Blue Arrow || Young Justice

Laurel is a girl who is the unwillingly daughter of the Joker. She was just taken from his clutches but worries that she is putting everyone in Gotham City, in danger. (Sorry for the short blurb)


3. Court Part Two

I walked out of the courtroom, to see Dad jumping at me. Dick pulled me back immediately, and the Joker screamed "You worthless, little brat! When I get my hands on you! Ohhh!" Then, the cops pulled him away. 

I had to take a couple deep breaths to calm down. Again, my dad was a man of his word. I couldn't help thinking about what he would do. Artemis put a hand on my shoulder. "It's going to be okay." She said. I nodded slowly, though I couldn't stop my heartbeat from beating in my chest. My father could use Artemis and Paula against me. He could use them to lure me.

To kill me.

MWAHAHAHA! YES MY SIDEKICKS! YOU SHALL WITHER IN AGONY BECAUSE OF THIS CLIFFHANGER!!!! This cliffhanger is dedicated to Joker's Princess because she hates cliffhangers!! HAHAHAHAH! Doing things JOKER style! Killing y'all (I hope).


*ahem* Sorry about that. My inner Joker came out. So how'd you like that chapter? Nasty cliffhanger huh? ;) Next chapter coming in a month!!

Bye y'all,


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