Love For First Sight

Is about a girl name Scarlett she's 14 years old her dad left her mom was during pregnancy she has been bullying for 6 years straight and Scarlett is always depressed but will that change when Scarlett meet the "Hot pop star Justin Bieber"? Did they fall in love with each other? At the concert? And mostly when she was pick being the one less lonely girl! Read to find out more about they're love life ! #muchlove @michelleeeb__


11. Sign by scooter? (2)


*POVS Justin's*

thank god Kenny help us ok but I'm so scared that scooter might yell at me 

me- babe were here

babe- omg omg omg no!

me- is ok ily *kisses softly*

we got there with seen a mad scooter

s- where we're you?!?

me- man chill we were stuck by papz!

s- sorry *not to much tense up*

scarlett stood there awkwardly

me- scooter meet my gf

babe- hi... 

S- justin we need to talk NOW!

uh oh this sounds no good

Me- what's up? 

S- don't what's up me *spats* why did you bring her up?! You just met her yesterday!


s- did you even know how old she is and where her parents?!?

me- no....

s- omg justin!

*scooter left angry*

babe- is my fault isn't it? *sad* 

me- no it isn't is none of ours scooter just don't realize that ily...

babe- ily2 do you think he hates me? *sobs*

i felt so terrible right now...

me- I don't think so but hey hey don't cry princesses like you don't have to cry at all *smikes before kissing*

babe- hehhe thanks justy *smiles*

ugh I can't no more I just want her right now she's so beautiful and so perfect and the kiss feels like it's meant to be...

s- hey justin we need to make a deal about this 

me- ok what is it? *raised upbrown*

s- we need you to keep seeing selena 


s- because so they just think she's a replacement and your reputation doesn't go down! now deal or not?

me- FUCK NO I DONT WANT TO SEE HER *spat angrely*


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