Fear (16+) Harry Styles Fanfic

Jayda is your average 18 year old Brit. She's gorgeous funny and smart. But one day she gets kidnapped. Taken against her will. Beaten starved. Someone saves her. Someone who looks familiar, Harry styles. But when they show love for each other, will she let herself love him? Or will her fear hold her back? #onedirection #harry #niall #liam #zayn #louis #fear #lovestory #teens #action


16. Taken

I woke up in the same hospital. Harry was asleep next to me. I started to play with his curls. I then rubbed his stomach. I stopped turned the other way.

"Who told you to stop?" He murmured in his deep morning voice. I blushed and began to rub his stomach.

"Good morning, beautiful." He smiled.

"Morning." I giggled.

"I'm gonna go get you breakfast." He said and tapped my nose at the word you.

I smiled and nodded. Food. That sounds good.

There was a knock at the hospital door. I went to get it.

"Yeah?" I answered. There were two people stood at my door, a man and a woman. The woman knocked me out.

Unknown POV

"Yeah?" She answered. A part of me felt bad for doing this to her. The other part hated her guts for taking away my happiness. I was so angry when she came along.

I knocked her out and swept her off her feet, and into my arms.

My partner checked the hallway. "Coast clear?" I asked. He nodded. We went into the boiler room, climbed up the staircase, onto the roof. There was a latter that led to the ground, and to our car. There really should be more people monitoring the hospital.

We tied her up and threw her in the trunk. Then, we started the car and made our way to our boss.

Harry's POV.

I walked out of the hospital room, and down two hallways to the nurse's station. "Ma'am?" I asked. She looked up. "The girl in room 2110? Can you keep an eye on her? I'm just gonna get something to eat for her." I told the nurse. "Yes, I can." She smiled. "Thank you." I said and went to the elevator. I pressed the button labeled CAFE. My phone buzzed.

Liam- On our way there. Watch out for us!

Harry- Haha, alright mate!

The familiar ding of the elevator sent my phone into my pocket. I stepped out and walked to get a tray.

After getting the food I went back to the elevator. I arrived on the floor. The nurse was gone, and there was a 'BREAK' sign on her desk. I opened Jayda's door.

The tray dropped. She was gone! GONE! I went to the restrooms, no Jayda. I asked another nuts if she was taken for observation, but the doctor doesn't start observing until 10. It was 9:30. No where. No one has seen her. I went back to the room and sat on the bed with my head it my hands. I began to cry.

I heard footsteps. I looked up to see the boys. "What happened?" Zayn asked. "Where's Jayda?"

"I dunno. I went to get food and I came back and she's gone." I cried.

"I'm calling the police." Liam spoke.

The police showed up, and investigated. We filed a missing report.

"Are you talking about the girl with the long brown hair in this room?" An elderly lady asked.

I turned and nodded. "Yes ma'am."

"A man and a woman came in black. Went into the room. Came out with her sleeping in the woman's arms. All I remember was that they went to the boiler room." She said.

The boys and I ran to the room. There was an open vent. We climbed up the vent to find a yellow sticky note.

I picked the note up. It read:

332 Palmetto Dr.

I showed the boys. We turned around and went to our cars.

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