What is Justice?

Ashlan Shaw isn't your average diva. She fights superstars instead of divas. As the Intercontinental Champion, things couldn't be better for the 25 year old. As things begin changing in the WWE however, Ashlan may be forced to face an ugly truth; her worst enemy may be one of her closest friends.


13. Breaking Point

"YOU WHAT?" Hunter snarled as he stormed through the locker room door.

I shrank back from the harshness in his voice. "Me and Dean kissed." I answered meekly.

Hunter ran his hands through his already tangled hair. His face only seemed to grow a deeper shade of red with every second that passed by until his face literally couldn't get any redder. He began pacing around the room in frustration and looked ready to lash out at me at any second.

Shawn saw this in Hunter too and quickly shooed me out of the room. "I'm going to talk to him. Wait out here until I'm done, and please...don't cause any trouble."

Any other time I wouldn't promise him anything, but the severity of the situation called for it. I nodded and walked a few feet down the hall before resting my back against the wall and sliding down. I couldn't understand why Hunter was frustrated. I mean, I know he likes me, but he knows I'm with Dean. I could see Hunter being jealous, seeing how he was the jealous type, but it didn't seem right for him to be frustrated.

"Shawn, this is screwing up all my plans!" I didn't mean to overhear what the two were talking about, but Hunter was talking pretty loudly.

"Just let her be Hunter, she's happy. Can't you just be happy for her?" Shawn sounded annoyed, but there was also a hint of pleading in his voice.

"I can't, not while Ambrose is getting in the way!" Came Hunter's spiteful retort. It sent a shiver down my spine.

"Just leave her alone. It's her life so let her live it!" Shawn shouted. I fought back the urge to let tears spill out from my eyes. For as long as I've known him, Shawn had never raised his voice above a gruff warning to Hunter.

What Hunter said next felt like somebody had just stabbed my heart with a dull knife and twisted it. "Not until her and Ambrose are done for!"

I choked back the sob that was ready to come out. Hunter was just trying to get rid of Dean so he could have me all to himself. He may not have said it directly, but I knew him well enough to know what his true motives were. It just killed me inside knowing that somebody I had trusted and forgiven time and time again was treating me like this.

When the talking inside stopped I slowly got up off the floor and turned the door knob. The sight before me was not what I had anticipated to see. Hunter had Shawn pinned to the ground and was muttering something to him. With new-found strength I charged Hunter and tackled him to the floor. While Hunter was still dazed on the floor I put both my knees on his shoulder blades and pinned him to the ground. "I don't ever want to see you lay a finger on Shawn ever again...and you stay the heck out of my life. I trusted you and this is how I'm repaid?" My voice wasn't dripping with venom; it practically was venom. "You stay the heck away from me and you stay the heck away from all three members of The Shield. I don't want to catch you looking at them, talking to them, talking about them, or interacting with them in any way. Heck, I don't even want you to be in the same room as them unless it is absolutely necessary." I was about to get up, but I thought of something and immediately pinned him again. I also grabbed the fabric of his shirt so I could bring his head closer to mine. "So help me god if you harm a single hair on Dean, Seth, and or Roman's heads, I won't hesitate to hunt you down with a sledgehammer and drill you in the head, spine, and any other area that would hurt."

Hunter nodded in understanding. Shock and fear were the only emotions that could be seen in his eyes.

"Good," I spat as I pushed his head back into the floor and got up. "Don't forget what I just said...ever." I grabbed my bag and stormed out of the locker room.

Nobody dared to approach me, and I didn't blame them. The locker room door was wide open so most of the superstars either saw or heard what had just transpired. All of them knew what would happen if you got on my bad side when I was in a mood; just ask Miz, Dolph, AJ, and Big E.

I didn't cool off as quickly as I normally did, proving that Hunter had truly done a terrible thing. Usually if I was angry about something it would take ten minutes at the most for me to cool down. I was getting angrier by the second and fifteen minutes of me storming around the arena with my bag had already passed. Knowing that there was only one place I could go and possibly cool off I made my way to The Shield's locker room.

When I got there I just barged in, not caring whether or not they were changing. I seemed to make there around a good time because Roman was already in his gear, Seth was slipping his shirt on, and Dean was zipping up his vest.

Dean wrapped his arms around me the second the door slammed shut behind me. "What's wrong?"

"Hunter." I snarled deeply. I couldn't say any more and was shaking with rage.

Dean held me tighter once I said who caused my ill temper. "What did he do?" His voice grew to be very serious and dark.

"Whoa Dean, you might want to check this out." Seth piped up as he stared at something on his phone.

"This better be pretty important." Dean groaned as he came over to Seth and stared at the phone screen. After a few minutes Dean came back over to me, but there was a new-found anger in his eyes. "Hunter deserved that."

At first I didn't understand what he was talking about, but then I connected some dots. "Who took a video and posted it on Twitter?"

"Jericho." Seth replied as he sat down on the loveseat and leaned towards Roman to show him.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance. "Figures, he's always spreading rumors...stupid drama queen, diva wannabe." I muttered.

It was quiet for a few moments, and then Dean spoke up. "You're not going to get over this, are you?"

"Heck. No." I replied sternly. I actually had a plan to get some sort of revenge on Hunter. Of course, no matter what I was going to do it still wouldn't make me feel like I'd won this battle. "I'm going to Wal-Mart real quick, I'll be back in ten minutes."

All three of them nodded so I headed out of the arena and towards the parking lot. As childish as this was going to seem, I needed to do something to humiliate Hunter.

*After Wal-Mart*

Hunter and Shawn had just left for their match, so I quickly went to work on my revenge plan. I took out the hot pink dye and mixed it with a huge bucket of water before dumping all of Hunter's clothes in it. On my way back from Wal-Mart I might have stopped at the hotel to grab Hunter's clothes...I might have.

I then moved all of Shawn's stuff into one of the lockers so I wouldn't ruin it with the next part of my plan. I tore the whole freaking room apart. I flipped the couch, threw the furniture around, the whole nine yards.

Finally I did one more thing that might have taken things too far. I pulled out a bunch of girly colored, small, women's t-shirts and, in fabric paint, wrote 'I <3 chickens' on them. The paint dried rather quickly, so I was able to fold them up and put them in Hunter's bag. Of course the rest of his clothes would be soaking wet and hot pink, but I hoped it would teach him something.

I wiped some of the hair out of my face and smirked with satisfaction at my handiwork. I was far from done here, but this would have to do for now. I quickly slipped out of DX's locker room and down the hall. I needed to get out of there soon because Hunter was due back any minute now and he was going to be mad when he saw what I did.

*Twenty Minutes Later*

I was sitting back in The Shield's locker room when I heard a knock at the door. If it was The Shield, they would've just come in. My heart began beating so hard I thought it was going to rip a hole in my chest. I quickly got up and got ready for anybody to be behind that door. After a few minutes of nothing else happening I cautiously made my way to the door and hesitantly opened it. Lying on the floor in front of me were Dean, Seth, and Roman. All three of them were unconscious.

I hastily pulled the three of them inside, then inhaled quickly. I hadn't realized at the time, but the whole time I was dragging them in I was holding my breath.

Once I got all three of them inside I began freaking out. I didn't have a clue what to do. I paced around the room with my hands on my head and tried to think. The only option I had was to get help from somebody, so I pulled out my phone and dialed a very familiar number.

*Ten Minutes Later*

With a blindfold wrapped tightly around Shawn's eyes I lead him to The Shield's locker room. Shawn was the only person I could rely on to help me out in this situation. "Just a little bit further."

"Why do I have to wear a blindfold?" Shawn asked in annoyance.

"Dean, Seth, and Roman don't want people to know where they are." I replied sternly.

"But you get to know!" Shawn whined in protest.

I groaned in annoyance. "Are you dating Dean Ambrose? No, I don't think so."

That seemed to shut Shawn up until we made it to The Shield's locker room. All three of them were still lying on the floor and it looked like they hadn't moved at all.

I quickly took Shawn's blindfold off and tossed it to the side. "I don't know what to do Shawn." I said in frustration. "I need you to help me take care of them."

Shawn rubbed his stubble and thought for a second. "I don't know what to do here, I'm not a doctor."

"Then at least help me get them on the couch and loveseat." I pleaded with all my heart.

Shawn instantly submitted. "Alright, let’s get Roman up on the loveseat."

Though it took some effort, the two of us managed to get Roman up off the floor and onto the loveseat. We then got Seth and Dean on opposite ends of the couch.

Seeing the three of them unconscious brought up the dream I had earlier today so I turned away from them and fought back the strong urge to cry. Even though it wasn't exactly what I saw in my dream, it was close enough to rattle me.

Shawn must have seen this in me because he came up behind me and put a firm hand on my shoulder. "I know when something's bothering you...you wanna talk about it?"

I was hesitant at first, but I mean come on...it was Shawn we were talking about. "Alright," I took a deep breath and shivered a little as a cold chill ran up my spine. "Earlier I had a nightmare about my match with The Shield at Elimination Chamber. I was chained up and I couldn't save them from Orton, Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus. They went into a coma and I lost my mind. I went out on a personal vendetta; one for blood." I stopped right there and stared down at the floor in shame.

"Ashlan, look at me. You know just as well as I do that the three of them are going to be fine." Shawn said reassuringly. "You're just overreacting."

"But what if I'm not?" I argued. "I can always tell when something bad is going to happen, so who's to say this isn't warning me?"

Shawn put his arm around my shoulders comfortingly. "Then you try everything in your power to not let that happen."

I let out a ragged sigh. "I don't know what I can do though. For the first time in years everything feels hopeless."

"Don' ever say that again." Shawn's tone was far more serious then it was before. "Nothing's hopeless, just keep that in mind."

I let out a snort of contempt, but said nothing more. I pulled out my phone and began screwing around with whatever apps I had on it.

Shawn leaned against the wall beside me and would occasionally glance over my shoulder to see what I was doing. He would turn away every time I looked up at him, but I knew what he was doing.

"Please quit Shawn, it's really annoying." I begged.

Shawn gave me a little puppy dog face. "But it's fun." Oh god, his bottom lip was even quivering.

We both knew I was beginning to crack so finally I submitted. "Alright fine, just try not to be annoying."

Shawn rolled his eyes and rested his chin on my shoulder as he watched me scroll through my news feed on Facebook. It was mostly all a bunch of pictures from a bunch of random pages, a few messages from my friends, (this one was my personal account so it was actually my friends) and the occasional annoying game request. I was reading the caption under a picture when my phone started ringing, nearly giving me and Shawn a heart attack.

After recovering from the initial shock, I got off of the internet and checked my messages. There was a new text from Del Rio saying Randy Orton was out in the ring bad mouthing The Shield. I thanked him for the heads up and tossed my phone at my bag.

"Shawn, I have to go take care of a snake problem. Stay here with Roman, Seth, and Dean until I get back." I said as I started out the door.

Shawn quickly grabbed my arm and stopped me. "Ashlan please don't go out there. Randy's probably planning something."

He didn't have to warn me since I already knew what Randy was doing. "I have to Shawn. I know he was involved with the three of them getting attacked. " I said as I motioned towards the three unconscious men.

After hearing my response Shawn realized there was no stopping me. "Then at least be careful. I don't think Ambrose would like it if he woke up and found out you have an injury."

I quickly gave Shawn a bro hug. "I will, thanks Shawny." I then turned and hurried to the Gorilla where I hastily made my way out onto the ramp. Randy had just finished saying how in six nights he was going to destroy The Shield and a bunch of other, unimportant stuff when I came out there. "Randal Keith Orton...it's good to see you."

Randy had a satisfied smirk on his face. "If it isn't The Shield's little lap dog. I must say, I'm surprised they let you come out here."

My facial expression didn't change even though that comment really got to me. "Drop it Randy. Why the heck are you out here?"

Randy chuckled slightly, never once taking his eyes off of me. "At Elimination Chamber in six nights you and The Shield will be facing me, John Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback."

"Skip the obvious boy...I want to know what the heck ya got up yer sleeve!" I shouted in annoyance.

"It's simple really; revenge." He said darkly.

I put a hand on my hip. "And what the heck did I do now?"

"You already forgot how DX destroyed Legacy?" Randy asked. "I always knew blondes were stupid, but this takes it to a whole new level."

"I wasn't in that match dipwad! I had a broken wrist!" I shot back at him.

Randy had a smug look on his face and shrugged. "Any member of DX is as good as any."

I gripped my microphone tightly and kept me eyes trained on Randy, daring him to make a move. A new wave of tension hit the air as we stood on opposite sides of the ring, our eyes locked on each other. Knowing the second I let my guard down Randy would attack me, I refused to turn my back on him. That proved to be a stupid mistake.

All of my focus was on Randy, so I was completely oblivious to the presence of Ryback, Chris Jericho, and Big Show until it was too late. I tried fending them off until somebody could get them away from me, but with two people who were powerhouses and one who could do a bit of everything attacking me, I couldn't even defend myself.

If it wasn't for the immense pain I was in I would've laughed at the referees failed attempts to get rid of Jericho, Show, and Ryback. With whatever strength I had left I grabbed the ropes by the bottom turnbuckle and pulled myself into a sitting position.

The superstars in the back must've had enough because they were now pouring into the ring. They, along with the refs, pulled Ryback, Show, and Jericho away from me and held them back. With all the chaos in the ring I managed to slip out of there...and right into an RKO.

My head started throbbing the second it hit the floor. After lying disoriented on the floor for a brief period of time I rose to my knees and looked around.

Jericho, Show, and Ryback were being dragged up the ramp by the superstars. Randy was halfway up the ramp and was smirking at me.

"I hope you and your little friends from The Shield will be a hundred percent for our match on Sunday." Randy said as he looked out into the crowd. "It would be a shame if something were to happen." With that being said he walked backstage, leaving me beside the ring. The way he said that last part...it almost sounded like a warning.

Realization about Randy's indirect threat hit me hard and in an instant I was scrambling over the barrier trying to get back to the locker room. I quickly stumbled up the stairs until I was out of the main part of the arena. I then ran as quickly as I could to get backstage to the locker room. Literally right before I got to the door I stumbled over my own two feet and fell flat on my face. I got up quickly and staggered to the door, which was ajar.

The room looked like how I left Shawn and Hunter's locker room; torn to Hell. The couch was flipped, furniture was strewn across the room, mirrors were shattered, and everybody’s belongings were scattered everywhere.

I looked at the destruction everywhere and found that there were a few major things missing; The Shield and Shawn. I began freaking out. I ran out of the room and down the hall calling out Shawn's name. I ran around a corner and BAM! I was flat on my backside. I shook my head a few times and looked up at whatever I ran into and was relieved to see Shawn. I quickly got up and hugged him. "Where the heck were you?"

Shawn stared down at me in shock. "Ashlan...I think your nose is broken."

I gave him a 'what the heck' look and put my hand to my nose, but I instantly regretted that move. The second my hand touched my nose a wave of pain hit me and I quickly pulled it away. "That's freaking great...where's The Shield?"

"They came around so I helped them down to the trainers." He replied.

I stopped right in my tracks. "Crap...I can't go in there then." I mumbled.

Shawn looked confused by my actions. "Why, it's just The Shield?"

"Dean's either gonna yell at me for taking on Randy alone or he's going to be freaking out cause my nose is busted!" I exclaimed.

He patted my back. "Don't worry Ash, neither one of those things is going to happen."

Well...we were both kind of wrong and yet we were both right...Dean yelled at me and freaked out about my nose. Since we're on the topic of my nose, the doctors had to reset it which hurt like Hell. I'm just glad it's not keeping me out of my matches this Sunday and I'm glad Randy didn't go through with his threats yet.

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