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4. New Girl Part 1


I slammed the alarm off not wanting to hear it a second longer. The last time I decided to let it keep going off, my mom literally nagged me from the second I woke up to the second I left. It was absolute torture.

I slowly slid the blankets off of me and bunched them at the end of the bed. The second my bare skin it the chilled air, goose bumps rose on my skin. I curled my arms up and shot out of the bed. I ran to my closet and picked out a floral tank top and a grey cardigan while bouncing on my feet, trying to regain warmth to all body part but failed. I leaped to my dresser and got my matching set of red lace underwear, that isn't a thong because I don't pay for wedgies, and 36D bra. I also grabbed a pair of dark wash jeans from Hollister to finish the look.

I pranced quickly to the shower, turning it to a medium high setting. Once the temperature felt like it wouldn't scald my skin or freeze my epidermis, I jumped and moaned in approval. Let's just say that I do not appreciate the cold of my room, and that is saying something because I am a werewolf and we have naturally elevated body temperatures.

After a nice 30 minutes shower, I reluctantly excited the shower. After I used the toilet, I put on all my clothes that I had set out before my shower. I put on some argon oil in my hair and then put in some hair spray. I started scrunching it when I pulled out my hair dryer and made it so that I had light beach waves. Once I was happy with my appearance I added mascara and some sparkly eye shadow. I am not one of those people that hide their face under all their makeup, I just enhance my features.

I walked into my room and pulled on a pair of white sandals. I picked up my bag from the corner of the room and double checked it to make sure I had everything for my first day as a senior. My parents made me move while I was already half way through our semester so I am only going to school here for the fourth quarter. I don't even see the point in moving, but since I am underage I couldn't just stay behind to finish my school year. Yay me!

I walked out of my room quietly after I got my phone, iPod, and headphones. It was only 7:10 and I was planning on leaving at 7:20 so I could make it on time for the 7:30 bell. I walked down the steps lightly and turned a corner to enter the kitchen, only to see my father sitting at the island staring at the counter. I was beyond shocked to see him, as he usually doesn't wake up until 10 o'clock with my mom.

I didn't say anything as I approached him, knowing he wouldn't speak. He hasn't for 7 years besides two words. I walked to the pantry and pulled out a box of fruity pebbles and the cereal. I laid them on the counter and as I was about to pull out a bowl for myself, I decided to ask if my dad wanted some in an attempt to hear his voice I so desperately needed.

"Would you like some, dad?" I asked hopefully while not facing him. I mentally crossed my fingers as I awaited a response. I kept waiting for some sort of noise from him in approval or denial. Nothing.

I turned around and look at my father who still sat staring at the counter. It broke me seeing him like this. I walked up to the opposite side that he sat on and looked at him. "Please say something dad." I said as I begged with despair evident in my words.

He sat still for another minute or two till he finally looked up at me but kept a blank face like always. "Please quite doing this dad, I need you." I said as I took his hands in mine.

We stayed like this for a few minutes and just as his mouth flopped open to say something, my mom came barreling down into the kitchen. "How dare you put your hands on your father, you disgusting little brat!" My mom said with anger evident in her voice.

"I am his daughter! I can touch his hands all I want you witch!" I said as I picked up my bag from the floor and ran to the front door. When I looked back, all I saw was my mom pulling my dad the sink in an attempt to wash 'my germs' from his hands. 'She makes me sick' I thought to myself as I opened the door and slammed it.

I pulled my keys from my pocket and opened my black 1967 Chevy Impala. I have a soft spot for vintage cars, and yes I bought it myself along with everything else that is mine. I used to work for a recording company in Colorado, but they don't have anything good like that in Illinois.

I punched in the address of the school in my phone and I drove out of the driveway. After about 10 minutes of driving, I realized it was 7:35 meaning my first class had just started.

'Shit' I cursed under my breath as I picked up my backpack from my passenger seat and turned off the car. I shoved my keys I my pocket as I ran to the entrance of the school and speed walked I to the office.

I walked into the office and saw the secretary lady look up with bright smile. "Here is your schedule Ms. Schwartz. By the way, the fight yesterday was rather impressing." she said. I knew she looked familiar, now I know she is a werewolf.

I put on my best smile and said, "Thanks!"

I picked up my schedule and walked to my first class, math. I love math so this was going to be a breeze I thought to myself as I pulled the door open.

"Ah finally, you decided to show up Ms. Schwartz." The black short haired teacher said as I entered the room.

"Sorry I took so long, I just got so caught up in my ideas to solve world hunger." I said as I closed the door all the way and gave the teacher a sarcastic smile.

"Haha, your so funny. now go take a seat in the empty seat by Mr. Johnson." he said while pointing to the seat in the middle back.

I walked to back with guys checking me out and girls either giving eager looks hoping to become friends with me or ones with disgusted looks that said 'watch your back'. I couldn't help but flip one of them off, but so that the teacher couldn't see it.

Once I sat down, I turned to the boy next to me once Mr. Murphy started talking again and said, "So Mr. Johnson, what is your real name." He had glasses on and green plain t-shirt.

"Alex." He whispered back while jotting down some notes down.

The rest of the hour Mr. Murphy just kept talking on and on about things revolving around calculus, which I was a wiz at kept raising my hand while making him look like a real ass. I had already learned all this at my last school so it was more of a review.

"What's your name?" A girl in front of me asked in a hushed whisper. I looked up from my already finished homework that I got some time in class to start on. She had blonde curly hair and overall really pretty.

"Scarlett." I whispered back while sitting up straighter in my seat, giving her all my attention.

"I am Mary Anne, but you can call me Mary. Can I see your schedule?" She asked with a smile. I handed her over my schedule that I had just recently memorized.

"Awesome, we have everything besides history together." She beamed. "Oh and by the way, what you did yesterday was beyond amazing." She added. 'Is everyone here a werewolf?' I asked myself.

"Thanks. I get that a lot." I said. After a few seconds I felt a paper fly by, almost hitting my face, which I caught in mid air. What can I say, I have kick ass reflexes.

I opened up the note that was folded into a ninja star. It said 'Hey new girl! What's your name? from Preston xx'

I quickly scribbled down Scarlet and looked up to see who had threw it so I could throw it back. A boy with medium length wavy hair prepared his hands in a motion to catch it. I presumed it was Preston so I threw it to him.

The bell ringed and we all got out of our seat. Mary took my arm and led me down to our next class, biology.

I don't have enough time right now to update the whole chapter so I am just going to publish the part I have written. I will probably end up updating the rest tonight so stay tuned! Comment and vote please! If I get two comments then you guys get an immediate update! Thanks for reading my lovelies, I love your people!

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