Jenny is Jinxx suicidal Littlesister who got drawn out of highschool after she tried to kill herself.

2 years later Their parents dies and She has to leave the home where she had so many memories, but she moves in with her brother


1. Chapter 1



Here i am in the house where we had so many memories in.

Right there at that corner was where i took my first steps.

Upstairs was where Jinxx and I used to Jam and had our rooms.

It feels so strange that I have to leave it but now that our parents are gone. 

Atleast I'm moving in with Jinxx and his band members, because Jinxx is forcing me to. 

Even though the only reason is I've tried to kill myself, but I was young I didnt know what I was doing.

They'll be here in less than an hour to pick me up, Jinxx told me he was bringing one of the guy to help.

I dont really know any of them, me and Jinxx kinda  lost contact, when it got to much for me and I tried to kill myself. 

1 Hour later...


I heard someone knocking on the door and were Jinxx.  


"JINXX" I yelled as i ran towards him. 

"Heey jenn" He saud with a goofy smile plastered on his face. 

Oh god not again everytime he has that stupid  smirk on his face, he's trying to set me up.


"Don't even try! Jinxxy" I told him.

"Don't try what?" he asked stupidly. 



I  took one of the boxes and carried  it out to his truck and there stood an angel in black. 

I've seen him before but i can remember where. It's so weird  shouldnt my brothers band mate tand around here or at least be in the truck? 

"H..Hey " I stuttered, I hate when i do that why did i have to do it  now? 

"Hey I'm Andy and you must be Jenny right? " He asked. 

"Yeah that's me, nice to meet you Andy" i answered.


Why do he have to be in my brothers band and Why the hell do he have to be that god damn beautiful? Its Unfair. Jinxxy knows how i get around guys when i think they're cute.



"OH LOVE IS IN THE AIR" Jinxx got me out of my thoughts 


"SHUT THE FUCK UP JINXX" Andy yelled at him. 

Hmmm why did Andy take those words out of my mouth? Did he think it was meant for him? 


Well i dont know anything but we had all boxes from my old room 


SO here we come new house and other bandmembers

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