This is the same story I have on wattpad beside I changed the title and cover do don't say I copied it because it is my own book.


1. It's Him

"There" I murmured while biting my lip. I took a step back and took in the appearance of my new room. My bed was pushed up against the wall while the window right above it shined light into my room making it slightly hotter. There were many posters filling every inch of the walls I could get my hands on, which is a lot considering my 5'10 height allowing me to reach higher.

I could hear the sharp knock come from the front door down stairs. I paused my music, and tried to remember anyone who would be coming to my house. I gasped loudly as realization dawned on me. The alpha was coming.

I pulled of my Mickey Mouse shorts and matching mickey mouse shirt and ran to my window. I could hear the wolf whistles from outside causing me to run to the curtains and flip of the gathering of boys below in my underwear and bra. I yelled 'fuck off' to them and pull the curtains closed. I ran back over to my closet and pulled out a pair of destroyed jeans and a flowy teal high low shirt. I pulled them on and ran to my door mirror to fix my hair.

"Alpha Lifton is here." I heard my mom yell up at me causing me to whisper 'fuck' under my breath.

"I will be down in just a second." I said as I blew a piece of hair out of my face and pulled my medium length wavy brown hair in a high pony tail with a small bump. I pulled a pair of black lace flat from the floor of my closet and hopped into the hall way trying to fit them on properly. Once I succeeded this, I pulled a lube of mascara from my new bathroom and quickly applied it on my eyelashes.

"Scarlett!" My mom yelled once again probably losing her patience. I huffed as I ran down the stairs and looked up to the manliest man I have ever met. I appreciated his appearance, but I just looking, nothing else. He had short brown hair that was in a short buzz cut. He wore a pair of light washed destroyed jeans and a simple black tee. Even under the shirt I could see his abs.

"Finally you're here." My mom said bringing me out of my trance. She squeezed my upper arm hard causing me to jerk away, and look up at the 6'6, 6'7, or even 6'8 man causing my neck to strain and start to hurt slightly.

He looked at me in cold way but his eyes told a different story. He looked bored with himself. "I am not going to say that you're tall because it ticks me off when people do that to me, so hello, I am Scarlett but you can call me Scar." I said hoping to lighten the mood.

It had apparently worked because his eyes lit up the slightest. "It is nice to meet to you, Scar." He said as he reached his hand out from a hand shake. I quickly retrieved my hand from my side and placed my hand in his and gave it a tight squeeze. He looked at me strangely.

"A rather firm handshake you got there." He said quirking interest.

"I'd like to think I am a rather strong girl." I said with a lazy grin. I turned to my dad. "Can I go get my sub from the fridge to eat while we talk?" I asked.

He was just opening his mouth, as my mom cut him off and whispered ferociously, "Not in the presence of an Alpha you won't, that's offending." She said.

I cut her off from speaking off further and turned to Alpha Lifton. "You wouldn't mind if I ate would you? You could have half if you want. It is just ham, cheddar, pickles, and mustard, oh and the bun of course." I said laughing lightly at the end.

"Sure, but no thank you to the food I am full." He said letting his mouth lift up slightly on one side, then disappearing as fast as it came.

"Would you like to go into the living room, as we wait for her to be done pigging out?" She said sending a scowl which I returned.

He cleared his throat obviously not liking our hate war. "That would be fine."

They led him away and started talking about nonsense things about when she should start gardening. I walked away and started my way to the kitchen. As you can tell my mom and I don't get along. At least not since my sister left with Alan, her chosen mate.

We choose our mates here now. They haven’t been destined since before the Great Slaughter. The Great Slaughter was a bad time for werewolves when more than half of the packs in the world were killed by our own. It was so horrible, and in return we were punished by not being able to have a mate by fate, but we have to choose them. Some like it, but many have found it is much harder to find a good mate that you would like to be bonded with, because it is not like you can just divorce them.

I don't have a mate yet, and it's not because I don't have any options. I have had 3 offers since I turned 16 and I am 17 now. I didn't want to spend eternity with them, they didn't spark my interest, but apparently I did them.

I yanked the fridge door open and pulled out half of the sub that remained from the shelves. I took a bite out of it and started my walk back to the living room for a long meeting with our new alpha.

I walked up to the entrance of the living room and saw my mom and dad sitting on one couch as the alpha sat on the chair that sat slightly tilted towards the couch. After standing there for a few seconds, I walked over to the chair that was opposite with couch. My mother didn't acknowledge my present and my dad only spared me a quick glance, but Alpha Lifton gave me a look that almost said 'help me'.

I plopped down on the chair and took a bit of my sub. Over the crunching of my pickles I could hear that my mom was going on and on about how happy she is to be a part of the white shadow pack, fake much. I turned slightly to the Alpha and interrupted my mom by saying, "How long have you been an alpha?" I asked trying to make conversation.

My mom gawked at me and said in a bitchy manner, "I was talking, and shouldn't you have read that paper I gave you on the information of our new pack, it had it right down on it. Anyways, you're not supposed to question the alpha, so stop being room Scarlett."

I rolled my eyes at my mom's behavior. "Well I am pretty sure he doesn't want to hear people go on and on about how much they love the color of our driveway no matter how proud they are of their pack. I am also quite sure my making of a non-boring conversation would allow us to have a fully awake alpha then one that's half asleep and half thinking about how much he wants my sub, so as I was saying, how long have you been an alpha?" I said having no tolerance for my mother at that point.

"5 years." I heard him say proudly from the side of me. I brought my attention back to him.

"At least you have your Luna to help-"I said but was interrupted by the alpha himself.

"I don't have a mate yet, but I do plan on looking soon." he said almost happy but also looked a little frustrated by the idea. It looks like we are on the same boat here.

"I am sure you can find one." I heard my mom add. "Alphas are very desirable so I don't see you having any problem with that." she said knowingly but it sounded bitchier if you ask me.

"I take it that is why you are so frustrated with it then?" I asked sensing his discomfort with my mom’s words.

"What?" he asked genuinely confused with my statement.

"You don't want a mate who will want you for your power or looks, and you’re so frustrated that you can't find someone genuine enough to accept you for you?" I asked knowing where he was coming from.

"Yeah, that's it exactly." He said as he tilted his head to the side in amusement and surprise.

All of a sudden the song boulevard of broken dreams by green day broke through the air. The alpha shuffled with his pocket as he wrestled his phone out. I quietly sang along to the lyrics and stopped once the music stopped too.

"Hello? Yes I will be right there." I heard him say in a very restricted voice.

He looked up at me and said, “Sorry, I have some business, but it was nice meeting you." He said as he walked out sending me an apologetic gaze.

Once the door closed I shot up from my seat and went up to my room not feeling like fighting a battle with my mom again. I was sitting on my bed when I reached over and pulled the curtains open and looked out upon the view of grass and trees as far as the eye can see.

I took a deep sigh and closed them again and pulled of all my clothes and put on a red tank top and a pair of spandex shorts. I opened the curtains again and slammed the window wide open.

I cussed slightly under my breath as I realized that the screen was in my way. I brought my fist back and slammed it into the screen successfully ripping it open. I swung both of my legs over the window sill and jump to the ground.

I looked both ways and decided exactly what I was going to do, go for a run.


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