same time.

'He broke his promise, didn't he?'

She bit back from answering out loud. Who are you?

'We are the Time Council, October. We know. He broke his promise. He's always broken his promises.'

How do you know?

'We accidentally created him when we created Time. He wasn't like the demons we created on purpose. We tried to help him, but he wouldn't go for it . . .'

Why should I trust you?

'We can help you, October. Give you powers . . . help you control what you already have . . .'

She was about to block them out when they said something she couldn't ignore.

'We can even give you a voice. Join us, October. Join the Time Council.'

Everything about this sounded too good to be true. Maybe she should ask Bill first.

'NO! Don't ask him! He will lie to you! He lied when he said he'd never leave you. He just wanted you as an ally. If he saw you like this he'd be perfectly happy to abandon you.'

The words cut into October like sharp knives. They actually hurt. She didn't know why, but having that told to her hurt her beyong measure.

Maybe because she'd known it was true and had been lying to herself. Lying and hoping.

Okay. I'll join you.

'Great! Now just close your eyes and we'll bring you here...'

But October didn't close her eyes.

And that enabled her to see Bill approach, and the hurt look in his eye.

Later, she'd learn that the Time Council had been taunting him as she slowly vanished from the dimension. She'd learn that the Time Council had been lying to her.

Later, she'd regret her decision. But by the time she did, it would be too late.

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