What is Justice?

Ashlan Shaw isn't your average diva. She fights superstars instead of divas. As the Intercontinental Champion, things couldn't be better for the 25 year old. As things begin changing in the WWE however, Ashlan may be forced to face an ugly truth; her worst enemy may be one of her closest friends.


19. A Broken Promise

*Present Time*

Dean said goodbye to Seth and Roman and opened the door to his hotel room. He already knew that Ash was inside since he made the reservation for the two of them. He planned on apologizing to Ash for last night, but this was the only way he could talk to her.

The door opened and revealed the worst scene Dean could ever imagine. Ash was lying on the floor right outside the bathroom door in a puddle of blood. The mirror in the bathroom was smashed and there were a few shards of glass lying near Ash, along with a few bloodied towels.

"No Ash!" Dean cried out as he raced to her side. "Ash please be okay!"

Though the life in her eyes was practically gone, she still managed to look up at him. "Dean..." His name barely escaped her lips.

"We heard you shouting, is everything alright?" Seth asked as he and Roman walked into the room to check on their friend. When they saw Dean and Ash, Seth and Roman immediately raced to their friend's side.

"Dean, how the heck did this happen?!" Seth shouted as he tried to think of a way to help Ash.

"I-I don't know, I found her like this!" Dean replied frantically. "Ash, look at me and don't you dare leave me!"

With whatever energy was left in her Ash managed to form a faint smile. "Dean...I...love...you..." Ash coughed a few times then grew still as her life slowly slipped away from her.

"Dang it Ash! Don't leave me again!" Dean cried out in frustration. He ran his hands through his hair as he tried to think of something, anything he could do to save Ash. "How the heck did this happen?!"

*Earlier That Night*

Ash opened the door to her hotel room and tossed her bag at the chair sitting in the corner. She sat down on the bed closest to her and looked across the room at the other bed. There was a bag already sitting on it, and it kind of looked familiar. Of course Ash wasn't going to raid it to see whose it was since she had enough respect for somebody's privacy. It did bother her though because she knew she'd seen that bag before numerous times, but she just couldn't put her finger on where she'd seen it.

"Whatever, I need a shower." She mumbled to herself as she went over to her bag and pulled out a pair of blue, polka dot pajama bottoms, a black, sleeveless t-shirt with a white lightning bolt, and a pair of blue socks with different colored dinosaurs on them. She then went into the bathroom and locked the door before hopping in the shower.

*After Shower*

Ash walked over to her bed and sat down. She considered staying up and waiting for her roommate to come back so she could find out who it was, but for all she knew whoever it was might not be back until early morning. Instead she just stared at the bag and tried to think of where she'd seen it.

After ten minutes of unproductive thinking, Ash noticed what looked like a book sitting right at the edge of the other bed. With newfound curiosity she turned on the lamp beside her and grabbed the book.

It was a black photo album with grayish-green letters saying "SHIELD" on the cover. Ash was now curious as to why a photo album with The Shield's name on it would be in her room, and then it hit her. The bag that she was trying so hard to think of where she saw it, belonged to Dean Ambrose.

Ash nearly dropped the album when she realized who her roommate was. She had been lucky enough to have avoided him all day, but now her luck had run out.

Quickly she shut the lamp off and curled up under the covers of her bed. She tried to fall asleep so she wouldn't have to see Dean when he got back, but she was still curious about the photo album. She didn't' know what pictures, if any, were in there, and why was it there. She wanted to just forget about it, but she knew until she looked through it and set her curiosity to rest, she wasn't going to forget about it.

Reluctantly she grabbed the album and turned the lamp back on. Ash flipped the first page open and of course, like most photo albums, there was a quote that, depending on who was reading it, probably held some profound meaning. Ash ignored the quote however and flipped to the next page where there was a sticky note covering the first picture.


We want you to have this. Since that day we saved you from the inferno match we've considered you to be like a sister.

Roman and Seth

Ash took the note and set it beside her on the nightstand. She smiled at the note because the two of them never really said "hey, we love you like a sister" or anything like that. The only thing that confused her was why Dean's name wasn't on it. She assumed that he either wasn't there or didn't know about the album when Seth and Roman wrote the note.

The first picture was from when The Shield took Ash to Kennywood. Roman was standing nonchalantly in line for one of the roller coasters while Ash forced Dean to give her a piggy back ride. After that came a few other funny pictures like when the four of them rode one of the water rides and Ash was the only one who didn't get soaked. Another one was where Ash got scared from one of the things she saw on the Garfield ride.

After ten or fifteen Kennywood pictures there were a few from when she would sneak off to hang out with The Shield while her wrist was recovering. The one that stood out the most to her was where she and Dean were lying on their stomachs watching Thor while trying to have a kicking war with him. Looking back at that moment it seemed so stupid to her, but that was what made it so memorable.

There were a few from her date with Dean, which lead her to believe Roman, and or Seth, was spying on them. To her they were cute little pictures though. There was a couple from the diner, and two or three from when they went to the movies. One of the things she noticed in the pictures from the movies was that she and Dean were holding hands any time they were next to each other. When she was actually on the date she never really noticed.

Pictures from The Shield's Elimination Chamber match followed and highlighted moments when The Shield was in charge. Those pictures of course, came from WWE.COM since all three members of The Shield and Ash were wrestling in that match.

Only one picture followed after that. It was from the first time Ash and Dean met at an indy show in Ohio. It was the two of them, bloodied, standing victorious in the ring. As to where the picture came from was a mystery to Ash, but it brought the memory of that night back.

Ash quickly flipped the page of the album, hoping that maybe there would be another, more recent picture of her and Dean, but instead she found a note.


If you're reading this that means you were either curious or you actually cared enough to see this through to the end. I hope you know I didn't mean what I said and I do love you. I'm sorry for what happened and I know I'll never be able to say sorry enough. If you hate me, fine, I don't blame you. Please, just tell me you do and I'll leave you alone. If you hate me The Shield will stay out of your life for good...I'll stay out of your life for good.


Ash set the note back in the album and closed it. She was so confused by the book in general. Why was it here? Where they ever going to give it to her or just let her find it like she did? Why were Roman and Seth taking all those pictures? So many unanswered questions were buzzing around her head that it was starting to give her a headache.

Ash stumbled into the bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face, hoping it would help her clear her mind. She looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. "It's alright Ashlan, it's just a photo album they put together of how close friends we were." She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. "There's no need to be getting all messed up by a freaking book."

"But Ash, he gave it to you because he loves you."

Ash heard the voice and whipped her head towards the room, but there was nobody there. "Whoa...talk about freaky." She mumbled as she turned back to look at her reflection. When she looked in the mirror however, she could see Dean standing right behind her. She turned around with almost inhuman speed and looked behind her, but there was no sign of Dean. There wasn't even proof that he was there to begin with.

"Get a hold of yourself Ash, he's not here. You're just seeing things." She told herself as she gripped the corners of the sink.

"Oh c'mon, don't be like that."

"Great now I'm hearing things. I belong in the loony bin." Ash muttered.

"Don't say things like that, we both know it's not true."

Ash began getting frustrated by the voice she was hearing. "Yeah, and I know you're not real!"

"Then why are you talking to me?"

"That's it, this isn't funny Dean." Ash growled as she pushed the door open. She expected Dean to be standing by the doorway, but the only one in the room was Ash. She scanned the room a few times then threw her hands in the air. "Great, I've gone crazy. Isn't this day just freaking great?"

"You aren't going crazy, you just need some help."

"Yeah, Ash muttered angrily. "Mental help."

"Maybe guidance would've been a better choice of words."

"Why the heck haven't you gone away yet?" Ash asked in annoyance.

"You, need to talk to him."

"What the heck are you talking about?" Ash was beginning to get frustrated for a multitude of reasons, mainly because she believed her sanity was slipping away. In reality though, the voice was her conscience trying to help her get through the heartache the photo album made her feel.

"You need to talk to Dean if you ever want to quit experiencing heartache every time something involves him!"

"Why the heck are you telling me this? I'm still not even convinced you're real." Ash snarled.

"I'm your conscience, there...satisfied? I know what you need to do in order to get over all your emotional problems."

"Okay...why are you just now talking to me? I'm sure there have been dozens of times before when I needed you." Ash pointed out.

"I was there; you just never listened to me! You thought you were going crazy so you ignored me!"

"Oh yeah..." Ash thought back to all the times she heard the voice, which she now realized was her conscience.

"You need to listen to me very carefully. You need to wait for Dean to come back, and you have to hear him out."

Ash took a step back and stumbled back into the shower. "Ow, when the heck did I come back into the bathroom?"

"Ashlan Elizabeth Shaw, are you even listening to me?! You are seriously the most difficult person to work with!"

"Hey, you aren't so wonderful yourself you know!" Ash retorted.

"I'm a part of you so that means I'm just like you, so DON"T go there."

"Just leave me alone, please." Ash begged. She was now growing tired of carrying on a conversation with...well, herself.

"Not until you talk to Dean and smooth things over!"

"But...I don't even know what to say to him!" Ash whined.

"Alright fine, I can help you out. Look up at the mirror."

Ash looked at the mirror and jumped back when she saw Dean behind her again. "What the heck?! How the heck?!"

"I have limited links to your brain. I can make you see things that aren't really there."

"No, I changed my mind. This is just too much for me." Ash said as she rubbed her eyes.

"Too late, you're going to talk to him, so go on and practice what you'll say."

"No I don't want to practice." Ash huffed. "And please quit making me see an illusion of Dean, it's creeping me out."

"I'm really getting tired of your stubbornness, so no."

Ash was actually getting mad at her conscience by this point. "I said...stop!" She did the only thing she could and slammed her fist into the mirror, causing it to shatter. "Ah crap!" She shouted as she stumbled backwards into the wall while blood ran down her arm from the wounds in her hands.

"Are you stupid?!"

"Go to Hell!" Ash hissed through clenched teeth as she started pulling shards of glass out of her knuckles.

"Stop that! If you keep pulling them out you'll just end up bleeding out everywhere! Go the hospital or call somebody to take you there!"

"Screw you; I'm done listening to you!" She spat as she continued to pull glass out of her hand.

"Fine, if you don't die I'll be back later."

"Do us both a favor and don't come back at all." Ash slowly pulled the final piece of glass out of her wrist and tossed it aside. Her conscience however, was right because when she pulled the glass out blood started pouring out of the wound. "Crap, I messed up so bad."

"Told you so."

"Shut up!" Ash shouted as she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her wrist before stumbling out of the bathroom and over to her bag to grab her phone. She dialed the first number that popped into her head and put the phone on speaker so she could have both of her hands free to wrap the towel around her wrist and try to slow the bleeding.

When the phone went to voicemail Ash mentally scolded herself because of course, she dialed Dean's number. After she heard the beep she yelled at the phone. "Dang it Dean, of all the times you don't answer your phone! If you get this before I die then come to our hotel room, I need some help! I punched the mirror and got cut bad!"


Dean sat at the hotel bar with Roman and Seth. A few other superstars were there as well, but they were keeping their distance for obvious reasons.

Deans was lost in thought when his phone went off, not that it would've made much difference since he turned the sound off. He was busy trying to think of a way he could get Ash to listen to him since he knew the two of them were sharing a room tonight. The only problem was that he believed Ash didn't want anything to with him.

Seth noticed Dean hadn't taken a sip of his beer all night and shook his shoulder. "Hey man, you haven't touched your beer. What's wrong?"

"I need to figure out how to apologize to Ash for last night." Dean sighed.

"Well, all I can say is to just tell her how you feel and she'll forgive you in time." Seth said encouragingly as he patted Dean on the back. "Now drink your beer or I will."


Calling 911 never crossed Ash's mind as she slowly bled out on the hotel room floor. She managed to bleed through the first towel and was in the middle of wrapping a new one around her wrist when she collapsed. Everything started getting blurry as she tried to crawl back to her phone. Just as it was almost in her grasp she couldn't find the strength crawl the last few inches. As she was lying there she couldn't quit thinking about her friends. She had managed to salvage her friendship with Hunter only a few hours ago, she had just started talking to Matt and Jeff again, and worst of all, she never talked to Dean after their fight.

"Dean...I'm sorry, I love you too." She sobbed lightly as she rested her head on the floor and allowed her life to slowly slip away from her.

*Present Time*

Dean, Seth, and Roman kept their distance as the paramedics rushed Ash into an ambulance. The three of them had managed to keep Ash alive, but just barely. Just as the ambulance drove off, Dean, Seth, and Roman were pulled aside and slammed into the outside wall of the hotel.

"You've got three seconds to tell us what happened to Ash before we kill you!" Hunter snarled as he, Shawn, and Matt used their forearms to pin Roman, Seth, and Dean to the wall. Jeff stood near his brother, ready to help if things got ugly.

Dean tried to answer Hunter, but Hunter had Dean pinned by his throat.

Hunter let out a frustrated grunt and took his arm away from Dean's throat. "Now spill it. What the heck happened?"

Dean hunched over and coughed a few times before glaring up at Hunter. "I don't know. I opened the door and found her in a pool of blood. All I know is that her right wrist was cut and-."

Jeff cut Dean off, came up to him, and got right in his face. "Don't even imply that she would cut herself! We all know she wouldn't!"

Dean held back the urge to punch Jeff in the mouth. "You didn't let me finish! Her wrist was cut and the bathroom mirror was shattered. If I had to guess I'd say she punched the mirror and a shard of glass cut her wrist. Let me finish next time!"

Shawn scowled at Dean, but continued to pin Roman against the wall. "Why were you in her room to begin with?!"

"We were roommates!" Dean snapped. "It was the only way I could apologize to her!"

"Alright enough of this!" Roman shouted out in frustration. "We should be at the hospital waiting to find out about Ash's condition, not standing here at each other's throats!"

Everybody found it hard to argue with Roman, so Shawn and Matt let go of Seth and Roman and followed Hunter and Jeff into the parking lot.

Seth rubbed his neck as he, along with Dean and Roman, watched the four men disappear. "Why the heck did they blame us?"

"We were the ones who found her and because of our fight last night." Dean growled as he stormed off towards their rental car.

Seth and Roman quickly followed, and soon The Shield was on their way to the hospital, each member silently praying that Ash was going to pull through.

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