Blue Arrow || Young Justice

Laurel is a girl who is the unwillingly daughter of the Joker. She was just taken from his clutches but worries that she is putting everyone in Gotham City, in danger. (Sorry for the short blurb)


2. Court Part One

 I paced around the room. The Crocks were going to adopt me. They had a daughter two years older than me, and they were willing to fight for me. Well, actually, there was just the daughter and the mom, but they were bringing DAD to court. Great. Just perfect. 

The worst part is, Bruce Wayne and his ward, Dick Grayson were going to support Mrs. Crock. Well, the worst part actually is that Dad is going to be there. Aren't they even worried about what he might do the them if he gets out of prison? Not. At. All. What power do they have against the Clowned Prince of Crime? Hah, see what I said there? Okay. I mean, the law wouldn't be enough if he murders them all. 

"Laurel? It's time." Artemis, the daughter, said. I nodded. "It's gonna be okay." She said in a soothing voice. I stated into her gray eyes. "Let's hope so." I replied. I took a shaky breath and walked into the court room. 

A bunch of paparazzi was crowded around the court room all asking me questions. I took my seat, next to Artemis, our lawyer and Mrs. Crock. 

"Order in my court!" The judge ordered. Everyone silenced. "We are here today, to decide whether or not, Paula Crock will have full custody over Laurel Diane Neill. Nicolas Neill, do you testify?" The judge asked DAD. 

"Indeed I do, this is my daughter! Only I get to abuse her!" Dad laughed. "This is exactly why he shouldn't have the poor girl in custody, your Honour!" Mrs. Crock's lawyer said, "He abuses her! Yes, Paula Crock's records are criminal, but she has stopped. At least, she wouldn't abuse the poor girl!" 

"Hmm, the Jury will decide this matter! We are dismissed!" The judge said and we all filed out of the court room.


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