The Aurora Borealis: Scorpio

For millions of years planet earth has been at the mercy of a god whom they call Cyclone and his pawns. The earth had failed at protecting themselves but when they gave up a goddess known as the Aurora Borealis chose 12 warriors named as the planets protectors. The problem was they all died and she was forced to pick more warriors whom then suffered the same fate. It became a repeated occurrence over the hundreds of years as she sacrificed more and more warriors. Soon many hated her but could do nothing as she took what she could from them and only came back with the same news. But here’s the catch… These chosen warriors had families, a home, plenty of love AND they used to be human.
In the year 2114 she yet again must choose another set of warriors. Will they survive or fail as the warriors before them?

Book one of the Aurora borealis series


1. Prologue

Her cackle reigned over the silence that hung in the air like bait on a hook. Out of the shadows she stepped, heels clicked on the polished floor. The slick black hair on her head flowed back and forth, up and down as if it were under water.
Smoke followed her arms movements as if it were a part of her bony body.  Her rib cage stood out underneath the ash colored dress that hugged her body like another layer of skin. The plain dress stopped at her chin and shoulders except for one sleeve that covered her whole left arm, hand and all. Her skin was not pale but a shade of very light grey and her heart shaped face was flawless. Not a mole, pimple or freckle touched her skin.
 Her midnight black painted lips chuckled sinisterly “I wonder what today has in store for us?” she hissed at the end of some of her words. She glided over to a miniature version of planet earth about half her size. Her hand skimmed across its edges creating smoke around it. Her eyes were fixed on the planet as she watched the clouds change from white to black.
A hoarse voice interrupted her trance “I hope you know what you are doing Aisis… The planets protectors are not to be underestimated, you should know better than to anger them” 
“Nonsense! It is they who should not underestimate me! Once I have one of the constellations I shall bring them down one by one!” she snarled back at the old man’s voice. Her golden eyes never left the darkened clouds.
“Very well but be careful and precise, I cannot afford one of your mistakes to be made again! There is too little time until the Aurora Borealis chooses the next set of protectors! If that happens they will be given hope for the future! I expect you not to fail me this time…” the man’s voice trailed off as his presence left the room.
“Hope…? There will be none when I’m done with them!” she spat.  She glared at the planet until finally she gave up on her staring competition and slipped back into the shadows with a sly giggle.

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