Ask Disney!

Every disney character is waiting for you too ask them questions! About anything.. (Dont get too wild guys) just comment or mumble your comment to who you want it to be to and I will try and get them done :D


16. Ariel

Question From: Glacier Ice

Question: Any Advice on being a mermaid?


Oh My Gosh! SO much, I guess I've learnt lots.. That sounds bad.. Like I'm some kind of crazy chick..

Oh! Sorry! Yes I do. Always Listen to your parents. I know that sounds cheesy and sometimes you don't think they're right.. But look what happened to me.

DON'T make friends with sharks..

DON'T get tired of who you are, You're unique! Do Humans have feet?... I mean Tails?!

But Always remember to have fun and enjoy life while you can :)

Bubbles and Seaweed,

Ariel XoXo

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