Ask Disney!

Every disney character is waiting for you too ask them questions! About anything.. (Dont get too wild guys) just comment or mumble your comment to who you want it to be to and I will try and get them done :D



(This had to be Translated)

(And no We are not Disney.) 

(But we will do it.)
(because you called us cute)


Question From: Hana.Moataz: Do we enjoy our lives?

Stuart: Heck  yeah! Our motto is When life brings you bananas..... Give it some bananas

Tim: That makes no sense.

Stuart:  Why do you have to ruin my life?!


Q: How do you manage to be so cute yet crazy (and stupid.) (That last part was probably a typo)

Tim: The stupid part is easy for everyone. For me it is hard.

Dave: Everything is hard. It is hard being cute but I try, Yes I try.


Q: Can you Die?

Dave: If I tell you, You will try to kill me.

Stuart: I can die. If I do not have my daily banana.

Bob: Ooh yes Daily banana!

Tim: (Facepalm) 

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