What is Justice?

Ashlan Shaw isn't your average diva. She fights superstars instead of divas. As the Intercontinental Champion, things couldn't be better for the 25 year old. As things begin changing in the WWE however, Ashlan may be forced to face an ugly truth; her worst enemy may be one of her closest friends.


9. Miz TV

Hunter was angry when I arrived at the Smackdown taping, but whatever. We were actually going to be the guest on Miz TV today as opposed to wrestling tonight. I was relieved because the doctor was right, I am sore and I am covered in bruises. As I laced up my boots, Josh Matthews came by for an interview.

"Ashlan if we could just have a moment of your time, how are you feeling after the incident on Raw?"

"Well, as you can see I'm covered in bruises and I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty sore." I replied honestly.

"DX has been invited to be the guests on Miz TV, what topics do you think will be discussed?" He asked.

"I know my relationship with The Shield will, probably the state of DX, and my recent injuries." I answered.

"Alright, one more question. All the injuries you've suffered over the past three months have been the result of Triple H, is your friendship with him in jeopardy?" He inquired.

I ran my hand through my hair and really thought long and hard about it. "I really don't know Josh. It seems as though every time I'm around him I manage to get hurt and well, I can't spend most of my career in a hospital."

"Thank you for your time." Josh said before he exited the locker room, leaving me all alone.

I plopped down on the couch and pulled my phone out. Since there was nobody else around I didn't bother plugging my headphones in when I started playing music. I wasn't even really paying attention to the music, I just needed some kind of noise. I checked my phone for the time and groaned loudly; I still had an hour until Miz TV. I curled up and sighed, maybe I could get a quick nap before I had to go out there.

*Hunter's POV*

Shawn and I sat in catering trying to have a private discussion. We were trying to figure out what to do about our Jerishow problem, as well as our... okay, my problem with The Shield.

"Okay, we need to stop Jerishow. Last night Jericho attacked Ash, we owe Sheamus and The Shield for saving her." Shawn said in a hushed voice.

I let out a snort of contempt. "Yeah, like I'll ever thank those bastards."

Shawn sighed in frustration and clenched his fist. "Okay Hunter, I know you like Ash, but she likes Dean. I'd much rather see her with you don't get me wrong, but it's her life and we have to let her live it."

Okay, he made a good point. "So I can't even try to sweep her off her feet?"

"Well," he replied. "You can try, but I don't think it's going to work. Besides, what do you think will happen with The Shield if you do accomplish that?"

I just rolled my eyes. "They'll be no problem. They'll beat me up once and then she'll be against them again."

Shawn fidgeted in his seat. "I don't like meddling in her life, it feels wrong."

"Well you don't have to help me." I pointed out.

"Good," he responded. "Because I'm not."

*Ash's POV*

The sound of my phone ringing instantly woke me up. I grabbed my phone and checked to see what was going on, only to see Dean was texting me.

*Texting Conversation*

Dean: hey

Me: hey

Dean: wats up

Me: nuthin

Dean: u wanna hang out

Me: now?

Dean ya

Me: i have 2 b on Miz TV :(

Dean: oh

Me: mayb after

Dean: cant, gonna take out orton for rkoing seth

Me: oh

Me: after that then?

Dean: sure

Me: YAY!!! :D

Dean: ur really bored, arent u?

Me: yup!

Dean: alright

Me: g2g

Dean: c ya

Me: have fun

*Ash's POV*

I turned my phone off and tossed it in my bag before quickly brushing my hair and leaving the locker room. I happily made my way to the Gorilla Position and waited for Shawn and Hunter. We arranged to meet here five minutes before we had to go out, but I forgot to see what time it was before I left. I just shrugged it off however because now that I had plans to meet with Dean after The Shield attacks Randy Orton. I don't even know how long I waited because I was too happy to even pay attention, but when Shawn and Hunter got here they were surprised to see me.

"Whoa, you're here early." Shawn gasped.

I nodded and sat down on a bunch of crates with a smile still on my face. "Hey Shawn, guess who's got plans after Smackdown."

"Let me guess...you have plans to meet with...Dean Ambrose?" He guessed.

"Yay, good job!" I exclaimed. "I'm so excited I might start speaking Spanish soon!"

Shawn shook his head. "Please don't, I can't tell what you're saying."

I grinned at him and shrugged. "Hey you're the one who let me hang out with Eddie, Chavo, and Rey."

"Yeah and you still pickpocket me." He grumbled.

I looked over at Hunter who was being very quiet. "What's up Hunner, you're never this quiet."

He didn't even bother to look away from the TV monitor. "I'm fine, it's nothing."

"Oh, I know. You found out somebody likes you." I teased. "I told Steph she should just go for it."

"Wait, Steph as in Stephanie McMahon?" He asked in disbelief.

"The one and only." I replied happily.

A few moments later Miz came up to us, wearing one of his...expensive suits. "So are you three ready for Miz TV?"

I was about to reply but his theme song hit so he had to leave. I just stood there and tried to calm my happiness, I was supposed to be uninterested about this whole thing.

When Miz's theme died down he stood in the middle of the Miz TV set with a smile plastered on his face. "Welcome to the most must see WWE talk show in history, welcome to Miz TV!" The crowd cheered so loudly I thought the roof was going to blow off that place. "My guests tonight are the reason WWE is no longer PG. Rules were made just so they could break them! They've been the center of some controversy in recent months. That's right, my guests tonight is none other than DX!"

The three of us came out together for the first time in over three months and I was loving it! The crowd was electric tonight, that's one of the things I love about Rochester, New York. The second I got in the ring I plopped down on the leather couch and stretched out across it.

"Wow," Miz commented. "The first time in over three months all three members of DX enter the arena together, I'm impressed." Miz chuckled a few times before getting serious. "But in all seriousness, I had a reason for inviting you three out here tonight. I want to dig beneath all the rumors and controversy and get the honest truth from you three...starting with you." He pointed directly at me.

"Whatever Miz." I responded in an uninterested tone.

He smirked at my tone. "Alright, let's start off with the most important question...What is the current state of DX?"

"In my opinion...not great." I replied honestly. "After my broken wrist we've definitely argued on quite a few occasions."

Miz nodded his head in understanding. "And how many times has The Shield been mentioned in those arguments?"

"E-Every time." I mumbled into the microphone.

"That brings me to my next topic. We all know you're a rebel, but friends with The Shield, really? If I recall, you constantly saved people, including myself, from The Shield. How exactly did all of this come about?" he asked curiously.

I shot him a 'really' look. "They saved me, we hung out, I got to know them, and then we became friends."

"Really?" Miz asked in his annoying 'really' voice.

"Really." I replied sternly.

Miz smirked at me. "So that's why you attacked Ryback on Raw?"

"He was attacking one of my friends, I wasn't just going to do nothing!" Came my harsh reply.

"One final question; you seem especially close to Dean Ambrose, what is your relationship with him?" Miz inquired.

My heart stopped as I got up off the couch. Was Dean watching? If so, how would he reply if I answered honestly? "I um...we uh..."

"It's just a simple question Ashlan, answer it." Miz cooed.

I finally decided to answer in a way I was sure only my friends Rey, Sin Cara, Del Rio, and Ricardo could understand. "Yo creo que lo amo."

"I don't know whether you're trying to fool the people in the audience or these two behind me...but I know what you said. You said you want to have his babies!" Miz exclaimed.

I cocked my head sideways and stared at him in bewilderment. "Miz, since I don't believe you are high, I'll have you know it's against WWE policy to have alchohol within twelve hours of any WWE event."

"Okay, so I don't actually know what it means...but admit it, you like Dean Ambrose and he is the only reason you even associate with The Shield!" Miz got right up in my face with that last comment.

I answered him when my right fist connected with his jaw. "Arde en el infierno mono!" I spat before storming out of the ring and backstage.

Some of the wrestlers backstage were laughing at what just unfolded, but most of them were staring at me in awe and shock. Dolph Ziggler approached me, followed by AJ Lee and Big E Langston. "That was impressive Shaw. Ya know, Big E here needs a girlfriend, how'd you like to be that girl?"

I showed him what I thought of that idea by Superkicking him, then delivering a Spinebuster to AJ when she ran at me. Big E then charged at me and I Superkicked him as well. I left the three of them lying there and all the shocked superstars so I could get back to the locker room. When I got there I took out all my frustration by repeatedly punching the wall. I stopped only after I punched five holes in the wall, then sat down in one of the steel chairs. I stared at all the holes I created and saw the blood splatters that stained the white walls and then looked down at my knuckles. Sure enough they were broken open.

"Ash we were told some people heard pounding on the walls, what's..." Shawn came in and saw the holes in the wall, followed by the bloodstains. "What did you do?"

"Punched the wall." I mumbled as I winced when I poked at the open wounds on my knuckles.

"Ash what are you...don't poke at that!" Shawn yelled. He pulled me out of the seat and dragged me out the door. "We're getting your hands taken care of right now."

*Ten Minutes Later*

I had already changed into a long sleeved Batman shirt, camo jeans, a black beanie, and black high-tops with skulls on the side. Shawn had taken me to get my fist bandaged, which was a fun trip because along the way we ran into Miz, Dolph, AJ, and Big E. I was lucky they didn't kill me!

I was currently watching the tv monitor and waiting for The Shield to jump Randy. Randy was already out in the ring addressing the audience.

"Last week on Smackdown Sheamus and I got the upper hand on The Shield, and this week I have made a discovery about one of our friends." Randy then turned towards the Titantron as a video began playing.

A camera was pointed directly at Dean and Seth who seemed to be in the middle of a conversation. "Look Dean, I don't know why you don't just ask her out. I mean seriously, Ash likes you, it's obvious." Seth said in an annoyed tone.

"I don't want to ruin our friendship, and if she says no then it'll be ruined." Dean argued.

"It's not going to ruin your friendship because she's going to say yes!" Seth groaned.

The video stopped there and the camera went back to Randy. "It appears as though some members of The Shield have gone soft."

I had enough of this and I stormed back out into the arena with I microphone in hand. "Hey Randy, how's Legacy doing?"

Randy's smirk quickly turned to a snarl. "What do you want?"

"Oh nothing," I replied cheerfully. "I just wanna talk."

"Get out of here, unless you want to see your little boyfriend get his butt kicked." He growled.

Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta...Shield.

Randy whipped around to face The Shield, giving me plenty of time to give him a Backstabber. As I was going to leave however, Chris Jericho's music hit.

I instantly got into a fighting stance as Chris rushed down the ramp and slipped into the ring. I rolled out of his way when he went to punch me kicked his legs out from under him. I quickly trapped him in the Walls of Jericho to make fun of him. I kept it on him until The Shield entered the ring and took over from there. I sat on the apron and watched as The Shield attacked Randy and Chris, and I'm not going to lie, it was quite amusing.

The crowd started chanting 'Feed Me More' with hopes that their favorite monster would come out and decimate The Shield, but what they didn't know was that he wasn't here tonight. Suddenly the lights went dark and I was pushed off the ring apron. When they came back on John Cena, Sheamus, and...oh my god...Ryback, were in the ring beating up my friends.

I got to my feet and slid into the ring. I looked around to see who needed my help, but they all did. I decided to help out the nearest person to me, which was Seth. He was getting beat to Hell by Ryback so I tried the same trick as last night.

Ryback knew instantly what was going on and rammed me into the turnbuckle a few times until I let go of him. "Stay out of this!" He snarled. Wow, that's the most I've ever heard Ryback say before!

As he turned his attention back to Seth I got behind him and did the only thing I could think of...I kicked Ryback in the balls as hard as I could. I admit it was a stupid idea, but it's not like I was left with many other options.

When Ryback hit the mat John and Sheamus stopped what they were doing and stared at me. When all three members of The Shield recovered they stared at me. I stared at Ryback, who was on the floor in pain.

Realization of what just transpired hit me like a semi-truck when Ryback began rising to his feet. I slid out of the ring and escaped into the crowd, followed by Roman, Seth, and Dean. By the time Ryback was to his feet we were almost out of the arena. Once we got out of the arena we freaking ran to The Shield's locker room and hastily grabbed our things. Since I didn't have my stuff I helped the three of them grab their things and we got the heck out of there.

We were in the car, halfway to our hotel before anybody said anything. "What were you thinking?" Seth exclaimed.

"I have no clue." I replied honestly. "All I know is now Ryback's going to kill me."

After that we all remained quiet until we got back to the hotel room. I actually had to stay with Shawn to night so I couldn't stay very long. "I have to head back to Shawn's room." I said.

"Let me walk you back in case we run into Ryback." Dean volunteered. The two of us walked into the elevator and pressed the button for the tenth floor. "So what are you doing tomorrow?" He asked.

"Shawn and Hunter want me down in the gym with them for an hour or two. Do you want me to hang out with The Shield tomorrow?" I inquired.

The elevator opened and we walked down the hall towards Shawn's room. "Actually I was wondering if you'd want to go out, on a date."

I couldn't help but to smile sheepishly at him. "It's a date." We then stopped in front of mine and Shawn's hotel room. "Goodnight Dean."

Dean tilted my head upwards so our faces were just inches apart and slowly leaned in to kiss me. He didn't make it a total make out session, but it wasn't a peck on the lips either. Dean pulled away after a few seconds and looked down into my eyes. "Goodnight Ashlan." He turned and walked away, leaving me standing in the doorway of my hotel room.

Yo creo que lo amo-I think I love him

Arde en el infierno carajo mono-Burn in Hell monkey

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