What is Justice?

Ashlan Shaw isn't your average diva. She fights superstars instead of divas. As the Intercontinental Champion, things couldn't be better for the 25 year old. As things begin changing in the WWE however, Ashlan may be forced to face an ugly truth; her worst enemy may be one of her closest friends.


10. It's a Date


I worked my butt off with Shawn and Hunter down in the gym for almost two hours, which wasn't easy with my injuries, and had just gotten out of the shower since I didn't want to be all gross and sweaty for my date with Dean. I was currently faced with the biggest decision any person has ever been faced with however; I didn't know what to wear. This isn't a usual thing for me either, I really don't care what I wear most of the time, but this was my first date with Dean! Oh man, should I dress fancy or casual? Ah crap! Why couldn't he have texted me where we're going!

*Dean's POV*


I got out of the shower and quickly changed into a plain, black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I looked at myself in the mirror and chuckled slightly. Almost ten years ago, when I was seventeen, this was almost exactly what I wore when I first met Ashlan before out tag team match at an indie show in Ohio.


At that time I was still wrestling under the name of Jon Moxley. Nobody would wrestle in a hardcore tag team match with me except her. She couldn't have been more that fifteen at the time, but she had skill. We were both pretty badly cut up but we ended winning the match. After that she help clean me up and vice versa, and before long we were having a pretty cool conversation about wrestling and what we wanted to do with our lives. Her mom barged into the locker room after awhile and pretty much dragged her out of there. After that I saw her once or twice at indie shows, but around the time she turned seventeen I just quit seeing her. Of course I saw her when she got to FCW but she didn't come up and talk to me so I think she either didn't recognize me or she forgot about me. I really didn't have much time to talk to her because she got a WWE contract after only a few months.

*End Flashback*

I pulled myself away from my thoughts and finished getting ready, after all I had about an hour before I was going to pick her up and I wanted to make a good impression.

*Ash's POV*


Oh crap! I have less than half an hour to finish getting ready! Okay, I need to brush my teeth, run the hair brush through my hair again even though I just straightened it, put some perfume on, find out what necklace I was going to wear, and find out what pair of shoes I was going to wear. I finally decided to wear; a red and black plaid t-shirt and a gray pair of skinny jeans. Now I just had to get everything else done. Since brushing my teeth seemed to be the most important thing on that list I ran into the bathroom and over to the sink. This was going to be a long half hour.

*Dean's POV*


I waited silently as the elevator made its way up to the tenth floor. There were probably a million thoughts buzzing around in my head, each one having to do with Ash. One thought seemed to standout compared to all the rest; should I tell Ash that I was Jon Moxley? I didn't know what to do for this. If I told her would she freak out on me for not telling her? What if she already knew and didn't think it was all that important? God, I hate when this kind of thing happens!

*Ash's POV*


I did a final check of myself in the mirror. My hair was fine, my shirt was only slightly wrinkled, my pockets on both the shirt and jeans were tucked in, and my necklace looked perfect with everything. I looked at my necklace, which was just a plain, silver, chain link necklace, and smiled as I remembered where I got it.


I was at an indie show somewhere around Cleveland, Ohio and I was going to wrestle in a hardcore tag team match with a wrestler by the name of Jon Moxley. The only reason I was wrestling with him was because nobody else had a set apparently. Everybody said he was 'insane', but crazy people are the best people. There was no way he could've been more than two years older than me, which I was thankful for because I've wrestled with guys who were up to twenty years older than me and a lot of them acted like they were better than me. Of course I knew that they were, but I didn't need to be reminded of it. But yeah, the two of us wrestled together, we talked afterwards, and I have to admit; he was a pretty cool dude. I had to leave shortly after though, but we met up at a few other indie shows and talked for a while and even wrestled each other once or twice. The last time I saw him was a week before I turned seventeen and he gave me the necklace for a birthday present. I always wore it when I went out to wrestle, and I still do; I just keep it hidden under the collar of my shirt. After an incident in FCW one of the wrestlers ripped it off my neck and nearly strangled me in the process. Shawn was able to fix it though. That necklace has been through everything with me; it was even one of the two necklaces I had with me when I ran away.

*End Flashback*

Of course I know that Jon Moxley was Dean's old wrestling name, only an idiot wouldn't be able to tell. The only reason I didn't come right up to Dean at FCW was because he didn't come up to me and talk to me. I think he actually forgot about me so I really didn't talk to him much. I wish he would've remembered me though, I think it would've changed a lot.

I pushed those thoughts away and slipped my black jean jacket on. I looked at my reflection and sighed, I don't get what Dean sees in me. I heard a knock at my door and jumped at the unexpected noise. "I'll be there in a second." I dashed over to my suitcase and put my camo high tops on. I look a quick glance at myself in the mirror before answering the door.

"Hey Ash, ready to go?" Dean asked.

"Yeah," I replied. "So how are you?"

"My day's been getting better recently." He replied happily.

I grinned at the fact that he was having a good day. "Mine got better when you knocked on my door."

Dean stared at me quizzically. "Aren't guys supposed to say cheesy pick-up lines?"

I merely shrugged. "When you hang out with nothing but guys you start saying these kinds of things."

He couldn't find a way to argue that logic as we entered the elevator. "So where do you think we're going?

I thought about it for a second. "Knowing you...I don't know."

Dean chuckled and noticed my necklace. "That's a cool necklace you have."

I blushed slightly, knowing it was the necklace he gave me. "Thanks, it was a birthday present from one of my close friends...well, I only saw him like three times, but you get what I mean."

He nodded in understanding. "So whatever happened to him?"

"I ran away a few weeks after he gave it to me." I replied. "I always wore it because it gave me hope that I'd see him again someday. I actually wear it while I wrestle."

"I've never seen you wear it before." Dean commented.

"I keep it under my shirt." I replied. "In FCW, one of the guys I was wrestling tried to strangle me with it, but it snapped before he could finish me off. Shawn was able to fix it though."

"So you haven't talked to this guy since he gave you the necklace?" He inquired.

"Well that's not exactly true," I admitted. "Though, I haven't talked to Jon Moxley for quite some time." I waited to see his reaction, which all I could describe it as was hopeful. "I have talked to Dean Ambrose recently."

The elevator door opened so we walked into the lobby. Dean's eyes practically screamed with joy. "So when did you find out?"

"The first time I ever saw you in FCW." I blushed when I responded. "You never came up to me though or showed that you remembered me so I figured you forgot about me."

Dean's jaw dropped. "That's why I didn't come up to you; I thought you forgot about me!"

I ran my right hand through my hair. "Oh. My. God. I feel like a moron. I should've just gone up to you and said hi or something."

"Wow," Dean mumbled. "I wish I'd have gone up to you too."

"Well, we're talking now." I said happily. I hadn't even realized it, but when I finished that sentence we made it to Dean's rental car.

"Yeah," He said. "So where do you want to eat?"

"It's up to you; I like all types of food."

Dean nodded and pulled out of the parking lot. "How are you feeling after Monday?"

"Like crap," I groaned. "My back is bruised to Hell."

Dean sighed. "I'm just glad things weren't any worse."

I nodded in agreement. Despite the pain my back was causing me, this day was going perfectly for me and so far, I was loving it.


The two of us were sitting at a small diner in town. It was nice and quiet considering what time it was. We had already ordered our food and were just sitting in booth waiting for our food.

I was playing with the straw in my Coke, thinking about any random topic my mind could wrap itself around. Every topic eventually led back to either The Shield or DX. I tried ignoring the thoughts at first, but my mind decided to be all messed up and not let me ignore them.

"So..." Dean said.

"So...what?" I asked.

"I don't know," He replied. "Just breaking the silence."

I thought for a second. "What do you want to talk about?"

It was his turn to think. "Since we obviously need to do some catching up, let's talk about what happened to us after we last talked at that indie show."

"Okay let's see...eight years ago...after we talked, I went back to my hometown and wrestled with my friends to keep our skills sharp, my mom hit me which caused me to run away, after a couple months I ended up in San Antonio where Shawn found me, and he and Hunter trained me. After that I went to FCW, per my request, and was sent to WWE long before I wanted to."

"You actually wanted to be in FCW?" Dean asked.

"Yeah," I replied honestly. "I hadn't wrestled an actual match in almost a year so I needed to get some more experience. I was actually liking FCW, so I was pretty upset when I left." After we sat in silence for a few moments I spoke up. "So what happened to you?"

"For about nine or ten months I stayed in indie wrestling then WWE gave me a developmental contract. I stayed in FCW and did some indie shows up until The Shield formed." He replied.

"Well, now that we're caught up, what do you want to talk about?" I asked.

He thought about it for a second. "It's up to you, I've got nothing."

"Random small talk sounds good." I suggested.

The two of us talked about everything under the sun until our food came. We then ate and talked a little more after we were done. I go a little mad at Dean when the check came because he refused to let me pay.


Dean and I sat in a dark movie theater and waited for the movie to start. I paid for our movie tickets to see The Last Exorcism Part II since it seemed to be the best thing that was playing.

When the movie finally started I rested my head on Dean's shoulder and watched the beginning of the movie. It was set up as one of those 'found footage' films which I'm not a big fan of. Seriously, I've only liked two movies that were set up like that; Cloverfield and Apollo 18. Apparently the beginning part was the ending of the last movie because it then switched over to a regular movie format.

Since, I didn't see The Last Exorcism Part I so I was hopelessly confused and it was a very boring movie to me. I think I jumped at something once...maybe twice, but overall the movie sucked. I actually started nodding off near the end of it, but it ended before I could fall asleep completely.


"Well, that movie sucked." Dean said as we got in the car.

"Yeah I know," I yawned. "I started falling asleep near the end of it."

"It was a pretty boring movie." He said.

"Nah," I mumbled as I adjusted my position. "I've just been really tired ever since the incident on Raw."

Dean nodded his head. "Alright, just try and get some sleep. I'll wake you up when we get back to the hotel."

I turned towards him and smiled. "Thanks, I had a great time today. We should definitely do this again."

"I had a great time too, and I'd love to do this again." He responded.

With a smile still on my face I closed my eyes and let myself drift into a brief, yet peaceful slumber.

5: 13

"Ash...Ash, wake up."

I opened my eyes and groaned. "Oh hey Dean, are we back at the hotel yet?"

"Yeah." He replied.

"Alright," I yawned as I stretched out my arms. "So how long was I out?"

"Almost half an hour," he responded. "Are you sure you're feeling fine after Monday?" He inquired.

"Yeah, I'm totally fine I replied groggily. I opened the car door and got out, but instantly fell into the car beside me.

Dean rushed to my side. "I seriously think ou should get checked out again, I think you might have a concussion."

"I don't think so, but I'll go get looked at tomorrow." I mumbled as I staggered to my feet.

Dean put my arm around his shoulder and helped me into the hotel. "I'd rather see you go to the hospital today."

"I know," I let out a huge yawn as we got in the elevator. "I'm just too tired to do anything right now."

Dean didn't say anything else after we got in the elevator. Since Dean was on the third floor we didn't have to wait long for the elevator to get to his floor. When the door opened he was practically dragging me back to his room.

When we got there Seth and Roman were already there. "What happened to her?" Roman asked.

"I think she has a concussion." Dean replied.

"So she's staying with us tonight?" Seth inquired.

"Yeah," Dean responded as he helped me onto his bed. "I don't think she'll make it back to her hotel room."

"Hey Dean, you should do something." I mumbled.

"What should I do?" He asked.

"Go have a guy’s night with Seth and Roman." I replied weakly.

"But what about you?"

"I'll be sleeping the whole time." Dean didn't look like he was going to agree so I did my best to give him little puppy-dog eyes.

"If you think you'll be fine then alright." He sounded defeated when he replied.

"Yay, night Dean." I mumbled as I rolled away from him.

"Uh...good night." He replied with uncertainty.

I closed my eyes and within three minutes I was sleeping soundly.

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