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3. Why Me

"You stupid bitch!" My mom yelled at me the second I closed the door. She had her hands clenched tight and stared at me so much hatred that I could almost physically feel it.

"What did I do now that got you all pissy?" I asked as I rolled my eyes and folded my arms. I tilted my weight to one side as I weighed the extent if this fight. Yep, this was going to be a big one.

"What did you do? You just beat a beta at his own game! Do you know how bad that makes us look! Your father could of gotten the chance to work along the alpha, but no! You have to come swooping in and take that right under his feet!" She growled and grabbed a hold of the banister to the stair case. She held on so tight that it splintered. Her anger only fueled mine making me unfold my arms and shift my weight to the other side.

"Why do you always act like dad cares? He hasn't shown any emotion since you casted my sister out of our family! Do you ever think of anyone else but yourself! I just got the opportunity to fight alongside the alpha and train the teens! Do you know how happy I am for myself and all you are doing is worrying about yourself!?! If anybody is a stupid bitch, it is you!!!" I yelled at her and pointed toward my dad once mentioned.

"Your sister was a stupid slut and brought shame among our family and your going to do the same! Your father doesn't care about you or your sister because you are so shameful that the only reason you are in this house is that you are underage! The second you turn 18 your ass is getting kicked out and I hope you go run away and die!" My mom screamed back and brought her fist from the banister and slammed it into the wall making a large whole. I didn't even flinch at the action, as I had seen it many a time and seemed to not affect me anymore. It seemed to add my anger as I saw it childish then make me scared or whatever she wanted to create from her action.

"Why can't you love Regan and me for who we are? We do nothing and all you do is hate and hate! Regan isn't a slut because she mated to someone she loves! She is smart enough to get away before she became corrupted by your fucked up ass! I do good things! I would kill rouges attacking our old pack, and when I get accused of working with them you just sat there as they were prosecuting me! You knew I was innocent and Dad loves us, but I know you hate both of us! Everyone can see it! You haven't given me a hug in 9 years! Dad hasn't smiled or gave any real emotion that wasn't fake in 7 years! You have been a piece of shit mother for 10 years! Can't you just stop being an ass wipe and take what you have before it is too late?!" I yelled as I ran up the stairs and stopped at the landing. I kept my back to her as I clenched my hands at my sides and tried to harness my breathing and anger so I didn't end up shifting.

"You are such a burden! I will never love you and there is nothing to take because you and your sister are nothing! You hear me, nothing! Absolutely nothing!" She yelled back.

I turned around, walked down the stairs and got close to her face and said in my normal voice but very controlled, "Why don't you just beat me and never talk to me ever again? It would be much easier to take." My mom didn't even look affected by my words, showing me that I don't even really have a mother. All I have have is a bitch who ruins any good that comes into my life and switches it around to make it look like I did something wrong.

My mom got a little closer to my face so that I could smell her breath. "I wouldn't even spare you a touch, your not worth it." She spat with so much venom and then spit on my face. I didn't even flinch away from it as it landed on my cheek.

The whole time this played out my dad just sat on a chair in the living room while looking down at his hands with a blank expression. The same look I have seen for 7 years now. The same look that's haunted me for 7 years now.

"Why don't you cry?" My mom asked sounding as if she was hoping for the reward of my tears.

"I wouldn't even spare you a tear, and I haven't for 7 years. You're not worth it." I said with much more venom than my mom could ever spare. She kept a stone cold face the whole time. I wiped the spit from my face and threw it too

my the ground. I ran up the stairs and into my room.

I slammed the door closed and walked to my window. I laid my hands down on the window sill and stared out the window and out to the trees. I haven't cried since my sister left which is 7 years from yesterday. I vowed that to myself and I wasn't going to break it now after a little fight with my mommy. A strangled scream came from my mouth in frustration.

I turned away quickly and yanked off all my clothing. I kept on a bra and underwear, and crawled under the covers. I set my alarm for 6:00 so that I could get ready for school.

I really didn't want to go to school, but whatever got me away from here was better than anything else. I kissed the picture of my sister on my night stand and then fell asleep with one thought. 'Why me?'

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