Love For First Sight

Is about a girl name Scarlett she's 14 years old her dad left her mom was during pregnancy she has been bullying for 6 years straight and Scarlett is always depressed but will that change when Scarlett meet the "Hot pop star Justin Bieber"? Did they fall in love with each other? At the concert? And mostly when she was pick being the one less lonely girl! Read to find out more about they're love life ! #muchlove @michelleeeb__


16. Love will remember us

~3 weeks later~ 

*POVS Scarlett's*

so it's been 3 weeks since I last saw justin I hate him so much right now I'm in a relationship with Austin yes my ex he makes me feel happy and little by little started to forget about justin I just can't forgive him for what he did love will remember 


j-I JUST FUCKING CANT YOUR MINE! Me- justin stop your scaring me! *sobs* his eyes were so dark that you cannot see love in them anymore and I was hopeless j- SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I DO! Me- you can't make me! I did nothing wrong but loving you! Then he slapped me pushing hard against the wall I felt so weak because I was bleeding but then I say  me- leavvveeee mme aalonne *crys* I hate you! I will not cry for love anymore for you! I'm done bye! *runs outside* I didn't care about anything right now I got in my car and try to run from justin then I heard him shout j- BABE IM SORRY PLEASE COME BACK II LLOVVE YOOU! *chocks*i saw him drop on the floor crying but I dare myself not to look back and to him I decided to go to Austin house maybe he will make me feel safe again? 

*POVS Justin's*

i feel so stupid right now the girl of my life runs away from me and that's why because I fucking hit her I shouted me- BABE IM SORRY PLEASE COME BACK II LLOVVE YOOU! I dropped on the floor crying she saw me but didn't dare to come back she left but I'm not giving up on her specially on us... I decide to go to a bar and have fun and be alone * in bar * me- can I have two beers please? Person- sure young man your ok? Me- yes.. He gave me 2 beers than I drink more and more and more I didn't know what happen but the next day I woke up sleeping in my room with some randome chick god please do not let scarlett see this ! I started packining and say me- leave my house now! Chick- ok but call me later sexy *winks* me- no leave! Chick- whatever I had fun and she left my house I decided to go to the tv and turn it on on e! News 

it read "JUSTIN BIEBER HAD SEX WITH OTHER GIRL THAT IS NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND? " me- fuck... There was the pic of me holding her waist  and kissing her I meant basically making out with her god I deserve this... Why me?!?!?!  

*POVS Scarlett's* 

i woke up in bed with Austin I didn't do anything we just slept since we got back together I decide to take a quick shower and you know do my morning routine and got to the tv and when I heard justin name been call that catch my attention when I read the signs "JUSTIN BIEBER HAD SEX WITH OTHER GIRL THAT IS NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND?" I chocked and I say me- wtf! And turn the tv off a-babe your ok? Me- yeah haha... A- ok babe *kisses cheek* ok babe let's go get you clothes and let's go to the interview I have in 2 hours let's go me- ok I couldn't stop thinking of I just saw And decided to shrugs out and got my clothes and dress up with a shirt that show my belly and tight shorts with some Jordan's and decided to dress in red since me and Austin can match a- hey babe you look beautiful as always *place soft kiss to neck* me- thanks *blushes* now let's go! A- haha ok *winks* *interview* we got out of the car holding hands with tons of flash and papz saying pap1- SCARLETT YOU SAW THE NEWS? Pap2- AUSTIN HOW DOES IT FEEL TO STEAL JUSTINS GIRL?!? Pap4- SCARLETT YOU BROKE WITH JUSTIN HOW ARE YOU?! A- babe ignored them *kisses hand* he made me feel so special god me- I try :)  we got inside and didn't expect the last person to see justin.... I just gasped me- jusstinnn? He had his red puffy eyes when he saw me he was going to hold me but then he saw  me and Austin holding hands.... J- what are you doing with my girl?! A- she's my girl now! Me- yeah Austin my boyfriend besides you ruin us I didn't... J- I love you but why this?! He cried out loud but the. Pattie took him from me a- babe I didn't know he was going to be in here sorry *sad* me- it's ok it happens... :)... 

*POVS Austin's*

when the jerk saw us he got so mad and started saying j- what are you Doing with my girl?! Me- she's mine now! And scarlett look frozen and she started saying that I'm her boyfriend. Now which is true and I was happy then sad because I didn't know he was going to be here and apologize to scarlett which she say it was fine with the fake smile but I didn't believe it but nodde in response obvious we were In Ellen show and when she say my name I got out and wave at my beautiful mahomies e- your back Austin we miss you! Right everyone?! My fans started to cheer and I just chuckled and she say e-so we heard that you have a beautiful young girl back there right? Me- yes she's my girlfriend *blushes* while the crowd was with "aws" scarlett came in and my fans adore her which I'm glad I told scarlett to sit in my lap which she did. And I twirled our fingers together everyone was going crazy and I just laugh in response when scarlett started blushing e- you guys are so adorable! Me- yes but she's beautiful *kisses cheek* "aws in the crowds e- so scarlett we heard that you broke up with jb? S- yyeah... E- we're sorry to hear that but now you have this handsome young man so proud of you guys! Me and scarlett- thanks Ellen :) and then when we were finished we got back out and make our way to the door when justin decided to come to us saying to scarlett j- IM NOT GIVING UP ON HIS like WTf his is problem were together now *tenses up* but since scarlett saw me she kiss my cheek since I got upset I calm down and got out 

*POVS Scarlett's* 

everything was beautiful and Austin fans adore me which makes me happy and but at the same time no seeing justin so upset yet so broken I meant I am too but not that much and then when we finished our interview we got to the door but someone stop us oh great "justin" I got mad but seeing him pale was not a good sign but whatever he say "IM NOT GIVING UP ON US!" Somehow I wanted to hear that but just shrugs like I didn't care but when Austin. Hear that I kiss his cheek and somehow calm him down and saw justin he looked hurt in his eyes mouthed I love you but I didn't respond at anything and got out with tons papz but at least they treat me with respect since when I got with Justin's papz hates me but I'm happy with Austin. Now but somehow it doesn't feel right we decided to go to his house and hang out when Austin says - I want you so bad I started to giggle me- you sure? *smirks* a- yes and he started making out with me and took my shorts out and my shirt and everything now I was only with my underwear and bra and he was with only his boxers things were getting pretty heated he was thrusting me in and out and I started to moan his name Austin. Was good but not amazing like Justin's but just shrugs it off because I'm with Austin now he put his dick deeper in me when I felt like jelly and then he whisper I love you and I say the same thing but then we both drilled to sleep




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