Who Am I Really

The story of Elizabeth Waters and her journey through high school. While trying to find out who she is truly ment to be.


1. Stupid High School

I glance over at Josh durring gym ninth period, and see him watching me. His intense blue eyes focused on mine. I quickly look away, too nervous to keep looking. Ever since that project we did together, I have had this crush on him. And the thing about a crush is, when you have a crush on someone you want them to have a crush on you. I even tried consulting the internet on this question. But all that came up when I searched was,"You should tell your crush that you like them." I'm just too shy to try that. It's been about a month now. But I knew for sure that I had a crush on him when, he touched my hand , weather it was on accident or on purpose, I felt chills run though me. 
I was so glad that he was at my table. But now winter break is starting. Whenever we get back from being on break the teachers always move the desks. I wish that we didn't have to leave.
I'm only 14, but my mom won't let me date. She says that I'm too young. 
This year I just feel so out of place.  I mean I'm not the nerd, popular, geek, or pretty much anything. I'm just that boring girl in the back of the class that no one recognizes. I want to try changing my rep. I know it won't help but I could start by changing my appearance. 
I borrowed a tight fitting tank-top from my BFF Ashely, and short black skirt from Gen, I also bought some neon nail polish to go with my new lace up, knee high, boots.
And I decided to get my hair dyed jet black with a strip of hot pink for school so that I could look different. 

Time to be noticed.

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