Far From Choices

"Well, aren't you being special." I cocked my head at Jason.
"I just felt like it. You aching and all." He replied, blue eyes shining. But it wasn't just my body that was aching.

Kacey Elit has made the decision to move in with her fellow members of Team Crafted in L.A.. She has also fallen in love with her friend for four years, Jason.
Yet part of her heart still longs for the boy she is forbidden to have any communication with, Niall Horan.
As new secrets are discovered about her and Jason, Kacey is beginning to question who she really belongs to.
•The sequel to Far From Ordinary•


1. Prologue

Kacey's POV

There was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Whoever's there, come in!" I yelled. It was Niall.

"Kacey, can I talk to you for a second?"

I closed my 3DS case. "Shoot."

"I think you'll be better off with Jason. He really seems to care about you, and if you...if you have a panic attack, he's the only one that knows how to calm you down." My panic attacks? How did he know? I hadn't had one in the past year. 

Jason must've told him. "You're saying that...you'll let me stay here? With the boys?"


"But what about our-" Niall cupped my face in his hands and pressed his lips to mine.

"Don't worry about it, Kacey." He whispered, pulling away. "You know these people, and you know they wouldn't hurt you, ever. And I believe that, okay?"

"Okay." I looked at my hands. "If...if they let us see each other, and Jason and I might be engaged, or...or even married and...might even have kids..." I sighed. "What would you do? What-what would your reaction be?"

It took a while for Niall to respond. "I will be happy for you both. He deserves you, and you deserve him." He noticed tears starting to form in my eyes and took that as a sign to take me in his arms. I couldn't refuse.

"Y-you d-don't mean t-that." I said, trying to bite my lip to stop tears from falling.

"Hey, hey, Kacey, I know this sucks for you, but don't worry. You'll have seven people, if not more, looking after you that all care a whole lot about you. It'll be much better than just us, okay? And I meant what I said earlier. I always do."

"Not when...you know."

"Well, I wasn't thinking. Just try not to remember that moment, okay?" I didn't give a vocal response, only nodded into his chest.

Niall had helped me get rid of any signs I had of anorexia. He helped comfort me when I had bad thoughts about my past. He treated me like a Noble One every single day we were together.

I didn't know what I was going to experience when Jason would be the person to do all of this.

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