Just Another Teen Story; Book One

There are 3 main characters and they are just normal people. Going though all normal people go through!


4. Welcome To South Carolina

Okay so where do we wanna live?? "Brianna asks" I like it her so you Haylee?? "Kayla says" yeah! Okay wanna ask the kids and boys? Sure. "Bri Says" well okay I gus we cun Tay he! "Criss says" okie "Kayla says"

Kayla goes to find I nice apartment!

Hi how may I help you? "The front desks ask" do you have any open Apartments on the top floor? " Kayla says" on the sixth? Kayla nods her head yes. Okay yes we do it's F6 is that okay? Mhmm "Kayla says"

Kayla grabs the key and drives to the Hoyle they are staying at!

Found one now we just need new cars! "Kayla says" okay let's go shopping for cars me and you will go Haylee will stay home with the kids and the boys! "Brianna says" okay let's go."Kayla says"

Brianna and Kayla go to a car shop down near their hotel.

How many do we need? "Bri asks". Umm we need 5 one for each of us and an extra! "Kayla says"

They find all cars and they take them to the apartment and they pack every thing into so Bri pics them up and goes to the apartment it was a pain getting couches and every thing up there but they finally did then they relished there was a eliavator!

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