Summer Tour~ Cameron Dallas Fanfiction ;*

I'm Jenneatte Mendes, yes Shawn Mendes sister, one of the Magcon Boys. Well this Summer I'm going with them on tour and the worse part is I have a huge crush on one of my brothers bestfriends, Cameron Dallas. How will this summer go will he find out? Would he feel the same way or will he turn her down?


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Mom have you seen my sperry's " I yelled as I packed at the last minutes as usual "there I'm the laundry room" I ran downstairs to the laundry room I couldn't find them until I realize they were under all Shawn's dirty clothes "Ewww" I thought to my self I hurried back up my room "Jennaette hurry up the boys are almost here" Shawn peeked his head through my door "I know" I mumbled I can't wait to see the boys and when I mean the boys and when I mean boys I totally mean Cameron. I started to gather all my things and magazine I would need to entertain me. The the door bell rang over a thousand times. Yay the boys are here already.

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