Just Another Teen Story; Book One

There are 3 main characters and they are just normal people. Going though all normal people go through!


2. Rumors

Brianna walks down the hallway at school so Jessica (a rumor starter) says "Brianna painted the jeans to look normal tell friends!"

3 days later

Brianna skipt school and called Haylee and says "dumb rumors I want them gone" what is the rumor now?? "Haylee Asks" That i hate people"Bri says crying" stop crying I'll be there after school math class is starting can't missed it sorry. It's fine bye"Bri says getting mad but she is still crying" bye.

Hey Haylee how's the kids "Kayla asks" good!! Well that's good have you seen Bri?? "Kayla says confused"

There are mean rumors flying around so she skipped " Haylee says slowly" oh my gosh are u serous what rumors "Kayla starts getting mad" she hates people. NO NO NO Brianna does not hate! "Kayla screams to the class" yeah she did "Julie the mean girl says"

Are you the one who started the rumor?? "Haylee asks" it's not a rumor! "Julie says" then what is it "Kayla says" shut it every one we are starting class so shut it and sit "mr.hayson say very loud"

everyone sits though class.

Kayla was in the hallway and saw Julie and talked her and said "stop starting rumors now every body says she hates people witch is a lie so stop" fine but get off me now!! Okay so you will stop "Kayla says walking away"

The rumors about Bri and everyone starts to fade away and everything goes back to normal but then.......

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