Blue Arrow || Young Justice

Laurel is a girl who is the unwillingly daughter of the Joker. She was just taken from his clutches but worries that she is putting everyone in Gotham City, in danger. (Sorry for the short blurb)


1. Prologue

I walked to the shattered mirror of the warehouse, the police lights flaring and my dad screaming "I'll get you Laurel! You just wait!" I flinched. My dad was a man of his word. I looked in the mirror and examined my long, blonde hair and my grass green eyes. Something simmered in my mind. A memory. A little girl crying, parents screaming, and....I toppled backwards. The Joker. Dad. He was..carrying something. Carrying me. 

"Are you okay? A voice asked. I turned to see the boy wonder. "I'm, I'm so scared!" I confessed. "The Joker taught me to do wrong..And I do the opposite, so he wants to kill me! His own child!" 

"Laurel, it's going to be alright, you're safe from his clutches now." He said promising. 

"Robin, you don't get it! He is THE Joker. There is no escape!" I stuttered, then collapsed in tears. He hugged me and whispered, "It's going to be fine." But I knew better. I was putting everyone else in danger. "There's no escape." I repeated. 

"Maybe not," Robin said, "but there's always me." 

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