Jenny is Jinxx suicidal Littlesister who got drawn out of highschool after she tried to kill herself.

2 years later Their parents dies and She has to leave the home where she had so many memories, but she moves in with her brother


2. chapter 2



As we drove to the BVB house i thought of my old life and the bullies, who made my life a living hell.






I was just sitting by myself at lunch and i wasnt really hungry so i didnt eat. 


When the stupid prick came over to me.


 " Hey Emo girl its good you arent eating because then we might have the strength to carry you" he said. 


But carry me where? 




 Then they grabbed my legs and arms and carried me towards the boys bathroom.


 "Why are you taking me in here?" I yelled.




They looked down at me and just laughed as they've put my head to the sink and the water started to come out. Everything just became black after that.


End of Flashback


"Hey sis we're almost there so dont fall asleep or i might jut get Andy here to kiss you so you can wake up" he said laughing.

Maybe I should just fall asleep hmm...


"What the fuck Jinxx" I said as I sat straight up. 


But he was right, moments after we were there at the BVB house. I pretended to be asleep but the only thing that happened were Jinxx teasing me out of the car and my cheeks were probably totally red. 

"Oh i see lil sis you have a thing for Our little Andy haha" he said. 

"No i DON'T" i yelled and hugged the other guys who just got out to the car. 

"Hi guys, sorry about Jinxx he's trying to hook me up with Andy as he has done to EVERY SINGLE ONE of his old friends but he did warn me about Ashley. But why did he warn me about a girl?" I rambled.


"Hey i'm not a girl" ashley yelled at me as he attacked me. 



I started helping Andy and Jinxx with my boxes but then the boys wouldnt let me when ever i took a box they would take it out of my hands and carry it into the room that would be mine. 


"Heey guys since you wont let me carry anything is it  alright that i get a cigarret?" I yelled at them, they looked at me  like i wouldnt do something like that. 


"So you're a smoker?" Andy asked, as he walked towards me.   

I just nodded. 

"That's cool i smoke too and do you really think Jinxx is trying to set us up?" He asked.

"Well he has tried to set me up with alot of his bestfriends and didnøt you hear him in the car?"  I answered.

"What if we could scam him even more? Like if we pretended to be an couple infront of him just to see him crack up we could do something like kiss in the moonlight and other stuff" He said. 

"I like the way you're thinking Andy this is gonna be a great friendship,but i do think you're kinda cute so sorry if i do get feelings for you" I answered and looked through my pocket for my cigarettes


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