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5. New Girl Part 2

After two classes including biology and my history class, Preston decided to take me to lunch since Mary didn’t have history with me like Preston did. The classes were okay, but I still miss my last school.

“You like pizza?” Preston asked as we got to the front of the line for lunch.

“Ugh, I can’t eat that. I am so burnt out of pizza. That’s all I ate last week during the move.” I said as I picked up a peanut butter and jelly and some random vegetables they make us get with our lunch.

“Well, I love pizza so in your honor, I will eat double as much for you.” He said with a cheesy smile.

Once we passed through the lines, Preston brought me over to his table and by the looks of it he was defiantly popular. “Oh hey Preston, is this the new girl everyone is talking about?” A boy with a black hair put into a quiff, and by the looks up it he was a basketball player.

“Yeah, this is Scarlett and Scarlett this is Aiden, Bradley, Hayden, Tyson, Marc, Jared, Casey, Grace, Jasmine, Sheila, and Felix.” Preston said as he introduced me to his various friends. I sat down between Aiden and Preston and made myself comfortable with everyone. I was surprised by the fact that they all were nice and that they all turned out to be werewolves that seemed to make my fights yesterday their main topic amongst themselves.

“Scarlett, is Beta Kingston supposed to be watching you?” Hayden asked as he shoved some nasty carrots into his mouth.

“No, where?” I asked feeling slightly on edge. I followed his hand and saw the beta I beat yesterday watching me with what felt like lasers.

“I will be right back.” I said loud enough for everyone heard. They all nodded as I pulled each leg from the bench. Once Beta Kingston saw me moving toward him he seemed to sigh deeply in dread.

“What may I help you with beta?” I questioned as I got closer to him.

“Nothing,” He said in a bored tone and a shrug.

“Well then why are you here?” I said as I crossed my arms and shifted my weight from side to side.

“Alpha Lifton sent me here to watch over you during your lunch period.” He said repeating what looked like he had said hundreds of time, which is probably how many times it took for him to get into here.

“Why would he send you to watch over me, is that what he does with everyone new or is because he thinks I can’t take care of myself because you and I both know I can?” I said curiously. My last alpha didn’t do that when I first started schooling at my old pack, but my last pack was also very different from my current one, the black shadow pack.

“He didn’t say, but he seems very interested in you.” He said with a sigh and looked at me with tired expression.

“What makes you thing he is interested in me?” I asked unsurely. I wasn’t exactly sure if I wanted to know or not, but knowing me I couldn’t stop myself from asking.

“He just talked about you so animatedly and for one of the first times in 5 years he smile, and I mean a real smile. Plus, he laughed. I haven’t seen him so happy for who knows how long. You are all he could talk about yesterday, and he seemed so intrigued by you and amazed.” The beta explained. I couldn’t help but feel giddy at the idea of the Alpha approving of me, along with my wolf.

“Really? I don’t see him as the kind of person to do that. How could someone with such a beautiful smile not smile for so long.” I said more to myself.

“Yes really, and by the way I was wondering how you beat me. No one has.” He said frustrated slightly.

“You have a weak right paw and you get distracted too easily.” I said as I walked away sort of side tracked.

“I do not have a weak right paw.” I heard him muttered to himself as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Once I walked back to my seat, I sat down in my now cold seat. “Anybody want the rest of my food?” I called out to anybody listening at the table.

Preston, Tyson, and Jared all fought over my food. “Hey do you want to go to the bathroom with the rest of the girls and me.” Casey said as she pointed to the now standing girls.

“Sure” I said as I stood up and picked up my bag. I followed the rest of the girls into the bathroom across from the lunchroom. No one else was in the bathroom, so it seemed we were all alone.

“We really like you, but we just want to make it clear that Aiden, Tyson, Felix, and Bradley are ours.” Shelia said possessively.

“Oh don’t worry; I wasn’t going to make a move on any of them. I just met them, so you don’t have to worry about that. I promise.” I said trying to mend their jealousy and apparently it worked because their eyes went back to normal after I confided in them.

“Good! Sorry to come of bitchy or mean, we just are protective over them.” Jasmine said as she put a hand over her heart in relief.

I giggled at their actions, “It is fine, I understand. I guess if I really liked a guy, I wouldn’t want a new girl putting her moves on my man.” I said understanding.

“I think we will be great friends. I have to admit, when I first heard the rumors about you kicking our beta’s ass I thought you were going to be some brat.” Grace said guilty.

“Well I hope you aren’t disappointed I didn’t turn out how you thought I would be.” I said with fake hurt.

“Oh no, we like you just fine.” Jasmine said with a bright smile. With that we went on our own way to our classes. I met up with Mary and she took me to all my classes.

After the school day ended, Preston came up to me and asked “What a ride home?” He asked kindly.

“As nice as that sounds, I have a date with my car and our destination is my house.” I said with a light chuckle.

“Okay, well if you ever want one you know who to come to.” He said while I fist bumped him goodbye.

I walked to my car as I pulled out my keys. Once I opened the car I was welcome with the smell of my cherry air freshener. After the grueling drive back to my house I pulled into my driveway. I picked up my backpack and turned off my car. I opened and closed my car door, and walked to the front door of my house.

I hesitantly opened my front door and was met with the noise of the television blasting among the house. Instead of greeting my dad who sat in the opposite room, I jogged up the stairs and went straight up to my room.

I walked in and dropped my bag onto the floor. Once I looked up, I let out a strangled cry. I didn’t let my tears pour as I saw each and every one of my sisters pictures ripped and shredded. I ran towards them and gathered all the shreds in my hands. These were the only tangible memories I have of my sister. I shook my head back and forth as I helplessly tried putting the pictures back together. Even the notes me and my sister hand wrote back and forth to each other when I was younger was ripped into unbearable shreds.

I heard my door open while I chanted ‘No’ over and over again. “This is how you get punished if you mess with me. You deserved this.” I heard my mom sadistically say.

I turned around quickly and fisted my hands together only to see my mom give me an evil smirk. “You crazy bitch!” I yelled as I ran toward her. I shoved her to the ground and strattled her. I brought my fist down to her face repeatedly. Her fist kept slamming into my ribs repeatedly while cracking some successfully.

“How could you do this!” I yelled at her, trying to ignore the pain from the blows to my stomach. I felt her shift from under me, and this caused me to lift my foot into her rib. She yelped and ran full force toward me. I moved to the side just in time for me to miss the blow.

As she flew past me and slammed into the pile of pictures and my nightstand, I lifted her by her scruff and then slammed her down to the ground. She whimpered as she came in contact with the ground. I kept a hold of her scruff as I dragged her outside of my room and down the stairs. I opened the door and threw her a few feet into the air and onto the ground.

My father just gave me a look of horror as I stalked toward my whimpering mother. “First you kick my sister out,” I said as I held onto the fur from her chest and punched her in the snout. “Then you take away all emotion from my father,” I said as I added another punch. “Now you destroy all the things I had left from my sister.” I said as I added one last blow to her head.

She lost conscious with the last blow, but before I could kick her to the side I felt someone’s muscular arms wrap around my waist. I kicked and fought for release as the pack doctor from yesterday came running up to her with a gurney. A few other men picked my mother up and rested her on the gurney and brought her into the ambulance.

“Calm down!” Onyx growled into my ear. I twisted my body one last time in a failed attempt to free myself. I rested in his arms as I let the tears fall from the past few years’ pool from my eyes. I let everything go in his arms and for the first time I felt like I was able to with his warmth. Everything I have missed and craved for the past 7 years.

My father stood at the door with a sad look on his face as he witnessed this. I couldn’t help but feel guilty watching him stare at me with disappointment.

Onyx turned me around in his arms so my face was in his chest. “Onyx.” I cried into his shirt as I tightened it around in my fist. He hushed me and rocked me back and forth until I calmed down.

I pulled away from his shirt and look up at Onyx. He stared at me with so much sadness and pity that I could physically feel it. I felt him lift me up from the ground and carried me bridal style. For the first time in ever, I didn’t care where I was going and I finally felt safe.

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