Fear (16+) Harry Styles Fanfic

Jayda is your average 18 year old Brit. She's gorgeous funny and smart. But one day she gets kidnapped. Taken against her will. Beaten starved. Someone saves her. Someone who looks familiar, Harry styles. But when they show love for each other, will she let herself love him? Or will her fear hold her back? #onedirection #harry #niall #liam #zayn #louis #fear #lovestory #teens #action


7. Store Time


"I DIDN'T EAT IT ALL!" Niall defended.

"Right, and pigs fly." I said.

"What was that?" Niall asked.

Crap he heard that.

"I said, that's alright!" I shouted.

He laughed and came downstairs. He threw me over his shoulder and ran to the couch. "Niall don't you dare." I said. He began to tickle me. "STOP! IM SORRY! NIALL I SWEAR I WONT GET MORE FOOD." He instantly stopped.

I called the driver. "Boys? I'm going to the store." I said. Harry rushed downstairs. "I'll come with you." He said. I shook my head. "I'm a big girl. I'm sure I'll be fine." I giggled.

The driver pulled up and I got in the car. "To the supermarket please." I spoke. He nodded and pulled off.

I got there and pulled out my list. There was barely anyone in here, considering it was only about 7AM. I was the only one in the aisle. I felt a hand go over my mouth. I elbowed the person in the rib and turned. He was doubled over in pain. I kicked his stomach and punch him. "Who are you and who sent you?" I asked ready to strike. He didn't answer, so I slapped him. "I don't like repeating myself, buddy." I said. I was ready to strike again, but he stopped me. "Pete, Pete sent me. I work for him." He said. "Please don't kill me."

It took everything out of me not to rip his manhood from his body and attach it to his forehead.

"He wants you to know that he'll be back." He said.

"As if." I said. "I advise you to leave before I used one of these shopping carts against you.

He ran. I went to check out. I called Pat, the driver, to come pick me up.

Once I got home I put the groceries away. I was clenching glass, and it broke. "SHIT!" I shouted. My hand bled under the touch.

"Are you alright?" Liam asked from behind me.

I saw the other boys were with him. "I ran into one of Pete's workers today." I said.

They instantly tensed up. "I beat his ass, and he told me that Pete will be back." I said.

"OVER OUR DEAD BODIES!" Zayn shouted.

I bandaged my wounded hand. "These last few weeks, I've grown stronger, because of you boys. I'm not gonna let some old, dangly, wrinkly ball sacked prick end me now." I said.

"Wrinkly ball sacks? That's really disturbing." Harry said.

I giggled.

"I love you guys." I said.

"We love you too." We all group hugged.

"Well," Louis started. "At least we know we can't send you to the supermarket anymore."

I pushed his shoulder. "If it wasn't for me, there still wouldn't be food in the refrigerator or cupboards." I defended.

"Fair point." Harry said.

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