Jenny is Jinxx suicidal Littlesister who got drawn out of highschool after she tried to kill herself.

2 years later Their parents dies and She has to leave the home where she had so many memories, but she moves in with her brother


3. chapter 3

After Andy and I smoked, we reunited the others in the living room.
 Andy had his arms around my waist and I could see Jinxx eyeing us. 
Oh how I love to tease my brother i just hope that i wont get to into Andy, because if i did he might be like chase and break my heart. 
Chase used to be my bestfriend, but then i started having feelings for him and he told me he had some feelings for me too. 
Then a few days later he told me he was just in some sort of bet, it ruined me.
That was the last drop and i tried to kill myself later that day. 
"Hey sis why are you just standing there come over here" JInxx said, as i discovered that Andy  had sat down in the couch where he was patting the spot besides him.
"Oh sorry oldie but can i please know where my room is because i want to pack out my things before i get lazy like all of you" i said and stuck out my thung. 
 Andy ran after me and tackeled me. 
Then he looked deeply into my eyes and started leaning towards me. 
"Hey man she's my sister and you're about to kiss infront of me seriously not a good thing" Jinxx yelled at Andy, he looked towards Jinxx and i ran. 
"But seriously where the fuck is my room?" I yelled out in the room.
CC got up and showed me towards my room which was in the middle of everything but just between Jinxx' and Andy's room. Hmm what fun....
"Hey Andy wanna come and talk" I yelled out of the door. 
He ran towards my room and tripped just right at my doorstep.
"hahahaha are you okay Andy" i asked. 
he looked at me and was about to cry but he was laughing so low. 
"So do you want help or what?" he asked. 
um no i didnt i just needed to tell him one thing. 
"Um Sure come on in" I said.
he walked into the room that had black walls and a king size bed, but no full size mirror. 
" Is tthis really what you want?" He asked me.
"Want what?" i asked back.

He  looked down at the ground not wanting to answer, but then he looked back at me.
"To just tease jinxx? or is there more to it?" He said.
i did want to be more with him, but wouldnt it be kinda wierd since we just met each other for real i mean yes we've said hi before to each other but not more. 
" I...I dont know" I said and looked down, then he touched my chin making me look him into the eyes. 
"it's alright i mean we just met.But i'll always be here if you need me okay?" he said and walked out of the room. 
AAAARRRRgh why do i have to be such an idiot??? I mean yes  i like Andy fucking Biersack but i just met him. 
"ANDY GET YOUR ARSE IN HERE !! " I yelled at him. 
He ran back and i think i heard Jinxx say "women trouble already Andy?" 
When he was at the door i just grabbed on his shirt and got him into the room. 
When he finally did I moved closer to his face and atached my lips with his, when he finally noticed i was kissing him, he kissed back. 
We stood there like forever and it felt amazing, it was like people say firework. 

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