Two Worlds Divide

Valerie was spending the month at her grandma's house. Little did she know that her grandma had a magical painting. Five teenage boys lived in the painting as Gods. Valerie gets stuck in the painting... Will she ever get out?


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

"What did you just say?" I broke out in a whisper. I glanced at Zayn and he nodded at me. These people are on crack. But than again they live in a painting. I really don't know what to believe. "Louis, God Of Game." The other Burnette held out his hand for me to shake. I didn't shake it. I stared at the floor. "Niall, God of Gold." The blonde spoke up. I glanced at the brunette who hasn't spoken a word. "Let me guess your god of quiet?" I put my fingers to my chin. He gave me a crooked smile. "No, I'm Liam God Of Heroes." Ah so he saves people. How is he to do that in a painting? "He's the one who came up with Batman, Wonder Woman, Etc. He made every hero there is." Zayn informed me from my confused look. I nodded and backed up against the wall. "So, can I go home now?" I choked out. "No. We don't know how to get you out, Valerie." Liam coughed. I shot him a death glare. "You people are nuts. I'm no god of anything and neither are you. Now get on with your lives and let me go home!" I spat out in a hurry. "Someone's a bit angry." Harry chuckled and bit into his muffin. "Look we aren't ling about any of this. But if you don't want to believe us than go out and get yourself killed." Niall pointed to the door. I couldn't take him seriously with his Irish accent. "Fine. I will." To be honest I was scared. I was scared that there are monsters just beyond that door. The door that leads me back home. I took a deep breath and stepped forward. "Wait, Valerie. Don't go." Zayn reached out for me but I quickly jerked back. He looked hurt. Why is he so attached to me. "And why not?" I held my head up high as every single one of them watched me. "Because it's dangerous. And you are questioning about how we know who you are. And how we live here." He pointed out the obvious. But he's right I do want to know all of those things and many more. "Just stay here until we figure out how to get you back home." Liam suggested. I would be safer here in a house rather than outside with danger lurking around the shadows. But I'll also be in a house full of five teenage boys who are complete strangers to me. I began to shake from the choses i had to make. Neither of them were good. But I have to make a desicion. I swiftly nodded my head and pushed past Louis to sit at the bottom of the stairs. Out of reach from the boys. "Well what do you want to know first." Zayn sighed as he sat down next to Niall. "I'm questioning the fact that none of you are going to offer me something to eat or drink or tend to my broken arm." I totally forgot about my broken arm until I bumped it on the stairs. Louis jumped up and went to a closet. Niall ran over to the kitchen and Zayn over to the refrigerator. Louis came running over to me with gaze and alcohol. "This will hurt so please don't scream." He gave me a stick to bite on. "Oh please don't tell me you're gonna pop it back into place." I squirmed away from him. He just looked at me. Oh Boy. I placed the stick in my mouth and closed my eyes shut. I felt the alcohol drip into my wound. I winced from the pain but I stayed quiet. "One, two...." I didn't hear him say three but his hands tightened around my arm and he pushed with all his might. I let out a loud scream as I bit onto the stick. He poured more Alcohol onto my wounded and covered my arm is gaze. "Fuck." I gasped as he took the stick back. "You're welcome." He smiled. Oh haha. I rested my head against the wall. Zayn handed me a Blue Monster. Niall gave me pancakes. "Okay, now that's finished. Let's get to the questions." Harry said; amused.

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