Love For First Sight

Is about a girl name Scarlett she's 14 years old her dad left her mom was during pregnancy she has been bullying for 6 years straight and Scarlett is always depressed but will that change when Scarlett meet the "Hot pop star Justin Bieber"? Did they fall in love with each other? At the concert? And mostly when she was pick being the one less lonely girl! Read to find out more about they're love life ! #muchlove @michelleeeb__


17. Pregnant?!?

*POVS Scarlett's*

i woke up and I wanted to vomit I got to the bathroom vomiting but then when I stop I brush my teeth and do my morning routine and tell Austin me- baby wake up a- what happen babe? I smile but then my smile disappear me- I started vomiting this morning and idk I think I might be pregnant.. *shocks* Austin started panicking so did I then he spoke a- no more what happens I will always love you he kiss me so softly with pure love and we decide to go to the doctors and we got out from the car there was tons of papz pap1- SCARLETT ARE YOU OK!?! Pap4- SCARLETT ARE YOU PREGNANT!??pap2- AUSTIN WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY WITH THIS!?! We rushed to inside and they call a doctor then the doctor came doctor- hello I'm doctor Perez what makes you guys come today? Me and Austin- for pregnancy results.... Doctor- oh ok miss Mahone  pee in this I started to giggle because they use Austin last name and when I saw his face he started blushing and I got to the bathroom and did my business and then give the doctor the bottle and we waited for about 45 minutes the doctor came out with the results doctor- so here's the results and you are ............ Not pregnant! I started to smile but then it when to a frown because Austin was sad me- don't worried we can always have little Mahones babies I started laughing and he did too we got out smiling like idiots and got back home since we were pretty tired 

*POVS Austin's*

When I heard the doctor saying she's not pregnant I went sad because I always wanted to have a baby with my girl I know what I did in the past was wrong but I wanted to make my dreams comes true and wanted her to come with me but my manager say I couldn't and I wanted a day to her with me to remember which was amazing and I didn't date none but her and that's why I came back because I wouldn't give up on her and when I heard she was dating Justin's I got so mad and wen to her house to get back but now that I have her in my arms I'm not letting this go and when scarlett says that she wanted little Mahones babies we started laughing and we smile like idiots when tons of papz started asking if scarlett was pregnant I hope this go to the news because I really want that bieber kid to fuck off we got home and lay down and turn the e! News when It read "IS AUSTIN GIRLFRIEND PREGNANT!?" There tons of pics of us smiling like idiots and another's photos of us coming in the hospital and coming out and when our news came off one of the interviewers says "will justin be happy to see scarlett pregnant with not his baby?" Scarlett started to get anxious I calm her down 

*POVS Justin's*

it went to another night drinking doing weed and all those stuffs I miss her so much I feel so weak without her I haven't been eating right I wish I can have her in my arms right now so I turn the tv on and turn to e! News and I got so mad when it says "IS AUSTIN GIRLFRIEND PREGNANT!?" I got so mad and dropped the controller in the floor and seeing the pics driving me crAzy I want her to be pregnant to my babies no that fucking Mahone kid! Fuck! I got a beer bottle and stat drinking it while I see pics of them and when I heard "will justin be happy to see scarlett pregnant with not his baby?" Fuck no! I'm dying right now I want her to have my babies be the one to grow old together I didn't notice I started crying when I call Scarlett's phone number thank god she pick up scarlet- hello? Jusstinnn? Me- yes it's me please tell me your not pregnant I cried out loud there was a long silence and she started speaking again scarlett- no I'm not pregnant I though I was.... Me- wtf so you had sex with that doucheba?! Scarlett- is none of your concern were not together stop it justin! You can live without me  and pretend you never knew me! Me- but i can't baby your the half of me the piece I'm missing right now baby please come back! Scarlett- justin I can't I'm with Austin now and forget about me please but I will always love you but I can't anymore you ruined it,, me- please don't do this don't walk out like our love was nothing I know you felt the sparks around us please come back please and the line went off... Fuck! She hang up on me scooter told me I had to make new music and I made tons of songs for scarlett since were going to do musicmondays *in the studio* scooter- son I'm sorry I acted like a asshole while you were dating scarlett I didn't want you to get heartbroken again me- is ok... Let's do this! Scooter- ok ok so we're doing the song you wrote heartbreaker right? Me- yes ok let's go *music goes on*


Girl you don't know how I feel since you been away oh baby any chance you can take my call if I got you today oh uh you say that you don't wanna talk but it's cool I been thinking about you all day long hoping you pick up your phone and I know that I don't wanna loose this love oh uh 

*3 hours went by*

since I done heartbreaker I let the media know that song was made for scarlett 


sincr I heard heartbreaker it makes my heart break because his song sounds so heartbroken and the lyrics are amazing but I'm not coming back because of what he did I gave him his 1 chance but 2 I don't know... So you guys wondering what I was doing this 3 weeks later? I was getting sign by usher I know usher signed Justin but whatever they told me I have a great voice and I can get very big so my album names is "butterflies" the whole album is about justin but then I'm doing another album about how Im doing fine maybe this will be good after all?

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