Fear (16+) Harry Styles Fanfic

Jayda is your average 18 year old Brit. She's gorgeous funny and smart. But one day she gets kidnapped. Taken against her will. Beaten starved. Someone saves her. Someone who looks familiar, Harry styles. But when they show love for each other, will she let herself love him? Or will her fear hold her back? #onedirection #harry #niall #liam #zayn #louis #fear #lovestory #teens #action


11. Who Likes Who?

A week has went by, and I haven't heard from Pete. I don't know if that's good or bad. Could he be planning something? Or maybe he's decided to leave us alone? Who am I kidding! He's obviously planning something. I just hope it doesn't hurt the boys.

I've grown to like them. A lot. Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn as friends, but there's something about Harry that's screaming 'he's more than a friend!'

Of course Harry would never like me. I'm such a burden to him and the boys. I mean, who would like a girl that had been beaten and starved, then her kidnapper is still searching for her and even her friends? Not me.

As I went downstairs to breakfast, I heard whispering. "Mate, I like Jayda, a lot. I just don't know how to tell her. I mean, she's been through so much......" The voice trailed.

"I know she likes you back, mate. It's obvious!" The second voice exclaimed. Really? Not even the mention of names. I mean who couldn't like me? I'm Irresistible. That just dismisses what I said before... Oh well.

Well, the voices weren't Irish, so that eliminates Niall completely. Aww, poor Nialler. I heard the other boys walk in. Great! Now I won't know who was talking! I should've moved faster..

I walked into the kitchen and went straight to the fridge to get the stuff for my protein shake.

"That stuff is really nasty." Louis scrunched his nose. "What?" I asked. "That green goo."

"It's actually very healthy for you." I sass. "Well of that's healthy, I'd be perfectly fine with dying, love." He chuckled. "Boo, you suck." I kidd. I smiled. This was actually the happiest morning we've had since the news broke.

Then, all of out phones rang. "Don't feel free, I'll be back. -P" we all read aloud. Gee, so much for my perfect morning.

I felt a single tear escape my eye. "Aww, love, don't cry." Zayn came over and hugged me. I cried on his shoulder. I looked and saw Harry. He was tense and angry? Jealous? Why would he be jealous. Suddenly Harry threw his glass and ran upstairs. I jumped. "HAZ!" Zayn shouted and ran upstairs. Okay. This was weird...

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