Broken Glass


2. Baby Sitting

I woke up to the alarm trying to get me up. I went to get ready for baby sitting. I wish I could sleep in on weekends but I babysit a six year old boy. I was wearing shorts and you could see se cuts on my thighs. When I got there we were watching TV and he saw my cuts. "I know how those got there," he said. "How?" I asked him. "People put them there. When people be mean, you start to be mean to yourself. I've seen them before my older sister had them. Mean people out them on your body. My big sister went away. Mum says she is on a happy vacation somewhere because she's not happy here," he replied. "Please don't take a vacation you're my best friend." Then the little boy hugged me. It was so cute. The next day, which was Sunday, and I was wearing shorts again so Adrian could see my cuts. "Are you an angel?" He asked me. "What?" I said. "My mum said those with marked wrists are angels," he replied. "I'm not an angel," I said. "Of course you are! Mum said that angels harm only themselves because they aren't happy on earth. The earth destroys them so they try to return to heaven again. They are too sensitive to their pain and the pain of others," he said. "You mum is very wise," I replied. "Yeah, she's an angel, but she already returned home," he said. I was shocked, this little six year old is so smart. But I felt bad for him. His sister is gone, his mum is gone. What will he do if his father gets destructive because of his wife on daughter. I just can't imagine it. That was said.

Slit my wrist,

Cut my thigh,

One step closer to


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