I'll do it for the Vine!

My bestfriend basically wanted a fanfic about her and the "lovely" Cameron Dallas. I decided it was time to get back to writting so Taylor, this ones for you! <3 you!


1. ~

"Dreams do come true!" Maggie said will placing our boxes of our previous house objects down on the ground, while I go out to the car to grab some more boxes. We decided to move to Florida. It had always been our dream since 6th grade! When we were 13, now we are 22! That was a long time ago. Anyway we would always go over to each others house and plan what our house would look like. And today is the day we move into the house we have been waiting for, for 9 years! 


We were super excited that we got what we wanted, a Malibu house right on the beach. 


After we finished setting up our super girly home, we decided to head to the ocean! I grabbed my super cute Pink/Victoria's Secret bathing suit and Maggie decided to go with a cute sailors one. It was a high-waist, red bottom, with gold buttons for detail and a blue and white stripped bikini! After we go into our swimwear, we put on light makeup, mascara, eyeliner, and lip-gloss. Then we put on matching outfits on, we basically matched everywhere we went! 







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