Missing: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

He'd promised he'd never leave her, but you can't help but get separated in a dark forest... {Sort of a stand-alone prequel to the Prez and Girlie series. Takes place in July 2012}


2. Chapter One

Sometimes it was infuriating that the only person that could understand her was an insane, dishonest, manipulating, yet stylish demon . . . like right now, for example. She was trying to communicate with the Pines twins, but because her speaking ability was purely telepathic, Bill would have to translate . . . a job he was using to his advantage.

'I just need you two to get out of the way. I don't want to cause you harm. Just let me destroy Gravity Falls and you can go back to wherever you came from and we all go home happy.'

"She says that if you don't get out of our way she will gladly kill you." Bill smirked smugly, a smirk that was visible in his eye as he didn't have a face in his regular form.

Her eyes went wide, and she glared at Bill. 'I did not say that.' She looked to the twins, who looked a bit frightened. 'I swear I didn't say that.'

"She says she means it."

'Bill, cut it out!'

"I'm just translating!"

'Then there's something wrong with your ability to understand me!'

The twins were now confused, looking at each other than back to the two paranormal beings having a seemingly one-sided argument.

"If you're so determined that I'm doing my job wrong, then you can find yourself another guardian."

'You aren't my guardian.'

"You're twelve. I'm older than time itself."

'I'm three hundred twelve years, eight months, and three days old. I'm not a child.'

"You died when you were twelve, you're mentally and physically stuck as a pre-teen."

'I'm not mentally stuck!'

"Yes, you are."

'No, I'm not.'

"Definitely a pre-teen."

She scowled and turned on her heel, storming farther into the foliage that served as her territory. Stupid twins. Stupid Bill. Stupid borders, stupid death, stupid stupid stupid. . .

"October, wait!"

She turned transluscent and put the mental walls that kept her triangular friend out. Her tempter, gained from her German and Italian ancestors, was flaring. She was determined that this was the last straw.

As soon as she'd cooled down, she realized she'd never seen this part of the forest.

Oh no.

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