Just Another Teen Story; Book One

There are 3 main characters and they are just normal people. Going though all normal people go through!


3. Goodbye Everyone.

Kayla and Haylee go to Bris house to visit They knock on the apartment door.

Brianna's kid Krissa answers. Hi keela and halwee "Krissa says trying her hardest to say their name right" hey sweetie where is mom?? Playing wif Criss! "Krissa says cutely"

Okay we are going to go talk to Mom okay

Kayla and Haylee go inside to talk to Bri.

Oh hey guys, okay Chris go play! So what's going on "Brianna says" well me and Haylee were thinking he should.....move. Yeah okay sounds fun. "Brianna says" are u serous?!?!? "Haylee asks" yeah let's are we gonna drop out of school?? Yeah if we are gonna move! Okay so hailey you go tell the school we are gonna drop out and Haylee you help the kids pack and I'll pack big stuff! "Bri says" okay then let me go to the school "Kayla says" kid all of u her now "Haylee says" what hawee? "Criss says" let's go pack "Haylee says" kk the kids say

So they all say bye to people and then rent a hotel in south Carolina to decide where to go!

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