Fear (16+) Harry Styles Fanfic

Jayda is your average 18 year old Brit. She's gorgeous funny and smart. But one day she gets kidnapped. Taken against her will. Beaten starved. Someone saves her. Someone who looks familiar, Harry styles. But when they show love for each other, will she let herself love him? Or will her fear hold her back? #onedirection #harry #niall #liam #zayn #louis #fear #lovestory #teens #action


6. Search Party

Harry's P.O.V.

"Come on, let's go to the police." I told them. We all agreed and hopped in the car. "What can I help you with?" The assistant asked. "We need an officer. We have some things to speak about." She nodded. About twenty minutes later, and officer came out. "Hello, I'm officer Hayes. What can I do for you?" He asked.

We explained the situation. "Ahh, I see. Wait? What did you say the kidnappers name was again?" He asked. "Pete Sanders." Jayda spoke. The officer rushed to the nearest computer and typed in the name. "We've been tracking him for years. I think this case is a go, if your up for some undercover work?" He asked. We all nodded. "Meet me here and 10:00 AM tomorrow for the plan." He said. We said our thank you's and left the station. The officer explained that we'd have to be undercover for months, maybe more. Once we got home, we called Simon to explain everything. Three rings and he picked up.

"Hey boys. What can I do for you?" Simon spoke into the phone.

"See, we have this friend.." I began explaining.

"That's fine." Simon said.

"Thank you simon!" We all yelled.

Yes! This plan was in progress.

Jayda's P.O.V.

"Can one of you boys help? I have to go train." I said. They all jumped up. I laughed.

"I'll help!" Harry shouted. He ran over to me. I chuckled and kissed his cheek. "Let me go get changed." I told him, going upstairs.

I put on a sports bra and some cropped yoga pants. I walked downstairs. I grabbed some boxing gloves. I walked next to Harry and followed him to the training room. "Let's see what you've got." He said. I walked in and did a simple cartwheel back walkover. I turned and started punching the cardboard cutout of Harry. I slammed my hand on the side of its neck causing the head to fall off. I walked back over to Harry. His eyes were wide. "Why exactly do you need training?" He asked. "Not training. Warm ups." I told him. He nodded. "Cardboard cutout. Easy. Real person. Difficult." He said he ran up to me and tried to punch me. I grabbed his arm and twisted it, causing him to land on his back. I giggled. He was laughing too. He reached out his hand. I pulled it to help him up but he pulled me down. "You're so mean!" I told him. I looked into his beautiful eyes. He started to lean in. Before we could kiss, we heard muffled voices followed by a door open. We quickly hopped up.

The boys came in and sat down. Their eyes were wide, probably at my outfit. "So obviously, I can take Harry. How about all five of you?" I asked. They nodded. "You can try, love." Liam said. I laughed. "Ready, go!" I shouted. They all ran for me. I did a front tuck over them. I turn and tripped Niall and Zayn. I ran and flipped Harry and Liam. That left Louis. We were blocking each other's hits until I grabbed his leg, causing him to fall. I helped them all up. "What were you saying again Liam?" I asked. He cheeks turned bright red. "Don't feel bad guys. I have fighting in my blood." I reassured them. "When do we begin the mission?" I asked. "Next week." Niall said.

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