Adopted by Horan


1. Sexual Abuse

Dear Diary,

Today was another depressing yet Hurtful day for me. While eating my soup quietly, minding my own business, Mistress grabbed me by the hair and slammed my face into the hot, steamy liquid. Someday I wish for an escape, but sometimes i get scared, not sure if I would find the right family.

Another hurtful part in my day was when the girls pushed Kaleb into the shower with me. I think it's called sex, but it hurt a lot. During the day I was called a slut, and a whore. The girls said I wasn't a virgin anymore, I don't even know what that means.

I wish to be more educated, I would know these things!

Love, Marissa

I shut my diary, locking it instantly. The 39th page I have written in.

All of the days I have been in here for, which was not long.

I walked out, my clothes in my hand as I walked into the bathroom.

That page was written two days ago. It's become a daily thing now, Kaleb and me would go into the shower and have 'sex' or as they call it.

I didn't really care, I have to do it or else they will kill me at play time.

I'm only a 12 year old girl, and this is what I suffer through.

"Ready for more, slut?" The 13 year old boy smirked.

"Whatever You say" I smile back. If I only knew.

We walked into the shower room, he turned the shower on and stripped out of his clothes. He hopped in, I did the same. Putting my clothes in the bin and my new clothes by his.

Stepping into the shower he passionately kissed my neck. I moaned slightly, for a 12 year old girl.

He brought my legs around his waist, sticking himself inside me.

My back on the wall as he thrusted deeply.

My back arched in pain, but i still felt pleasure.

I hope this would stop, but I know it won't.

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