Summer Tour~ Cameron Dallas Fanfiction ;*

I'm Jenneatte Mendes, yes Shawn Mendes sister, one of the Magcon Boys. Well this Summer I'm going with them on tour and the worse part is I have a huge crush on one of my brothers bestfriends, Cameron Dallas. How will this summer go will he find out? Would he feel the same way or will he turn her down?


2. chapter 2

Jenneatte P.O.V

I went down stairs to say hi to everyone. "Heey there's Jen!" All the boys came to give me a hug all the boys except Cameron.. He just stayed at the door looking down at the floor. What's wrong with him.

Cameron P.O.V

After my conversation with Shawn I couldn't even look at Jenneatte without the thought of Shawn beating the shit out of me..

Flashback <<

"Hey man I need to tell you something" "sure what's up man?" Shawn looked at me strumming his guitar "umm I have feelings for your sister and I want your permission to date her" I said nervously rubbing the back of my neck "I'm sorry cam but I can't do that... Don't you know her history with James after that I'm not letting her date anyone until she graduate college I'm sorry man" if course he wouldn't allow me to date his sister. "Please man I promise not to hurt her!!" I finally had the courage to look at him "no man I told you no one is gonna date her no matter how much I trust you I just don't want Jen to date" there was an silence between us both "if I fun out both you guys are dating begin my back don't you think I will be able to see as the brother I thought you were cause I just want my sister to get the education are father always wanted and cause of James her life almost changed cause I wasn't there for her when she needed me the most so please just don't try anything". "Fine" with that Shawn left my room

>> End of Fladhback

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