Fear (16+) Harry Styles Fanfic

Jayda is your average 18 year old Brit. She's gorgeous funny and smart. But one day she gets kidnapped. Taken against her will. Beaten starved. Someone saves her. Someone who looks familiar, Harry styles. But when they show love for each other, will she let herself love him? Or will her fear hold her back? #onedirection #harry #niall #liam #zayn #louis #fear #lovestory #teens #action


12. They Don't Know About Us

Zayn rushed upstairs after Harry. What the hell was going on? I mean, as soon as i got the stupid text, everything crumbled. I sniffled, and wiped my tears. I headed upstairs, and knocked on Harry's door. "Harry? Can I come in?" I asked softly. "Um, sure." He said. I twisted the door knob and walked into the room. "Are you okay?" I ask, sitting on his bed. "Yeah I'm alright." He smiled fakily. "Can you help me with something?" I asked. "Absolutely, anything." He smiled. "This morning," I started, "I heard one of you guys say you liked me. Can you help me find out who it was?" I ask hopefully. His eyes widen, and his expression changes. He's in complete shock.

"Harry? Is everything alright?" I ask. I look behind me to see if anyone threatening is there. "Yeah, I'm fine," he pauses. "I'll help you."

I kiss his cheek. "Thank you!" I walked to the door and opened it, sending four guys tumbling at my feet. "Boys?" I ask suspiciously. "What are you doing?" I said. Although, I already knew the answer.

"There was a spider." Louis smacked the floor. "Got it." I giggled. "Weirdos."

Finally, I'm going to find the guy that likes me. All of the guys were nice, sweet, and hot, but there's one that I kind of hoped liked me. Who is that you ask? My lips are sealed. Sorry.

I laid on my bed and smiled. I soon fell into a deep slumber.


"Take her, we don't want her." Harry spoke. Pete smirked and grabbed my arm tightly. "No, boys!" I cried.

"Just shut up already, slut!" Niall shouted. "Niall, you don't mean that." I hoped. "Take her away dad." Liam smiled. Pete dragged me into the the van. "Why don't we have some fun?" He said and began kissing my neck.


I woke up sweaty, and screaming. I couldn't sleep in here. I would keep having nightmares. I got up and went to the room across the hall and knocked on the door. "Harry." I whispered. "Hmm? Yeah love?" He mumbled. "Can I sleep in here tonight? I keep having nightmares." I say shyly. "Sure. Come on." He pulled the cover up for me to lay in the bed.

I walked over to him and laid in the bed. "Thanks, Harry."

"Anytime. Are you okay? Comfortable?" He asked. I nodded and drifted to sleep.

I woke up to Harry singing.

People say we shouldn't be together

Too young to know about forever

I say they don't what they talk talk talking about

This love is only getting stronger

So I don't wanna wait any longer

I just wanna tell the world that your mine girl

They don't know about the things we do

They don't know about the 'I love you's

But I bet you if they only knew....

Baby they don't know about us

"Goodnight, beautiful." He kissed my cheek. He wrapped his arms around me and I fell asleep.

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