Breaking Point ≫ h.s.

hell isnt a place; hell is a feeling.

hell is where you get consumed by all your terrible and dark thoughts,

its where you give up everything, its where it all ends,

its where you break.

because hell is your breaking point.

its where i am

and i cant find my way out.



1. warnings and disclaimers


Warnings and disclaimers before you continue reading:

1. This story revolves around depression and anxiety in general. If you are sensitive to these themes, you may not want to read on.

2. This story doesn't revolve around a specific relationship/romance between Harry and a female character.

So like, whats this story about then???1!!1!2!1! To answer your question;

3. This is about Harry Styles and his struggles and basically how he goes through a hard period of his life (spoiler oH).

So whats the point of this story if there's no romance????111?2??!!1! Which brings us to number;

4. To give emphasis to the fact that the boys can be hurt too and not everyone realizes that. Why? Because it's stupid to stereotype the boys (specifically Harry) as the world's strongest men who will save every single person who is depressed out there, that just does not happen in real life. They are not robots who are there to catch everyone who is falling because sometimes they're the ones who need saving as well. And as much as we say they are, our boys aren't perfect or superhuman or anything like that, they have emotions as well.

5. I am not implying that anybody is depressed or struggling with mental conditions, this is a work of fiction, not real life.

6. This is based on real life One Direction and the settings and people around them.

If none of these things hurt, anger or offend you, you may now continue on reading Breaking Point.

And sorry for the small rant, i just had to :P

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