Far From Choices

"Well, aren't you being special." I cocked my head at Jason.
"I just felt like it. You aching and all." He replied, blue eyes shining. But it wasn't just my body that was aching.

Kacey Elit has made the decision to move in with her fellow members of Team Crafted in L.A.. She has also fallen in love with her friend for four years, Jason.
Yet part of her heart still longs for the boy she is forbidden to have any communication with, Niall Horan.
As new secrets are discovered about her and Jason, Kacey is beginning to question who she really belongs to.
•The sequel to Far From Ordinary•


2. Sick...Again

Niall's POV

I couldn't help staring out the window on the plane. Kacey said she didn't want to come to say goodbye, she'd just probably break down in tears again.

I couldn't stop thinking about her safety. What if the boys were all faking behind their mask and they tortured Kacey every second possible?

No, Niall, that's ridiculous. If Kacey was abused by them, why didn't she run away? She could go back to heaven.

And Kacey would never go down without a fight.

Because she's strong.


Kacey's POV

I woke up with a sore throat. Someone was snuggled up next to me. I hoped it was Niall.

Sadly, it wasn't. Then I remembered. 

Me and Team Crafted were having a Nerf war-again, and near the end, I tried to go up the stairs, but I passed out from the amount of tired in my body. Inevitably, Jason picked me up and carried me to his room, where he let me sleep with him(not like that you pervs).

But how did I get a sore throat?

"Jason?" I was able to choke out his name, surprisingly, but my voice still cracked. His blue eyes fluttered open and brightened when they saw me.

"Hey, Kacey. Did you sleep okay?"

"Good, I think. But my throat hurts like hell." Jason ran his hand over my neck. "Jason, what are you doing?"

"You need anything to make it feel better?" He asked me.

"You still know how to make my usual?" Jason nodded.

"Chamomile and honey, mixed in with just a touch of sugar. On it." I smiled. He still knew how to make tea for me whenever I was sick. It was normal for me to want tea while I was sick.

That made me drift off to Niall. What was he doing in Ireland, now? Had he already moved on from me?

No. Niall wouldn't do that.

"I've got the tea!" Jason interrupted my thoughts, a mug of tea in his hand. I gently took the mug from him and drank away.

Silence hung in the air until I was all done. I set the mug down on a nightstand by Jason's bed.

"Ah, Kacey...do you need me to carry you or something?" There was a reason I liked Jason: You had an absolute guarantee that whenever you had something wrong with you, he was there in an instant, making sure to make your sickness less of a living hell.

"No. I think I'll be fine. I just need rest."

"That's fine by me, cause you won't want to talk, and you definitely won't be able to sing. At least, not as beautiful as you normally could." Red swarmed my cheeks as I looked away. "Kacey, you don't have to be strong now. Just let me be strong now. I know that you want to be the strong person here, but that person can't do that while she's sick, okay? Just let me..." Jason hugged me, making me turn my face towards him.

"Jason, please don't..."

"Kacey, don't try to speak. It only makes it worse. You're vulnerable now." I nodded as I snuggled closer into Jason's chest.

Maybe we were supposed to be. 

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