You're Giving Me A Reason


2. 2


     I woke up the next morning with the feeling of someone staring  at me. I opened my eyes and saw Keaton there. "Why are you staring at me?" I laughed. "You look cute when you sleep." He smiled. "But not as cute as you." I tapped his nose. "Why do you always tap my nose?" He asked. "I don't even know... It's just a habit I guess." I smirked. "I'm going to go downstairs now." He got up and started getting dressed. "I will too." I looked in my closet for a shirt but couldn't find one. Keaton threw one of his at me. "Thanks!" I slipped it on. "You look cute in my clothes." He smiled. I laughed and slipped on a pair of yoga pants. "I don't feel like walking." I groaned and fell on the bed. "Get on my back." He told me. I hopped on and we went downstairs.


     When we got into the kitchen Wes and drew were there. "Why do you guys have to be so cute?" Wesley mumbled. "Yeah, it makes us feel bad that we're single..."  Drew said. "You guys'll find someone that might for some unknown reason like you! You never know." I told them. Keaton laughed really loud. "I hate you." Drew said and got up from the table, walking into the living room. "I want food." I said. "I'll getcha something." Keaton told me. "Thanks! I love you!" I pulled out my phone. "I love you too."


     He started making pancakes and bacon. I started to go through my instagram. "Does anyone wanna go shopping later?" I asked. Nobody answered. "Keaton? Wes?" I asked. Still nothing. "Ugh! DREW DO YOU WANT TO GO SHOPPING LATER?!" I screamed. "NO, I'M GOOD!" He yelled back. I sighed. After Wes left the room, Keaton placed the plate in front of me. "Thanks." I said, giving him a kiss. "Welcome." He gave me a kiss back. I dug right in to the food in front of me, finishing it within seconds. I looked up and Keaton stared at me with wide eyes. "What? I was hungry..." I mumbled. He laughed. "Will you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease go to the mall with me later?" I begged. He sighed. "Fine. Only if I can take you out on a real date after." He told me. "Thanks!" I got up to put my plate in the sink, giving him a quick kiss on the way. I sat back down. "What time do you want to go?" He asked me. "I don't care, whenever you feel like it. What time did you want to go out at?" I asked. "I was thinking... around 6ish." He said. "Okay! Do you want to got to the mall at 3ish then?" I asked. "Sure. Sounds good!" "Okay, well I'll go get ready then."


     I got up to our room and started picking out clothes. Nothing. I'll just do my hair I guess. I walked in to the bathroom and pulled out a brush. I put my hair in a side fishtail. I put on mascara and eye liner before Keaton walked in our room. I walked back into the bedroom and started looking through the closet again. I kept on groaning. Keaton must have noticed my frustration, because he came over to me and picked me up. He carried me over to the bed and put me down. He walked back over to the closet. He started looking through it and came back over a few minutes later with clothes. I looked at what he picked out. White and black Aztec designed shorts, and a plain black tank top with a pocket on the chest. "Thank you! You're good with this. You might have to pick out my clothes every day!" He laughed and went to find clothes for himself.


     After we were both ready, it was about 2:50. We walked downstairs to get our shoes and money. "Hey Rach, nice outfit! You look cute." Wesley complimented. Me and Keaton both laughed. "What?" He asked. "Keaton picked it out." I told him. "Oh, well then... Good job bro." Keaton laughed, grabbed his wallet, and we left. We walked over to the car and he opened my door for me. "Thanks." I smiled. I climbed in and he closed it. He walked around to the other side. after he climbed in, he put the keys in the ignition and drove off.


     We sang the whole way to the mall. Literally the. Whole. Way. Once we arrived, he parked the car. We walked in to the air conditioned mall and walked around. "Oooh! Let's go to Hollister!" I grabbed his hand and ran in. I dragged him around with me everywhere. "Ooh! I like these shorts! And this shirt! And this sweater!" He laughed at me. We walked up to the register to pay. "I got it." He told me, pulling out his wallet. "No, Keaton, you don't have to." I grabbed my purse. "But, I want to." He smiled. "Thanks." I smiled back. Once he was done we left the store. "Keaton, you really didn't have to do that." I told him. "But I wanted to!" He laughed. "Well, thanks!" I kissed his cheek. We walked around hand-in-hand for a little while longer until it got to be 5:30. We were each holding about 4 bags of clothes. "Okay, so where do you want to go?" I asked him. "I was thinking about taking a walk on the beach first." He told me. "Okay!"


     When we got into the car, I turned on the radio. "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo was on. "I LOVE THIS SONG!" I blasted it and Keaton laughed at me as I sang. The song soon ended. "We probably sounded like those ghetto people that shake everything when they drive by." I told him. "Probably." He agreed, laughing. We pulled into the parking lot and got out. After he walked around to my side, he grabbed my hand. We made our way onto the beach and started walking. "What else are we doing tonight?" I asked him. "I was thinking we could go out to eat, do something that you want to do, and then we can come back to the beach." He said. "Okay!" I smiled. Can I have a more perfect boyfriend?

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