Two Worlds Divide

Valerie was spending the month at her grandma's house. Little did she know that her grandma had a magical painting. Five teenage boys lived in the painting as Gods. Valerie gets stuck in the painting... Will she ever get out?


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

We stared at each other in shock. "Well can one of you say something?!" A raspy voice yelled as he entered the room. The boy who was talking has curly brown hair and dimples. His green eyes burned a strong emerald. "Harry, God of Charm. Yeah yeah I know you don't remember me." He threw his hands up in frustration. "Harry she isn't suppose to be here." Zayn growled. "I know but what could we do now?!" He growled back. I stayed outside the door. Darkness rolled over the pale blue sky. "Their here! Get her inside! Quickly!" Zayn screamed like a little girl and pulled me inside. I grunted in pain. "Who's here?!" I tried to pull away. "Let go!" I gasped in pain as Harry grabbed my other arm. Fighting them would be useless. They pushed me into a closet with a secret little room. The room was dark and musty. "Use this only when you need to. When they come near here turn it off." Zayn handed me a flashlight and slammed the door hard behind me. Total darkness swept over me. My fingers fumbled over the flashlight looking for the on button. The light slowly flicked on. But it was a fading light. It'll go out any minute. "Some one came through the painting." Footsteps echoed throughout the room. "Really?" Harry's voice went deep. "Have you seen the human?" Another scary voice boomed throughout the room. "No, maybe the other three boys did?" Zayn suggested. The other three? There's more?! I have to get out of here! I got down on my hands and knees and started to crawl towards the little window at the corner of the room. Maybe I'll be able to get out from there. The window looked like it hasn't been used in ages. But I took my chances and creaked it open. A blonde hair boy was running toward me... Or well the house. I don't think that he noticed me yet. But just as my luck went out the boy behind him saw me and did a baseball slid over to me. "Valerie what are you doing here?" How does he know my name? I scrambled back into the room making the window crash down. I flinched at the noise. The voices from inside started to die down. I waited a few seconds in slience. Than I clicked on my flashlight. The whole room lit up. There was a small couch in the corner with a blanket wrapped around it. A lamp laid limp in the other corner. This place is hella creepy. "Valerie!" I heard Zayn call out for me. I crawled to the door and was inches away from him. "Who are you guys?" I practically growled. "Just come out and I'll introduce everyone." He held out his hand for me to grab. Which I didn't and climbed out myself. I crawled out into a pantry which is connected to the kitchen. Four beautiful boys sat at the table eating over sized chocolate muffins. "Hello, Valerie God of War, Beauty, and Trickery." The blonde smiled at me.

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