What is Justice?

Ashlan Shaw isn't your average diva. She fights superstars instead of divas. As the Intercontinental Champion, things couldn't be better for the 25 year old. As things begin changing in the WWE however, Ashlan may be forced to face an ugly truth; her worst enemy may be one of her closest friends.


1. Welcome to the Jungle

I walked down the hallway towards Legacy's locker room trying not to drop the two cages full of...chickens I was carrying. "I'm not sure this is a good idea Hunter. Legacy already hates us enough, and it's kind of obvious that we did this." I said quietly as I tried not to notice the stares given to me by various superstars.

"Of course it is!" He responded cheerfully. "Besides, when have any of my plans ever ended badly?"

Even though he didn't see it I shot him a death glare. "For you, never. For me...always."

Hunter rolled his eyes. "Yeah right, name one time my plan didn't go as planned."

I set the cages down and glared at him. "Well hm, let's see, there was the time we vandalized Brock Lesnar's locker room."

Hunter let out a faint chuckle. "I was fine afterwards."

I stared at him in disbelief. "You saw him put me through a wall, heck, you beat the crap out of him afterwards!" I practically screamed.

"I never said I didn't plan on that happening." He replied smugly.

I wanted so desperately to rip his head off, but I didn't think Shawn would approve, so instead I turned around and headed back towards DX's locker room. "Fine, then you can pull this stupid prank yourself." I was glad the superstars around us had already left and that no one was around to hear the last part because gossip spreads quickly throughout the WWE.

You could almost say it's just like high school just without all the homework.

"Ash, I didn’t mean it!" Hunter called out as I stormed down the hallway.

"If you were actually sorry then you'd come after me!" I snapped, not even bothering to look at him. I heard Hunter's foot steps behind me, but was caught off guard when he spun me around and gently grabbed my wrist.

"Ashlan, I'm sorry. I don't want to fight because, well...you're like the sister I never had. Please...forgive me." He practically begged. His pleading eyes were like that of a lost puppy, looking for someone to love them.

"Hunter just...don't. I need time to cool off, time to myself. Just let your chickens run loose in Legacy's locker room, and then come talk to me." I said quietly before turning away and solemnly trudged down the hallway. My heart felt as though it was just ripped out of my chest because, in all honesty, I kind of had a crush on Hunter.

"The proper term is cocks, just so you know!" Hunter shouted before grabbing the cages and heading towards Legacy's locker room.

Even though he couldn't see it I gave him a thumbs up and headed back towards our locker room.

*Twenty Minutes Later, in the Locker Room*

I sat on the couch with my laptop on, where else, but my lap, when Shawn strolled in. "Oh hey Shawn, 'sup?"

"Nothing, it’s just...have you seen Hunter?" He asked curiously. "I talked to him before he took the chickens to Legacy's locker room and he told me about you guys' argument. After that I didn't see him or hear from him."

I instantly jumped up of the couch, causing my laptop to hit the ground. "We have to go find him!" I was ready to rush out the door, but Shawn stopped me.

"Hunter's a big boy; he can take care of himself." Shawn said reassuringly.

"You're right, I guess I overreacted." I sighed. "Still, I have a bad feeling about this. We should at least go and look for him." I suggested.

"Then let’s go!" Shawn exclaimed, gesturing towards the door.

I noticed Shawn's gesture and raised my right eyebrow. "Really Shawn? Surprisingly, I actually do know where the door is."

Shawn let out a gasp and gave me the fakest surprised look he possibly could. "No. Way. I have to tweet this right away!" Shawn said excitedly. Before he could retrieve his phone from his pocket though, the door opened, revealing a bloodied and beaten Hunter.

"Hey Shawn, hey Ash. I could really use some help." Hunter managed before passing out. Luckily, Shawn and I caught him before he hit the ground.

"We have to get him some help!" I cried with concern apparent in my voice.

"Hold up Ash, if we take him to the trainers he might flip out on us later." Shawn pointed out.

"I don't give a flying monkey whether or not he hates doctors. Right now, we need to get him some help!" I argued. I could feel my blood beginning to boil. How could Shawn not want to take him to get help?

"Just trust me on this. The cuts don't look that bad and there isn't that much blood." Shawn said in a stubborn tone.

I have to admit, there actually wasn't as much blood as I originally thought there was and Shawn was right. The cuts Hunter had were not nearly as bad as I made them out to be. With that and Shawn's stubbornness in mind, I helped Shawn get Hunter to the couch and finally submitted. "Alright Shawny, go soak a wash rag in warm water." I said authoritatively. "And make sure it's warm. Not cold, not hot, but warm."

Shawn rolled his eyes and let out an annoyed sigh. "Yes mother." He mumbled sarcastically before heading out the door.

I kneeled down beside Hunter and examined the cuts on his face. There was a rather nasty looking one right above his left eye, one in front of his right ear, a few small ones on his left cheek, and one that almost completely spanned the left half of his forehead.

After confirming there were no more on his face I checked out his arms and found that the worst he had was a few gashes on his right elbow, other than that there were only a few minor lacerations on both arms. Then, I noticed the sides of Hunter's shirt were almost completely coated in blood.

"How the heck..." I pondered for a few seconds before deciding the only way I'd find out was if I took his shirt off. I began reaching for it but quickly pulled away. "No don't!" I hissed to myself. "Let Shawn do it or wait 'til Hunt comes 'round." I then sat on the floor with my knees to my chest and my head resting against the arm of the couch as I waited silently for Shawn to return. The only sounds that could be heard were the occasional voices of people walking by and the sound of Hunter's steady breathing.

Due to the silence I was able hear Shawn return. "I got you the 'wash rag' you wanted and a bunch of other medical stuff that I thought would help out." Shawn said as he entered the room.

"Thanks Shawn, by the way...I need you to take Hunter's shirt off." I nonchalantly responded.

Shawn gave me the most confused yet disturbed look humanly possible. "What the hey do you plan on doing?"

I rolled my eyes at Shawn's immaturity. "Oh nothing, it's just I was curious about how all the blood got on the back of his shirt, that's all."

"Oh...well why didn't ya just say so?" Shawn inquired. "Now hold him up, otherwise this is going to be difficult."

Remembering what he did to me earlier I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Yes mother."

"Yeah, real funny Ash." Shawn mumbled sarcastically as he lifted Hunter's shirt off of him.

I gave him the biggest grin I could. "Why thank you Shawny, I know it was." My smile however, quickly faded when I saw why the back of Hunter's shirt was covered in blood. Across his back, was one of the worst wounds I'd ever seen. The gash on Hunter's back had to have been open at least an inch or two. "I told him it was a bad idea." I mumbled.

Shawn sat down on the other side of Hunter and looked at his back. The second he saw the wound his face got a few shades paler. "I can't believe Legacy would've done this to him."

I nodded my head in agreement. "Hold him steady and hand me the wash rag, I need to get all the blood off him." Being careful not to hurt him any more than he already had been, I gently cleaned all the blood around his wound until a majority had been removed. "You got some type of disinfectant, right?" I asked Shawn. Wordlessly he handed it to me, along with another clean wash rag. "Sorry 'bout this Hunt." I said quietly before pressing the rag over the wound. I felt Hunter tense up and utter a little whine, but nothing more. After I finished cleaning it I took a bandage from Shawn and wrapped it around Hunter's waist.

"Ya know, you're pretty good at this. After you're wrestling career you could be a nurse." Shawn commented.

"Yeah right." I scoffed. "And after that I'll live in a magical castle and have a pet freakin' unicorn." I said sarcastically.

"Well geez," Shawn glowered. "No need to be sarcastic."

"Just go get Hunter a new shirt." I said in an amused as I rolled my eyes and laid Hunter down on the couch. As Shawn went to find Hunter another shirt, I continued working on Hunter. I repeated the same procedure on his arms, except they mostly just needed band aids instead of bandages. I finally worked my way to his head and, as carefully as I possibly could, began washing the blood off of his face. Just as I was about done cleaning it, Hunter's eyes flitted open.

He propped himself up on his elbows, looked down at his shirtless torso then up at me. "Um...do I even want to know?"

"You had a nasty gash on your back so Shawn took your shirt off. Don't worry; he's gettin' ya a new one." I assured him.

Hunter gave me a puzzled look. "So let me get this straight, you had another guy take my shirt off?"

I let out a few giggles. "You make your best friend trying to help you sound so dirty."

Hunter shrugged his shoulders and smirked. "Well...I can only try."

I allowed myself to chortle for a little while before I continued to clean up his face, but he made it impossible because he was squirming around. "Quit squirming Hunter, I'm tryin' to clean all the blood off your face!" I growled.

"I'm capable of doing this myself ya know!" Hunter whined in protest.

I looked deeply into Hunter's eyes for a few moments before responding. "I know." I mumbled quietly. After that he didn't protest so I quickly finished cleaning Hunter's face and, much to his displeasure, disinfected them before bandaging up the worst of them.

Hunter got up of the couch and walked up to the mirror to see himself. "I look like an idiot." He groaned.

"Well you are one. You would not heed my warning and Legacy attacked you." I scolded before picking up my laptop and sitting down on the couch. Hunter was about to argue with me, so I held my hand out to ensure he wouldn't say anything. "Just don't. I'm a girl, and a stubborn one at that. The likelihood of you winning an argument with me is virtually nonexistent."

"I wasn't going to argue!" Hunter protested.

I rolled my eyes and turned on my computer. "Yes, and right now I'm trying to talk to my boyfriend." I added sarcastically.

"Sarcasm is so unbecoming of you." Hunter mumbled just loud enough for me to hear.

At that moment, Shawn came back with Hunter's shirt. "You don't even know what unbecoming means." Shawn teased as he tossed Hunter's shirt at him.

"So what, it still made sense." Hunter grunted before putting his shirt on and sitting down on the couch. After a few minutes of awkward silence Hunter got bored and began staring at me.

Once I realized Hunter was staring at me I would glance up at him constantly because it was beginning to creep me out. Finally, I'd had enough, so I shut my laptop and turned my body so I would be facing him. "Why, are so determined to creep me out?" I asked in frustration.

"Sorry." He mumbled, feigning sincerity. "I was just really bored, that's all." He then proceeded to continue staring at me, which only angered me further.

"Hunter I will say this once, quit staring at me or else." I snarled.

Hunter's cocky, "yeah right" grin, spread across his face as he folded his arms across his chest. "Or what?"

I couldn't think of anything bad to do to him, so I did the first random thing that came to mind. I leaned towards him and poked his cheek before quickly pulling away. "That's what I'll do."

Hunter dropped his arms and stared at me with a very puzzled look. "What...was that?"

"I'll tell you as soon as I find out." I replied as my cheeks began growing red from embarrassment. Now that I actually thought about my actions, I was embarrassed by them.

"You're cheeks are red, it's a cute color for you." Hunter remarked before he turned towards Shawn. "So what are you up to Shawn?"

"Tweeting." Shawn didn't even look up from his phone when he replied. "Your stupid puppet won't quit sending me tweets."

"Aw man!" I whined. "Puppet H refuses to tweet me back! I've tweeted him like a hundred times already!" That last comment made me have a sudden revelation about myself. "Aw man, not even a puppet will tweet me back, I'm a loser!"

"Hey that's not t-" Shawn started, but his phone vibrated in his pocket, causing him to momentarily forget I was there. After he finished what I assumed was tweeting, he remembered I was there. "Oh, as I was saying...you're not a loser; Puppet H just doesn't like you."

What Shawn said only made things worse. "A puppet doesn't even like me, I'm forever alone!" I wailed.

"Good job Michaels!" Hunter growled before pulling me into a hug. "Hey, it's alright. Puppet H doesn't hate you and you are most certainly not forever alone."

I looked up at him and smiled, revealing that I wasn't truly upset. "Well, I probably am forever alone, but at least I accept it."

"Wait you're not...dang you'd make a great actor." Hunter said as he let go of me.

I let out a few obviously fake laughs before getting serious. "Yeah, right. Next you'll suggest that I'm actually having a match tonight." A few moments later my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out to see that it was Justin Gabriel. "Oh hey Justin, what's up?" I asked as I answered my phone.

"Hey, Vince wants us to have a match tonight in ten minutes." He replied in an eager tone.

I grinned knowing that I'd be going up against one of the nicest guys in this business. "Alright, thanks for the heads up. See ya in ten." I said gleefully before hanging up. I turned back towards Hunter, who had a smile painted on his face. "Okay fine, but I still won't be an actor. I'm a girl. Girls are actresses, and before you say anything, I won't be one of them either."

"That's cool, but you better get ready. If I'm not mistaken you have a match in a few minutes." Hunter pointed out as I got up off the couch and yawned.

"Ha, jokes on you, I am ready. I am however, leaving. See you guys in like fifteen minutes." I called out as I walked through the doorway.

"Good luck!" I heard Shawn call out behind me.

I walked through the halls, cut a couple corners, and said hi to a few superstars, until I found myself waiting at the Gorilla Position. Strangely, nobody else was around, but that didn't bother me too much since it gave me a chance to stretch for a bit. After a minute or two I heard footsteps behind me and was delighted to see Justin coming up the hallway.

"Hey Ashlan, good to see ya out of DX's locker room." Justin joked as he came up and started stretching as well.

"Yeah I know, after awhile it begins to feel like a chicken coop in there." After a few brief moments we both began laughing. I calmed down a few seconds later and was pretty much dying to make a werewolf reference. "So you're not going to turn into a werewolf during our match, are you?" I asked.

Justin grinned playfully and shrugged. "Who knows, I'm a werewolf. Werewolves tend to be unpredictable."

We continued to idly chat and stretch until Justin's music began playing. "Well, I guess that's my cue. Good luck Ash." He said before heading out to the main part of the arena.

I waited until my theme song (Welcome to the Jungle-Guns N Roses) began playing. Right before I went out, I was pushed through the curtain and fell flat on my face. I looked up and standing above me was all three members of Legacy. "Leave me alone and let me have my match!" I hissed as Justin got out of the ring to help me.

"How about we don't." Cody laughed before Legacy began attacking me. At first all three of them were attacking, but then Randy went to take care of Justin, who had just jumped on Ted.

I tried to fight back with all my might, but the numbers were against me and eventually they had me beaten to the point where I could hardly move.

Randy, who by this point had Justin near the point of unconsciousness, stopped his assault on Justin and threw me over his shoulder like a rag-doll and carried me backstage. "Hey Cody, Ted, how much you wanna bet Hunter and Shawn didn't even see that?" I heard Randy ask.

"I know they didn't." Cody replied. "They don't have a TV monitor in their locker room."

Once I felt some of my strength return to me I beat on Randy's back, only to have my head hit the next corner we turned. "Dang jerks." I mumbled as I rubbed my head, hoping it would soothe the pounding headache I now had. I hadn't even noticed when we arrived at Legacy's locker room until I was harshly dropped on the couch. "Idiots." I muttered.

"Tie her up, Ted." Randy said authoritatively. Like an obedient child, Ted tied my hands behind my back and tied up my ankles so I couldn't move, let alone fight back.

"Great, now that you morons have me, what are you planning to do? Go find the stuff on the internet I'm not allowed to look at?" I hissed.

That comment seemed to anger Randy, so he punched me in the face. "No you little piece of garbage, we're going to get a Hell in a Cell match with DX in two weeks."

"Then you stupid morons should've just asked!" I spat as I tried to wriggle out of the rope. "We would've been more than willing to kick your sorry butts!"

A contorted grin spread across Randy's face. "Oh we know, we just wanted to help sway DX's decision."

"You sick, sick little moo cows." I growled as I struggled harder against my restraints.

"Have fun trying to get out of those ropes, I tie very tight knots." Ted smirked.

I got a little smirk of my own. "You also enjoy chickens. In fact, I believe I hear some in the closet right now."

This time it was Ted's turn to punch me. "I'm growing real tired of your attitude!"

"Girl please, you kidnapped a member of D-Generation X. You should've been ready for this." I said in a mocking tone. I would've continued mocking them, but Randy covered my mouth in duct tape.

"There, that should take care of the problem." He said smugly.

Knowing that things were pretty hopeless for me I felt down in between the couch cushions in a final effort to find something that might help me. Just when I thought it would've been to no avail, my fingers hit something cold and metal. I felt it a little more and discovered that it was a pair of scissors. 'Really, how stupid are they?' I thought as I opened it with my fingers. I then realized that I had no way of cutting myself free without drawing attention to myself.

"Ted, Cody, we need to go out and address the Raw audience." Randy said before turning his attention to me. "Don't go anywhere." He laughed, causing me to roll my eyes.

The second the three of them left I pulled the scissors out of the couch and began cutting myself free. After a few minutes I felt the rope loosen up enough for me to get my hands free. 'Ha ha you stupid idiots!' I thought as I grabbed the scissors and cut the ropes around my ankles. When I was free I jumped up off the couch and hurried out of the locker room, hoping I wouldn't run into Legacy.

"Ash, where are you!" I heard a familiar voice coming from up ahead so I hurried towards it. "I'll kill you if I find you Legacy!" Now I could tell whose voice it was, it was Hunter's.

I was now running full force towards the sound of Hunter's voice as he called out my name a few more times. I rounded a corner and found Hunter at the end of the hallway, debating which way to go. Without hesitation I ran at him, and he turned around with just enough time to catch me in a hug.

"Ash." He gasped in shock, and then held me tighter. "I'm so sorry my stupidity caused this."

I looked up at him and revealed that my mouth was duct taped, which caused Hunter to gasp, then hold me closer to him.

"I kill those little morons." He muttered under his breath. When he let go of me we began making our way back towards our locker room when his phone began ringing. After a few minutes Hunter finally got to speak. "Shawn, Shawn...calm down. I have her and we're on our way back right now, alright.......see you in a few." With that being said Hunter hung up the phone and shoved it back into his pocket. "By the way, I never did thank you for taking care of me earlier."

I just shrugged my shoulder and thought, 'I guess now we're even.'

"I'm just glad you aren't too badly injured. If those jerks hurt you, you'll tell me, right?" He asked with concern lacing his words.

I nodded then mimicked being punched in the face, having my head hit the wall, and finally being tied up.

Anger burned in Hunter's eyes as I pretty much played charades to tell him what happened. "I promise that those jerks will pay for this." He snarled as we came to the locker room.

The second I entered Shawn ran up to me and hugged me, nearly knocking me to my feet in the process. "I was so worried Ash!" He exclaimed. The second he pulled away and saw my mouth was duct taped his happiness faded away. "We have to get that off right now. I remember reading somewhere that you can use stuff like cooking oil to remove duct tape."

"Quickly my best friends." Hunter said loudly. "To catering."

I rolled my eyes and followed the two of them to catering, which was surprisingly empty. 'Alright, nobody's here...awkward.'

Shawn asked some of the people in catering for cooking oil and, after explaining the situation, they gave it to him. "Well, that was easy." He mumbled. "Now, back to the locker room."

Once we made it back to the locker room Hunter poured some of the oil on a wash rag and rubbed it around the edges of the tape. "Alright, we need to take it off very carefully." He said as he and Shawn lifted opposite corners of it. After a minute or two the final part of the duct tape was lifted off of my skin and I was finally able to talk again.

"I. Love. You. Guys." I said as I hugged the both of them. Only when they both hugged me did I realize how hot I was. "Oh, hold up a sec, I gotta get this hoodie off." They both gasped the second I took my hoodie off, which left me very puzzled. "What, you guys haven't seen the newest DX shirt?"

Before anybody could tell me what was wrong, Legacy burst through the door. "Well, well, well...what do we have here?" Said Cody.

"It looks to me like our little friend has gotten loose." Ted replied.

"Get your sorry butts out of here before we kick them!" Hunter snarled, advancing towards Randy.

"How can you? One of you is injured and the other is so useless they wouldn't be any help." Randy laughed. "And by the way, Ashlan isn't the useless one."

I gave Shawn a confused glance and in response he pointed towards my hands so, being the curious person I am, looked down and discovered my wrist had been rubbed raw from the ropes and were even bleeding in some places.

"What, the internet wasn't enough?" I growled as I came up to stand by Hunter's side.

Randy's lips drew back into a snarl and, without warning, he lunged at me and I just barely managed to dodge him.

Hunter defensively pushed me behind him and glared straight at Randy. "You keep her the heck out of this. If you have a problem with me, you settle it with me!"

"Fine, two weeks from now I want you three against us three at Hell in a Cell. The losing team has to disband for good." Randy growled as he got nose to nose with Hunter.

"You're on Orton, but don't go crying to daddy when the tent comes crashing down on your stupid little circus." With that being said, Hunter turned away and pulled me back towards Shawn.

A smirk quickly grew on Randy's face. "I'm glad to see your injuries aren't bothering you that much." Randy then proceeded to slap Hunter on the back, right where the giant gash was, before he and the other two members of Legacy left.

Hunter gritted his teeth until Randy left, and then he practically screamed out every profanity he could think of. After he calmed down a bit he looked at me and Shawn since we were both at a loss for words. "Before you ask, yes it hurt."

"First of all, wow I did not know you had such a colorful vocabulary and secondly...what were you thinking?" I cried out. "Your back won't be healed in time for the match! You can't tell me you're seriously going to try to wrestle with an injury like that!" I would've continued fuming at him if Shawn hadn't stopped me.

"Ash, I think you need to calm down. You can continue to let off steam later, but right now we need to patch up your wrist." Shawn said calmly as he led me to the couch and made me sit down.

Trying to take Shawn's advice, I closed my eyes and began breathing deeply in an attempt to calm myself down. It almost worked until Shawn put some disinfectant on my wrist. "Ah, ah, it stings, it stings!"

Hunter started chuckling right after I finished whining that. "Wow...I can honestly say that if it wasn't for the fact you were in pain that would've actually been funny."

"It actually didn't hurt all that much." I admitted.

Hunter gave me a questioning look. "Then why would you yell out that it stung?"

"For the exact same reason you whined when I put the same thing on your back." I replied coolly.

"So...it did hurt?" After a few moments the part about him whining finally registered in his mind."Wait...I whined?"

"Like a puppy." Came my cheerful reply.

Hunter facepalmed himself so hard that I wouldn't have been surprised if he gave himself a concussion. "Great, now I feel stupid."

I shrugged and gave him a reassuring smile. "Hey, welcome to my world."

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