What is Justice?

Ashlan Shaw isn't your average diva. She fights superstars instead of divas. As the Intercontinental Champion, things couldn't be better for the 25 year old. As things begin changing in the WWE however, Ashlan may be forced to face an ugly truth; her worst enemy may be one of her closest friends.


15. The Shield and Ashlan Shaw Vs Randy Orton, Ryback, Sheamus, and John Cena

Dean had his arm around my waist as we waited for The Shield's music to hit. "You're sure you want to do this?" He asked me worriedly.

I nodded my head. "Yeah, I'll be fine. I'm more worried about you guys. I don't know what I'd do if any one of you got hurt."

Seth rolled his eyes and patted my shoulder. "Relax princess, we'll be fine."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Pet names, really Seth...really? How'd you like it if I started calling you panda bear?"

Seth looked pretty confused. "Why panda bear?"

"Your hair." I giggled in response.

He thought for a second before smirking. "I'll let you calm me panda, but only if you come up with pet names for Roman and Dean...and they have to be bears."

I giggled like a five year old. "Fine, Roman can be grizzly bear and Dean...he can be koala bear."

"What, why koala bear?" Dean asked with sudden interest.

With the same childish grin on my face I shrugged. "I dunno; I like koalas. They're all furry and cute...and Australian...and cute."

"And that made you think of me?" Dean asked in disbelief.

I blushed a little and shrugged nervously. "I dunno...you're cute." I said the last part so quietly that nobody could make out what I said.

Dean and Seth shot me questioning glances, but Roman kept the same serious look on his face, except for the almost undetectable gleam in his eye. That gleam told me he had heard what I said.

'Oh crap, he actually heard me!' I thought as we pretty much had a silent conversation. I knew that my eyes were giving away the fear of those two (Seth and Dean) finding out what I said, mainly because I knew they'd probably harass me about it later; they'd probably call me a softy or something. The smirk he gave me reassured me that he wouldn't tell them, and I internally sighed with relief.

Finally The Shield's theme hit and the four of us made our way into the arena. All four of us came down to the ring together through the crowd. Roman and Seth hopped the barrier then Dean surprised me by quickly pecking me on the lips before we went over as well.

The second we were all over the barrier our opponents came out of the ring and attacked. Ryback went after Roman, Cena attacked Seth, and Sheamus charged Dean, leaving me to be assaulted by Randy. The assault lasted no more than thirty seconds before all four of us were in the ring. Quickly the four of them set us up for Delayed Vertical Suplexes and one by one we all hit the mat. Dean hit first, followed by Seth, Roman, and finally me.

I rolled out of the ring and fell to the floor, gritting my teeth as I held my back. Slowly I staggered to my feet and climbed up to the apron, only to find Seth was already up there and Roman was just pulling himself up. I held on to the ring post and tried to steady myself as I watched the match intently.

Sheamus had sent Dean over the top rope, but Dean held on as though his life depended on it. Sheamus then grabbed Dean and hit his chest four times before Seth tried to stop him. Sheamus of course, took care of him with a single hard blow to the face. Sheamus then unzipped Dean's vest and pulled Dean's shirt up before he continued to bring his huge arm down onto Dean's bare chest.

I flinched at the sound of each hit and counted them to myself. After the tenth blow Dean fell to the floor, and I was right there to help him. "C'mon Dean, you gotta get up." When the sound of Seth hitting the floor bounced against my eardrums I turned around quickly to see what was going on, only to be hit by a Clothesline from Sheamus.

I groaned in pain as I rubbed the back of my head. When I hit the floor my head must've smashed into it pretty hard. I crawled back to my corner and leaned against the ring post for support as I tried getting up. I heard what sounded like somebody falling outside the ring so I turned around and lying on the floor was Sheamus.

Dean then tagged Roman in and slowly rolled out of the ring. He quickly recovered and knelt down beside me. "You alright Ash?" There was valid concern behind his voice.

I nodded and gripped the ring apron tightly. "Yeah, I just hit my head when Sheamus Clotheslined me."

He stuck his hand out, which I gratefully accepted, and pulled me to my feet. "You think you can manage getting on the apron?" He asked.

I grabbed the second rope and nodded my head. "That'll be easy." I then hoisted myself up onto the apron and steadied myself when I got up there.

Dean quickly did the same and started adjusting his vest once he was on the apron beside me.

I watched the match closely as Roman stomped on Sheamus repeatedly. He then tagged in Dean and practically made my heart stop. Knowing that Dean had just come out of the match and was nowhere near a hundred percent I quickly tagged him as he jumped over the rope.

I jumped over the rope just like him and was tagged by Seth. Dean and I must've had the same idea however because he was running into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, about to dropkick Sheamus in the chest, just as I was going to do.

I quickly followed his lead and did the same, only to find that Seth was doing just what we had. Hastily I jumped up off the ground and got out of the ring right as Seth hit Sheamus. Seth instantly got to his feet and pinned Sheamus.



Darn it! Sheamus kicked out. Seth wasted no time wrapping his arm around Sheamus' neck and bringing him back down to the floor. The two of them rolled around on the floor as Sheamus tried to break out of Seth's hold. Seth had the hold on for about twenty seconds before Sheamus rose to his feet. Not wasting any time Seth drove Sheamus into the ring post in our corner and quickly tagged Dean in before head butting Sheamus repeatedly.

Dean then entered the fight again and punched Sheamus a couple of times before Sheamus retreated to the ring post beside ours. Sheamus tried to fight back, but Dean's fists swiftly connected with Sheamus' stomach a few times before Dean punched him in the face pretty hard. He then brought his elbow down onto Sheamus' head repeatedly until the referee pulled him away. Dean turned away and walked to the other side of the ring before turning around and walking back, only to have his face meet Sheamus' boot.

I pulled at my hair in frustration and called out for Dean to get up. I started calling to him louder when he started to crawl in the opposite direction of our corner. He got up to his knees and turned towards our corner, so I started jumping up and down and called out for him to tag me. He didn't though; instead he tagged Roman, who was right beside me.

I jumped down beside Dean and checked on him. "Dang bro, why did you stay in for so long?" I strained my ears to hear what was going on inside the ring. I heard what sounded like somebody getting slammed, but I kept my focus on Dean.

"Not right now, just get back up there." Dean said harshly as he motioned towards the ring, not even bothering to look back at me.

"A-Alright." I was hurt by the harshness in Dean's voice. I backed away and slowly got back up on the apron to watch the match. Just as I got up there Cena hit Roman with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle, earning a growl from me.

Cena then went for and Attitude Adjustment, but Seth got in the ring and tried to stop him. Of course Cena just threw Seth through the ropes and put the STF on Roman.

The second it was locked in I jumped in the ring and intervened, along with Dean. The two of us hit Cena in the back then the referee told us to get out of the ring. We distracted him as Seth got up on the top rope behind the referee's back and hit Cena in the face with his knee and rolled out of the ring.

Roman then pinned Cena, but only got a two count. Roman got up and smashed his head into Cena's head not once, but twice. Roman then Irish Whipped Cena into the opposite turnbuckle with so much force that Cena fell to the ground the second he hit it. Roman proceeded to yell at Cena before tagging Dean back in.

Even though I managed to hide it pretty well, I was beginning to get frustrated. The three of them weren't letting me get in this match at all, and it was really pissing me off.

Dean got in the ring and forcefully stomped on Cena's head. When Cena got up right after that hit, Dean punched him in the face, kicked him in the gut, and punched him in the face again. Dean then grabbed John behind his head and hit him in the forehead and went for a pin attempt, but John kicked out at two. Dean grabbed Cena by the arm and pulled him to our corner.

I reached out to receive the tag from Dean, but instead he tagged in Seth. Now, I was beyond mad. I know for a fact Dean saw my hand and he made eye contact with me. I growled in frustration and turned my attention back towards the match.

Dean held Cena back so Seth could punch him in the face. While Cena tried getting to his feet Seth started taunting him. Seth grabbed John by the jaw and said something to him before jacking him right in the jaw. Seth brought Cena to his feet and prepared to hit him again, but Cena still had some fight in him.

Cena quickly hit Seth in the face and came over to The Shield's corner and took Dean, Roman, and I out.

The three of us went crashing to the floor. I sat up and rubbed the spot on my cheek where Cena hit me; he was so going to pay for that one later. I looked up at the ring, only to find that Dean was up on the apron already. I was surprised; we couldn't have been on the floor for more than ten seconds and he was already up and ready to go. I shook the pain away from my face and helped Roman up before returning to my spot on the apron next to Dean.

Cena was using the ropes in the corner to the right of ours to get up when Seth came barreling towards him from the corner diagonal to the one Cena was in and jumped at the last second, effectively hitting Cena with his whole body. After that Seth just kind of leisurely walked to our corner, but he turned his attention back to Cena when Dean started pointing epically at Cena.

Cena was trying to rise his feet and get over to his corner when Seth grabbed his head and threw him into the ground. Seth then show boated for a little bit before going in to make the tag to Dean.

Having had enough of not being used I quickly slapped Seth's hand before Dean could and got in the ring. Cena was hunched over, but on his feet, so I grabbed his arm and twisted it into one of the most uncomfortable positions imaginable. Cena's muscles stiffened so I took advantage of the moment and put my hand on his head so it would be easier for me to kick his knee...which I did. When Cena fell to his knees I did the little head smash thing that Roman did earlier and started literally smacking Cena around. After getting smacked around by me Cena managed to get back to his feet in The Shield's corner so I grabbed his jaw so he could look at me while I kneed him in the stomach. I was smirking internally thinking, 'payback achieved!' I then tagged Seth back in and rolled under the bottom rope.

Seth got in the ring, but was instantly tagged in by Roman. Seth epically rolled away from our corner then turned around and ran at Cena just so he could jump up in the air and punch him in the face like a boss! He then Irish Whipped Cena towards Roman so he could Clothesline Cena in the face. Roman then went for a pin attempt, but it was broken up by Sheamus at two.

Roman glared up at Sheamus as the referee tried to get Sheamus out of the ring. Roman started yelling at Sheamus, but turned his attention back towards Cena and did his little head smash thing. He then turned back to Sheamus and continued to argue with him. He blatantly disregarded mine, Seth, and Dean's cries of protest. Roman turned around and BAM! Cena punched him in the lower gut.

Cena then hit Roman in the face and lower gut again before bouncing off the ropes, probably go do his little Clothesline thing of his.

Roman however, was prepared for this. When Cena came at him he lifted Cena onto his shoulder and fell back onto the mat, crushing Cena in the process. He pinned Cena again, but once again it was only a two count. Roman yelled out in frustration and punched the mat a few times before using his arms to cover Cena's mouth and nose, preventing him from breathing. He couldn't have had the hold on him for more than half a minute before Cena was on his feet and working his way back to his team. Roman managed to drag Cena away from his team and get Cena to fall to the floor.

You could see Cena's face beginning to turn red so Seth, Dean, and I started taunting him. We said things like "pass out Johnny", "just give up", things along that line. It was actually quite funny until Cena managed to gain enough strength to pry Roman's arms away from his neck.

Cena then lifted Roman off the ground a bit and slammed him into the mat. Both of them were down, but it was Roman who got to his feet first.

Roman Clotheslined Cena so hard I thought it was going to decapitate him. In a last ditch attempt to end the match Roman tried to pin Cena, but once again it was a kick out at two. It was clear Roman was getting real tired of this when he yelled out again. He came back to our corner and tagged Dean in again, much to my displeasure.

Dean got in ring and started punching Cena in the head and chest until he hit the mat. Not wanting to waste time, Dean stomped on Cena's head and performed a Neckbreaker on him when he tried to get up. Since Cena looked to be about done Dean tried to pin him, but once again it was only a two count. Now it was Dean's turn to be frustrated. He got up and threw a mini hissy fit before turning back to Cena and wrapping his legs around Cena's neck; efficiently cutting off Cena's ability to breathe.

The two of them rolled around on the floor for a brief period of time as Cena tried to break out of Dean's hold. Finally though, Cena rose to his feet with Dean on his shoulders. Just when it looked like Cena was about to slam Dean into the mat, Dean jumped off of Cena's shoulders and pushed him into the ropes. When Cena rebounded Dean kneed him in the chest and gave him one of the most impressive DDT's I've ever seen. After that Dean pinned him again, but this time there was no way Cena could kick out.



I don't believe it...Cena kicked out at two and a half! How...just how? I mean, I know this guy is strong, but he ain't Super Cena!

Dean was pissed! He slammed his fist into the mat twice and got this crazed look in his eye that quite honestly had me scared. It was funny however to hear him taunt Cena. That humor was short lived because when Dean bounced off the ropes and ran at Cena, Cena used what strength he had left and threw Dean over the top rope.

I jumped off the apron and rushed to Dean's side. "C'mon, get up." I said urgently.

He groaned and he grabbed onto the side of the ring in an attempt to get up.

I helped him roll back into the ring and quickly took my place on the apron. Just as Dean made it to our corner to tag somebody Cena tagged in Randy. I could see Dean getting ready to tag Seth, so I stuck my hand in front of his and stole the tag.

I jumped over the ropes and dropkicked Randy the second he got within three feet of me. Randy got up like it was nothing so I ran at him, prepared to Clothesline him, but he was prepared for that and Irish Whipped me into the ropes. I accidently ran into the referee and pushed him over the ropes, knocking him out.

Randy smirked and Clotheslined me over the ropes. Like the snake he is he slid out of the ring and went under the ring, looking for a weapon to use against me. When he found a steel chair, all three members of The Shield rushed to stop him.

Right as he was about to hit Seth in the face with it I tackled him and began punching Randy in the face. The two of us rolled around on the floor for a couple minutes as we both tried to gain control. Just when I was starting to get the upper hand Randy made a desperation move by grabbing the steel chair and hitting me in the face with it.

For just a brief moment I blacked out, but when I came around Seth was in the ring with Ryback. Randy was sitting up against the ring post in his corner, trying to wipe blood off of his face. At first I thought it was his blood, until I realized he wasn't cut. That's when I noticed the sticky, red liquid oozing down the side of my head. I put my hand up to the cut and tried to stop the bleeding as I staggered to my feet and stumbled to my corner.

Nobody was in my corner when I got there, which worried me deeply, until I saw where they were. Roman was on the outside fighting with Sheamus, Dean was on Cena's shoulders and about to receive and Attitude Adjustment, and Seth was about to receive a Shell Shocked from Ryback.

Once I saw Dean get an Attitude Adjustment I knew I had to help Seth, so I did the only thing I could. Just as Ryback was about to crush Seth I ran in and speared him. Seth fell on top of Ryback so Seth decided to go for a pin attempt.




I couldn't believe it, after all that we finally won, and from the look on Cena's face he couldn't believe it either. Roman rolled me out of the ring and helped support me as we celebrated outside the ring. Roman had to lift me over the barricade since I couldn't get over on my own.

From there Dean put his arm around me to steady me as we celebrated on our way backstage. I kind of stumbled over my own two feet right before we got backstage so he instinctively pulled me closer to him, making me blush a little.

When we got backstage the first thing Dean did was hug me. "Don't ever scare me like that again! I was so worried when you were out cold!"

I smiled and hugged him back. "Just protecting my family."

"C'mon, we should go get your head taken care of." He mumbled.

I nodded in agreement and the two of us headed towards the training room with Seth and Roman in tow.

*Later That Night*

After changing into my Hello Kitty pajamas my phone started ringing. I quickly ran to answer it, and smiled when I saw just who was calling me. "Bro what the heck? It's been like three years, where ya been?"

"I missed you too Ash. I called to tell you about your match tomorrow night."

I stared into space in shock how did ****** know about my match tomorrow. "How the heck did you find out about it before me?"

"Vince called me. He wanted me to wrestle so you and I have a Philadelphia Street Fight tomorrow. He wants to do it as a 'One Night Only' thing."

"Oh heck to the yes! We gotta make sure they have everything! We gotta get barbed wire, kendo sticks, tables, ladders, chairs, thumb tacks, trash cans...kendo sticks, stuff like that!" I was so excited; I was finally wrestling with my mentor (and best bro) from ECW again.

"Well, you seem overly excited."

"Of course I am ******! We haven't wrestled a tag match together in years...years! We have to make this the best match ever!" Yeah...I'm way too excited for this match.

"Alright, I'll talk to you tomorrow at the arena. See ya Ash."

"See ya ******." I hung up the phone and fell back onto the bed. Tomorrow was going to be so epic.

****** = special guest for Monday Night Raw who cannot be named at this time

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