Neon Adventure

Imagine going to every single concert of the Neon Lights Tour and going to every meet and greet possible... and going to every single soundcheck... that's what a stalker does as they move swiftly and with great stealth so no one could ever catch on.... or so they think.


1. Sound check

I titled my cap so my eyes were hidden from sight. I was right in the middle of the small crowd at the first sound check of the Neon Lights Tour. Demi was sitting on the stage with her guitar player crouching beside. Her eyes looked past the small group of fans crowded around the stage. They looked past up to the back doors where some people would later on enter and then exit from.

“I want you to sing with me,” her eyes came back to crowd. My eyes went to the door she was staring at. Standing by the door, though now leaving, was Nick Jonas, the concert director. “I’m going to sing Believe in Me.” A small murmur from the crowd escaped and the guitarist started the music.

The sound check last for a while longer, and then we were all invited to the meet and greet – well everyone with a ticket that was. I had a ticket, so I followed a few fans backstage. Demi had left a few minutes earlier asking us to excuse her because she needed some time. It was understandable.

“Are you excited?” A voice came up beside me. It was a girl around eighteen years old.

“Yeah,” I replied, smiling. Hopefully my hat blocked my eyes. I looked the girl over. She looked broken – literally. Her eyes filled with sadness, yet excitement, she was as skinny as a twig.

“Demi saved my life,” she volunteered.

“I’m glad.” I nodded my head, approving the statement. “She’s saved many…” I didn’t add that she was saving mine… 


Written by: iloveniallandwriting

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