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2. Challenges

I ran through the trees making sure to keep my hearing on high. Once I got to an area where the scents were sparse, I gave another quick look left and right when I heard a snap from what I expected to be a mile west. I looked behind myself and took in a big whiff of the air hoping to identify the scent.

Alpha. Why the hell was he following me now? I gave an exasperated sigh and turned toward the sound of the snap and crossed my arms waiting for him to come closer.

"Alpha Lifton just quit hiding I already know you are here." I said giving up on waiting and getting straight to the point.

I saw his figure come out through the trees as he gave me a stern look. "What were you doing out here?" He asked suspiciously.

I huffed in annoyance, "What do werewolves normally do in the woods? Oh I don't know, shift." I said in a snarky voice. "Weren't you supposed to be doing business?" I added in curiosity.

"I got it handled, and then I saw you jump from your window so I thought I would check it out. Wait, how did you hear me? I didn't make any noise." He said inquisitively.

"I guess you could call me special. My wolf is larger than most girls' so that gives me an advantage." I said shamefully.

"Why are you ashamed of that?" He asked purely confused.

"I don't like shifting in front of people because I don't want people talking." I said while shrugging my shoulders.

"Why do you care? Not trying to be mean and all but you come off as the person who doesn't care and would fight at any chance they get." He said curiously.

"I don't, I just see it as if I can't be a warrior and do something special for my pack then what's the point of giving people the opportunity to see my wolf." I said walking past him.

"Why can't you be a warrior?" He asked still shooting questions while walking slightly behind me.

"My old pack didn't allow girls to become warriors even though I was stronger than most of the wolves there." I said mumbling the last part.

"What makes you think I won't be a warrior here?" He said as he raised his eyebrow in my direction, and finally catching up to my fast pace.

"Wait, I can?" I said excitedly and turned my body to him stopping abruptly.

"Yeah, you just got to show me what you got. We can start any time." He said while walking forward once again.

"Right now would be wonderful." I said as we walked between my house and into the sidewalk.

"Okay, follow me." He said as I walked behind him trying to keep up with his fast pace considering his legs look about as tall as a short building.

"How are we going to do this?" I questioned becoming more and more anxious about this as each second passed.

"Well you're going to fight someone lower in our pack, and then as you defeat them, you will become closer and closer to the front in battle. For example, I am the closest up front and my beta is next. Wherever you land, you will be in front of who you defeated and behind who you couldn't or decided to stop, whichever comes first." He said seemingly bored as he has probably explained this to many others several times before.

"I'll beat your guy's asses." I said confidently.

"I would like to see that." He said laughing lightly. I have to admit, it was really beautiful. "We are here."

I looked up and saw a hundred or so men, and who I believed to be the beta standing to the side of them. I was shocked by how fast he brought them all together. The pack doctor stood on a mat getting ready to fight. "Don't get me wrong, I love all this, but you are seriously going to have me fight a pack doctor? I am so much better than that, it is almost offensive, no offense doctor." I said looking over my shoulder at the end.

"You earn your way up." Alpha Lifton said as he just shrugged my way.

I huffed and stood in the middle and saw that the doctor had now shifted and standing a defensive position. I got down on my hands and lifted my head, ready for my attack.

"Aren't you going to shift?" The beta asked from the side of me.

"No. The only time I do that is when my attacks aren't working, so don't worry about me and just watch and learn boys." I said as the wolf launch at me.

I did a front flip over his body and grabbed his tail teasingly. He growled at me while snapping his teeth. Quicker than he could see I kicked under his leg make him fall over. Seeing this, I strattled his body locking him under me. The whole fight lasted no more than 5 seconds.

"Next." I said while releasing his body. I didn't even look over at the rest of them to know that they were shocked by my skills.

2 hours later and I just defeated the gamma finally started feeling out of breath. He was a real fight surprisingly. I haven't shifted yet, but I have a feeling I will have to in order to defeat the beta without getting seriously hurt. I have gotten bitten in the legs three times, but healed in time for the next fight saving me the weakness. I had created quite a crowd, with all the pack here besides my family. Everyone was astounded by my strength and agility.

"You may be good, but not good enough to beat me little girl." The beta said snarky while showing his teeth. He shifted into a black and white wolf with his head at my shoulder. The largest yet.

"Ready, set, go!" A teenage boy yelled.

The wolf and I walked in a circle both waiting for the other to make the first move. I saw from the corner of my eyes that he moved his paw up slightly meaning he was about to lunge. Instead of taking the hit I did a matrix thing and bent my knees and back making sure to not take any force.

I lifted my back and jump up quickly into the air at least feet only to see the wolf running under my legs thinking he could ram me down. Once I landed, I landed on his back bringing him down with a 'oomph'. He rolled over and tried to take a bite of my arm, but I pushed my back legs out and kicked him back a few feet.

I soon realized I was going to need a little more help with this fight. I breathed in deeply and faced my fear. In these few seconds I shifted into my 6 foot brown, cream, and white wolf. I growled loudly, making the wolf cringe.

I leaped at it seeing the moment of distraction as a weakness. I landed on him and the second I did, he bit my paw. I yelped and bit his neck, waiting for his submission. He shook and shook his head trying to get out of my jaws, but only making me bit down harder. He whimpered and let his neck go to one side and gave me submission.

I let go and walked backwards, limping slightly from the pain. I ran into the bathrooms that laid to the side of the mats. I ran in my wolf form and changed back. I picked up a change of clothes that lay in each stall as an emergency for things like this. I pulled on the clothing quickly and ran out of the stall and out the door.

Once I open the door, I saw hundreds of eyes land on me. They all stared at me in awe, while the beta stared at me with amazement and surprise. I then looked at the alpha who stood up and started walking toward me.

"You aren't going to fight me now are you?" He asked raising a brow in my direction.

"Oh no, I have had enough fights for one day, and I don't feel like ordering a death sentence." I said with a chuckle.

"Good, so it looks look you will be right behind me when we are fighting, warrior." He said as he draped an arm over my arm.

"You might not want to do that, I am really sweaty." I said as I pulled his arm off my shoulder.

"How about I walk you home?" He said and looked at me expectantly.

"Sounds great to me." I said while walking toward the beta. Once I stood in front of him I put my hand out.

"Good fight." He shook my hand and smiled slightly in my direction. I could tell he was tired as was I, though I probably was more justifiably so.

I walked away and followed the alpha through the crowd. Everyone was shouting things at me like, 'you should teach me how to kick ass too' or 'you are my hero' and even 'how can such a hot babe fight like a warrior'. I didn't respond to any of it because I knew it would just make it worse and motivate them further.

"You okay?" Lifton asked as we exited the pool of people.

"I think so." I said as I wiped the sweat from my forehead.

"Now, some of the teens were wondering if you could teach them how to fight like you. I told them I would have to ask, so will you become the pack trainer?" He asked hopefully.

"Hell yeah! That sounds kick ass! Wait when will I train them with school and all?" I responded.

"How about Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 6 and ending at 9?"

"I think I could do that." I said as I smiled brightly at the beautiful- wait did I just almost call my alpha beautiful! At least I didn't say it out loud to him, or that would be hell.

"Sounds great, now you get some rest. You have a big day of school tomorrow. Oh and Scarlett." He said as he pulled me toward him from going into my front door.

"Yeah?" I asked questionably while I scrunched together my elbows. I couldn't help but let my heart race as I felt his large hands rest gently on my wrist.

"Call me Onyx." he said while smiling his crooked smile.

"I will, and thanks a lot!" I said smiling as I pulled the front door open. To my dismay, the first thing I hear as I enter is 'you stupid bitch!'

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