What is Justice?

Ashlan Shaw isn't your average diva. She fights superstars instead of divas. As the Intercontinental Champion, things couldn't be better for the 25 year old. As things begin changing in the WWE however, Ashlan may be forced to face an ugly truth; her worst enemy may be one of her closest friends.


17. Backstage Fallout

*Ash's POV*

I hopped out of the shower and changed into a black Incredible Hulk t-shirt, black, slightly ripped cargos, and a rainbow Nyan Cat hoodie.

When I sat down on the couch, I was surprised that Tommy wasn't back yet. Of course, he probably decided to catch up with some of his other friends, so I wasn't too worried. besides, if it starts getting late I could always just text him.

I flipped on the TV and watched Fandango flatten Zack Ryder, which was totally boring, so I changed the channel and decided to watch Iron Man 2 on FX. Right when I flipped it on somebody knocked on the door, so I grudgingly got off the couch and answered the door.

"Look what do you...oh, hey Shawn. What's up?" When I realized it was Shawn who was at the door I regretted being so rude when I answered it.

Shawn looked surprised for some odd reason. "Ash, why aren't you down at the training room. Me and Hunter have been outside the door for the past five minutes waiting for an explanation!" Shawn seemed really irked about whatever was going on.

I was puzzled by the whole situation. "Why would I be at the training room? I just got out of the shower."

When he realized I didn't know what he was talking about, Shawn's stern gaze softened a bit. "Ash, Tommy was brutally attacked earlier-"

I didn't let Shawn finish before I bolted out the door, on my way to the training room. As I tore down the hallway, I could briefly hear people's conversations, but the same two things popped up in almost every one; Tommy Dreamer and The Shield. I prayed to god that what I was hearing wasn't true as I burst through the door of the training room.

"Tommy, oh my god, Shawn just told me what happened! Are you alright?" I asked without stopping to catch my breath.

Tommy, who was sitting upright, against the wall, on the examination table, looked over at me, and let me tell you, he was not happy. "Yeah just fine, thanks to your wonderful little friends." He growled sarcastically.

I cocked my head to side, bemused by his answer.

When he realized I was clueless to the whole situation he let out an annoyed sigh. "Your little buddies in The Shield did this."

After he said The Shield did it, I saw red. Seth, Dean, and Roman crossed the line when the thought of attacking Tommy popped into one of the three's head. Right now, it was as if they were kicking me in my non-existent balls and spitting in my face.

"I'll be back in a second." With that being said I slammed the training room door shut and stormed off towards The Shield's locker room. Since they liked poking the hornet's nest, I was going to show them what happens when the hornets get angry.

*Outside POV*

Ashlan stormed up to The Shield's locker room door and furiously began beating on it. "You guys better open this door right now!"

"You're pretty mad, aren't you?" Dean asked through the door. Seth and Roman were not there. They had gone down to catering since Dean had taken a while to get ready.

"You better believe I'm mad!" She hissed as she continued to pound on the door.

Dean stepped away from the door. "I'm not letting you in until you calm down." In all reality, Dean was scared. He had never actually made Ashlan mad at him before this, and he knew what he had done had made her so mad that it was beyond comprehension.

Frustration was now beginning to set in for Ashlan so she did the only thing she thought she could; she backed away from the door and rammed through it. She stood there in the locker room, small pieces of the now broken door in her hair, breathing heavily. Her face was a shade of red that most would believe to be inhumanly possible.

Realizing he was in trouble, Dean backed away from Ashlan. "Hey, you got in." He said, trying his best to feign excitement. Now that he had seen just how mad she was, his fear increased dramatically.

Ashlan stormed right up to him and pushed him to the ground. "WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING?! I can't believe you attacked Tommy! He didn't do anything to you so why the heck did you attack him?! Do you have any clue how angry I am?!" The filter between het brain and her mouth was gone. Whatever she thought was coming out. "He is one of my closest friends! I hate you! I HATE YOU! What you did to him is like kicking me where it counts and spitting in my face afterwards! I bragged about you guys to him and you went and did that! If I wasn't so sure I'd go to prison I'd kill you right now! I want an explanation right now!"

Dean turned away from her harsh words. He didn't really know how to tell her he was jealous of all the attention she was giving Tommy. "I...I don't have one."

"That's a load of crap." She spat. "You always have a reason for doing something! I want the honest answer!" The anger that burned in her eyes was like a raging forest fire during a drought in the middle of summer; unstoppable.

He took a deep breath and silently wished that Seth and Roman were there to help him. "I was...jealous of him. You were spending so much time with him that I thought you forgot about me." It crushed his pride to admit that to her, but it was the only possible way he could get Ashlan to calm down. Ashlan's gaze softened so he got up off the floor.

The second Dean got up Ashlan slapped him hard enough to send him back to the floor. "He took me under his wing when I went down to ECW and I haven't seen him in years! You honestly don't trust me enough to hang out with one of my friends?! What's wrong with you?! What the heck did you think I was going to do with him?! He's a married man! Do you have any idea how stupid you are...god!"

Ashlan slapping him made Dean snap. "What's wrong with me?! What's wrong with you?! You ignored me all day and you kept him a secret in your locker room! What the heck was I suppose to think?! And plus, I don't know guy so how the heck am I suppose to know what he's going to do?!" By this point Dean was off the ground and now towering over Ashlan.

"You should be able to trust my judgment! If I thought he was going to pull anything do you honestly think I would've spent any time with him?!" With all the frustration building up inside her, Ashlan did the only thing she could think of; she shoved Dean to the floor.

Dean got right back up and shoved Ashlan back. "Don't shove me!" He spat.

"Oh you mean like this?!" She shouted back as she shoved him again. Unbeknownst to them, a camera man had heard the commotion and was filming their fight.

*Roman and Seth*

Roman and Seth were on their way back from catering when the fight started getting intense. Dean was suppose to meet them in catering after he finished changing, but he never showed, prompting them to come looking for him. It was when they passed a TV monitor that they saw they fight and how intense it was. Knowing how easily Dean loses his temper, the two of them hurried towards The Shield's locker room.

*Ashlan and Dean*

Dean and Ashlan were now rolling around on the floor trying to attack each other. Dean made a smart remark about Tommy and well, Ashlan tackled him. The two just couldn't seem to land a hit on each other though. If Dean went to strike then Ashlan would just barely manage to dodge him and vice versa. While brawling with each other, they hit one of the tables and knocked a glass off. The glass shattered when it hit Dean in the head, then Ashlan rolled onto the broken glass. It didn't bother either of them though, seeing as how they didn't stop brawling.

Seth and Roman pushed the camera guy out of the way and broke up the fight. Roman tried restraining Dean and Seth held Ashlan back. Seth and Roman had their hands full, because the second Dean and Ash were pulled apart they started struggling to get free and tear into each other once more.

Dean managed to get one of his hands free and started swinging it wildly. Nobody could have guessed what was going to happen next; Dean hit Ash in the face. He didn't mean to hit her, but Seth had her too close to Dean.

The force behind Dean's blow sent both Ash and Seth falling to the ground. Ash covered her right eye with her hand and rolled on the floor in pain. The combination of pain and shock made it impossible for her to unleash all the profanities running through her mind.

Dean looked down at Ash, then to his hand that was still balled into a fist and realized what he had done. "Ash I'm so sorry! It was an accident! I didn't mean to!" His words came out so quickly it was hard to understand what he was saying.

Ash sat upright and backed away from Dean, still holding her hand to her eye. She could hear what he was saying, but all she could comprehend were the major events that just occurred. 'Dean and I started arguing, we started fighting, he hit me in the face' She thought to herself as she stared at the floor.

Roman and Seth were the two with level heads by this point, so the first thing they did was shoo the camera guy away. After that they prepared for anything to happen, but Ash lunging at Dean seemed like the most likely scenario to them.

Dean kneeled down beside her and gingerly pulled her hand away from her eye. He wasn't prepared to see that her eye was already swollen shut. "No...Ash...I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm so sorry."

If there was one word to describe how Ashlan was feeling, terrified would be the best word out there. She was use to getting hit by guys all the time; that was her job after all, but when Dean hit her...she couldn't find any way to react. She sat on the floor in a daze for a second before coming to her senses. Quickly she got up off the floor and bolted out the door, running to god only knows where. She completely ignored Dean as he called out for her to stop. Right now, she just wanted to get away from everything.

*Dean's POV*

"Ash please, stop!" I called down the hall as she ran out of sight. I was about to chase after her, but Roman grabbed by arm.

"Don't go after her. She needs to cool down." He said sternly.

I yanked my arm out of his grasp and stormed into our locker room. I began pacing around the room and pulling at my hair in frustration. "Dang it! Why the heck did I have to lose my temper like that?!" Since pacing wasn't allowing me to release all my pent up frustration, I turned to the wall and punched it a couple of times.

Seth and Roman didn't attempt to stop me, probably because they knew I needed to let off steam.

After hitting the wall a few times I didn't feel any better, so the wall became my own personal punching bag. After a few hits I managed to bust a hole in it, so I moved to another part of the room and continued hitting the wall.

Two or three holes later, Seth and Roman must've had enough because they dragged me away from the wall. "Dang it Jon, you need to stop before you break your hands." Seth growled as he and Roman dragged me out the door. Since he rarely uses my real name, I could tell he was serious.

"Colby, Joe, let go of me!" I yelled as I tried to break out of their grip.

"No, you're getting your head and hands checked out." Roman argued.

"There's nothing wrong with my head!" I snapped.

Seth shook his head. "A glass smashed you in the head when you were fighting with Ash."

I was already aware that happened, and I quite honestly didn't care. "I already know and I'm telling you I'm fine!"

Roman and Seth both shook their heads and continued to drag me towards the training room, despite my protest that I was fine.

*Ash's POV*

When I stopped running to catch my breath, I found I was right outside the training room. I really didn't feel like going in there, but I was too exhausted to go any further, so I collapsed against the wall and tried to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why I looked like I just got in a fight. Of course I had no intention to tell people Dean did this to me.

I couldn't come up with anything, so I said "screw it" and gave up. I brought my knees to my chest and started silently crying. I wanted to believe Dean didn't mean to hit me, but with everything that transpired between up before that, I didn't blame him if he really wanted to.

The door beside me opened after a few minutes, and out walked...well, limped, Tommy. He saw me sitting there and knelt down beside me, despite the pain it caused him. "Come on Ash; let's go get you checked out."

I shook my head and looked up at him with a fake grin. "I-I'm fine Tommy, really." I lied as I tried my best to seem happy. "I was just a klutz is all."

Tommy shook his head and sighed. "Ash, the fight was filmed. Everybody who was watching knows what happened back there."

"Crap." I muttered. I didn't have the slightest idea what to do now.

Tommy looked at the side of my arm and his eyes grew wide. "Ash you have to go in there. There are shards of glass stuck in your arm."

"Yeah," I responded quietly. "Rolling on broken glass will do that."

Clearly annoyed, Tommy gently grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. "Alright, you're going in there, even if I have to drag you."

I sighed and let Tommy drag me into the training room. When I sat down on the examination table I looked across the room, and sitting on one of the exam tables was Dean, and Roman and Seth were on either side of him. I leaned towards Tommy and told him who was here.

Tommy looked over to where The Shield was and nodded. He pulled on the curtain that gave the exam tables privacy and waited on the outside for a trainer to check me out.

I sat there and listened as one of the trainers checked out Dean. As upset as I was at him, I still cared deeply for Dean and would feel awful if he was hurt because of me.

I heard two people conversing with each other quietly, but after a minute or two their conversation died.

"Well Jon, your head doesn't need stitches and you need to be careful with your hands for a few days, but other than that you'll be fine." That was the unmistakable voice of Roman Reigns, and since he used Dean's real name, things were pretty serious.

I could just barely make out the sound of somebody whispering, and then Dean got involved. "Don't even joke about that."

"I'm not Jon! I'm telling you the honest truth! She's right in there!" Seth shouted defensively.

"Then why am I still sitting here?" Dean asked.

There were a few footsteps, and then Tommy made his presence known if it wasn't already. "You aren't going anywhere near her."

They probably would've started an argument, but the trainer came to see me, so Tommy came to stand beside me.

The trainer checked my eye first, and asked a bunch of questions like if I was dizzy, if my vision was blurry...anything that would point to a concussion. Then he started checking the wound near my shoulder, which was going to need the glass removed if he wanted to check it thoroughly.

When the trainer left I looked over at Tommy. "Tommy you have to leave soon. I don't want you to miss your flight."

"I'm not leaving until I know you're okay." He argued.

"I'll be fine. You've seen me go through worse than this before. Trust me, I'm gonna be fine." I assured him.

He looked at me with what I believed to be sorrow. "Just...be careful Ash. I don't want to see you getting hurt."

From the look in his eye I knew he meant more than me getting physically injured. "I will Tommy, thanks for being here for me." I the whispered to him, "sorry about what happened earlier. I promise they're gonna get their butts handed to them."

Tommy chuckled slightly and smiled. "I don't doubt they will. See ya around Ash." He hugged me and pushed the curtain away.

I looked out to see if The Shield was still there, but they were nowhere in sight. I sighed and began feeling the pain from the glass shards. Why the heck did this all have to happen to me?

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